In our previous article, we’ve discussed customer support in a way it should look like. Today I’m going to tell you, guys, about some ways of how it shouldn’t look like.

1. Forgetting About Your Employees.

Company’s communication style is one of those things that build relationships with your customers. Keep in mind that your Customer Support agents are representing your business’s face.

  • Make sure your staff is well trained and professionally tempered

2. Letting Fame to Turn Brain.

The more popular your company becomes – the worse is your customer support quality. It happens because of your staff members who think there is no more need to provide your customer with a proper level of support due to the companies’ popularity.

  • Watch your team not to make such a mistake

3. Using Poor Tools.

Many modern businesses think the cheapest support tools (CRM’s, live chats) are good enough, but this is not something you can save money on.

  • Providing your support team with professional tools leads to faster workflow handling, faster reply time, and, of course, customers’ satisfaction

4. Going Overboard with Priority Support.

We all understand that paid premium support features (for example 5min reply time) are important. But selling them directly from your website at a crazy price is not the best solution.

  • Implement Priority Support to one of your most expensive products (or to all of them) and you’ll see how appreciated by your customers would it be

5. Wasting your Time.

If you’d ask an average customer support representative if he’s using small talks when supporting someone, he’d probably ask “What are those small talks?”. And, obviously, it is you who should explain your staff members all the importance of them.

  • Mind your language

6. AI vs Human.

More advanced Artificial Intelligence becomes – more popular it becomes. But, first of all, ask yourself if you need it. In case you really do, think about the best way of implementing it into your support workflow. You may check out one of my last posts to find out more about this epic battle.

  • AI should improve the handled cases statistics, but shouldn’t interrupt a human-to-human communication

7. Getting Too Complicated.

When you receive a support request, you usually ask a customer to provide you with some additional information. Not all of your customer want to answer a bunch of questions about nothing.

  • Develop a strategy that would make your questions much easier to answer

8. Not bringing cookies.

If you are a polite person (of course you are), you’d always say “thank you”. You should also apply this to your staff members. They are doing a lot of job for you and lead your company to success.

  • Keep your staff motivated

Basically, these points shouldn’t be on your checklist. But keeping them in mind would help your company to never face problems with customer support.

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