What question should you ask every potential customer/client who is serious about using your service or buying your product?

1. What Results Do You Hope to See?

Andrew ThomasAsk your potential customer what they hope to gain from using your product and the results they want to see. This helps evaluate their expectations and can help you level-set, if need be. It can also help you ensure they’re going to use the product or service in a way that maximizes its value. If not, you can offer recommendations that will bring them even more value. – Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Doorbell

2. What Are Your Key Success Metrics?

Kenny NguyenThe definition of successful key metrics is different for everyone. By asking a client what do you consider a “successful measured purchase” when making the investment in our services, we are able to find out what specifically to sell and deliver. This can also help us understand whether the client is the right fit for us if their metrics don’t align with what we provide. – Kenny Nguyen, Big Fish Presentations

3. Why Now?

Ross BeyelerIt’s critical to ask the question “Why Now?” as a potential client is thinking about your services. Understanding why their project has become a priority at this particular moment can be quite revealing in terms of internal priorities, history with approaching the same problems, and how serious of an issue they’re facing (and likelihood of purchasing). – Ross Beyeler, Growth Spark

4. Who Else Are You Considering?

Drew HendricksEven if they are serious, your potential customer has or will be looking at your competition as a point of comparison. If you know who, you can make that final pitch that illustrates why you are better than those other companies. It also tells you what you might need to fix about your own marketing and messaging. – Drew Hendricks, Buttercup

5. What Do You Want to Achieve?

Vik PatelMy business offers a range of solutions, and to choose the best one for my clients, I need to know what their goal is and the scope of their need. There’s no point trying to sell a package that is either insufficient or massive overkill. Often, by asking this question, I discover faulty assumptions the client is making, and I can put them on a path that will better suit their requirements. – Vik Patel, Future Hosting

6. What Made Our Brand Stand Out to You?

matt doyleWhat allowed you to capture a sale is probably the most important information you could chase after and should become a part of your message and marketing. I like to ask clients what it was about my advertising or past work that gave them confidence in my ability to help them. – Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

7. Is There Anything Standing in the Way of You Buying Right Now?

Andrew O ConnorFind out if there is any hesitation left in their minds so you can address it and clear it out. They need to be reassured, so this is the perfect time to ask them what they need clarified. It’s a great way to close the deal. – Andrew O’Connor, American Addiction Centers

8. How Did You Learn About Us?

Ismael WrixenThis question is worth asking, even if you think you know the answer, and even if you have tons of data to back up your biases. You might be missing valuable marketing opportunities that are waiting to be exploited. For example, a customer might have learned about you in a magazine you haven’t even heard of. That’s valuable information for a marketing department to have. – Ismael Wrixen, FE International

9. What’s Most Important to You?

Justin SachsFor highly competitive industries like book publishing, we ask our prospects what is most important to them in deciding who is the right partner to work with. Then we can make sure our sales team specifically addresses how Motivational Press meets that priority. – Justin Sachs, Motivational Press