AConcerned Customer in Greys companies continue to build and improve the brand experience for their customers, they need to develop methods in tandem that will capture customer sentiment and provide the data that is essential to uncover the changes necessary to smooth out the experience.

Much of the data required to assess and implement change is contained within phone conversations between employees and customers. With the phone still being the preferred method of contact for consumers, there is no argument that there is a need to support the call centers and contact centers-either internal or external-that manage these interactions with customers.

Here are nine short steps to get your company up to speed with the latest business tool leveraging the knowledge and insights contained in daily conversations to improve the customer experience.

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Steps to Uncovering Business Insights Contained in Customer Calls:

  1. Encourage customers to call your company, not send email or use a live chat feature. Research shows that consumers still prefer to have live conversations to handle customer-service related issues with the companies they do business with.
  2. Define clear goals and objectives that the company wants to meet as part of the customer experience. Include metrics and process changes necessary to improve the customer experience.
  3. Record inbound calls, and where legal, outbound calls, with call recording technology, preferably cloud-based because it is cost-effective and does not require any software or hardware installations.
  4. Run all recordings through an automated, cloud-based speech analytics solution.
  5. Establish search criteria within the speech analytics platform to categorize calls based on the unique key words and phrases that are relevant to your business and also to the goals that you defined in step two.
  6. Create reports that encapsulate the call analytics and highlight trends within the categorized calls. This will help you easily track business trends based on occurrences of key phrases against the volume of inbound calls.
  7. Share the knowledge and insights that are gained across the company and relevant departments.
  8. Leverage the data and knowledge to affect change in the organization with the goal of improving the customer experience.
  9. Track changes and outcomes back to the objectives established at the onset so you can gauge performance of obtaining these goals.

The last step is to monitor and revise your goals to continually enhance the customer experience as the business changes and grows, and as the customer’s needs change. 

How Business Insights Will Impact Customer Experience:

In order to continue providing excellent service, more companies are turning to advanced call analytics to ensure that their contact centers are performing at a high level of efficiency.

In addition, market leaders are using insights from customer interactions to uncover sales, marketing, and operational improvement opportunities that touch every department of the business, as each department has its unique impact on the overall customer experience.

Business insights are contained within each conversation that takes place between a company and a customer. That means there is potentially hundreds or thousands of opportunities each year to discover ways to continue improving the experience your customers receive, which they also pass along in the form of reviews and feedback to other customers.

Customers are calling the shots today. They have a lot to say and a lot of channels to communicate their experiences and opinions. Make sure your company is at the forefront of business trends by capturing customer conversations and extracting business intelligence to learn and leverage while making strategic business decisions.