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Social CRM implementation plans are vital to the success of sales organizations for various reasons. Any business that ignores the importance of CRM is losing an opportunity to increase its bottom line.

Sales drive the revenue of businesses, and if every tool of the trade isn’t exploited, ROI will soon begin to suffer. Here, are 7 reasons why a CRM implementation plan is essential for success in business:

Social CRM Increases Time/Money Ratio

Spending time on developing customer relationship can yield beneficial returns for businesses. Unfortunately, some B2B sales professionals view time in a different manner. Unless they have been trained properly, most sales professionals ignore social media activities that may be viewed as time wasters.

Social Disconnection Leads to Sales Losses

Businesses that haven’t integrated sales with social CRM programs may notice social media savvy competitors making gains. Sales and social CRM programs must be integrated for success to be achieved. If there is a disconnect, failure is certain.

Benefits aren’t Always Apparent, But They Do Exist

If a sales force isn’t shown how to connect the dots between social media interactions and increased sales, they tend to avoid interaction. The benefits of social media should be explained in detail, and sales people encouraged to jump on board with social CRM efforts.

Data isn’t Dehumanizing

Sales people often prefer face-to-face interactions. In fact, some of the most successful sale people aren’t technologically inclined. Most B2B sales people are skeptical of technology and must be reassured that social CRM is worth the effort.

Social CRM Provides a More Complete Picture

Sales professionals may not reconcile online personas with offline presentations. They’ve never been offered a 360 degree customer view. Interacting on social media sites can provide a better understanding of personal interactions for sales professionals.

Social CRM Reveals New Sales Angles

Most sales professionals have always approached sales in a consistent manner. Sales people enjoy approaching prospects with common themes. Preferred tactics work well. Social CRM is unfamiliar and may forces sales professionals to work outside comfort zones. This is a good thing because social CRM can uncover new sales angles. Once professionals realize this, they begin to realize the benefits of social CRM.

Social CRM is Efficient

Nearly every sales organization will welcome techniques to increase efficiency in interactions. Social CRM can facilitate these once sales professionals are trained to take advantage of tools and applications to streamline the process.

Planning is essential to success for any methodology utilized. Social CRM is no different. By enacting a social CRM plan, an organization can increase chances for success in social interactions.