Verizon FiOSWhen I think of Verizon FiOS I can honestly say that I have had a good user experience. From the initial installation (5 years ago) to my most recent upgrade to my last customer support issue.

Now my experience has not been a blissful marriage. There have been a number of bumps in the proverbial “road.” I can account for a number of connectivity issues, the infamously sporadic set top box reboots and a number of billing issues.

But all in all, my experience has been a good one.

Verizon FiOS has become part of our daily experience. And not by default. It has been a systematic process. We are a busy family — between two home businesses, an active 4 year old and one more on the way. Our lives are chaotic. And Verizon FiOS helps.

And not as a surrogate caretaker or some mindless distraction. But as a tool.

As a busy family, we have come to rely on FiOS is a resource. At any given time we have 8 devices connected to the Internet — each with a different use case:

  1. streaming music
  2. streaming video games
  3. streaming video
  4. uploading large photographs (home businesses)
  5. Google+ Hangout with clients and vendors (home businesses)
  6. Online backup

To complicate matters we could be anywhere in the house:

  • 1st floor
  • home office
  • back yard
  • bedroom
  • kitchen

So for us having a reliable connection to the Internet is paramount. But moreover, having a dependable wireless router is crucial. And thankfully, with our recent upgrade Verizon replaced the old ActionTec router — which was a fickle device at best.

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It’s a comfort to know that my family can rely on Verizon FiOS to supply a good user experience. And yes — I know a number of people that have had poor experiences with Verizon FiOS. And the issues range from a poor installation to an awful service upgrade to a frustrating billing issue.

And it happens. It’s unavoidable. But don’t take my word for it. Or that of your next door neighbor. You should give it a try and see what your experience is like.

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