powerful eventsAs technology creates more powerful ways to identify customers’ unique wants and needs, sophisticated marketers are maximizing this intelligence to personalize the event experience and enhance results for both users and the marketing team.

How do you leverage the data streaming in from your events to provide a more powerful event experience for your attendees? Read on for six essential tips:

Tip #1: Understand Your Audience

Analyze what you have. Use existing profile data to consider what types of information you will provide and the best way to deliver them. For example you might use the data to segment event participants based on where they are in the buying process and, as a result, what they are likely to want out of the event. The important point is to drill down into the information you have to understand more completely how you can shape your event to meet attendee goals.

Tip #2: Plan Strategically

Think through what content, sessions, activities, and social networks you will need to meet each segment of participants. Design everything from the promotional materials and event content with these specific groups in mind and create tailored messages for them. This content follows through to every aspect of the event experience. Also, think through the possible connections that will be most helpful to people so you can help people make the most of their time at the event.

Tip #3: Make Communication Easy

Make use of mobile devices, social networking, and event websites to allow attendees to provide real-time feedback and information to you. Allow them to tap in with just a click to a network of others attending the event via mainstream social networking sites. Open the lines of communication from the on-set with unlimited mobile web-based applications that are automatically generated as you set up your event, and give attendees instant access to announcements, Twitter feeds, private agendas, important event information and even their one-to-one appointments schedule. Then depending on your pre-determined segments, present individuals with relevant sessions and content.

Tip #4: Collect Real-time Behaviors

Throughout the event, track attendance at sessions, ratings, comments and poll answers. Your event management platform should automatically update and append valuable data to existing attendee profiles. Using tracking codes on your event website and mobile app, you can understand additional preferences and interests. Of course, integrate information on community and social network participation. All this information can be pushed back to your marketing automation and CRM systems where it can be utilized by marketing, sales, and services.

Tip #5: Adapt According to Feedback

People attend events in order to learn something new or to gain expertise or connections that can further their work or career. Make it easy for attendees to identify and connect with other participants. Offer individuals the ability to request meetings with relevant event participants.

Also you can adapt your event content as you gain more real-time data from attendees. For example you could direct people who respond more positively to one product or type of event activity to one that will help in their decision–making.

Tip #6: Get Integrated

Integrate all this rich attendee profile data into your marketing automation and CRM systems and you can measure which parts of the website, event and marketing team efforts scored the highest with attendees. Then you can update the lead score, push leads into particular campaigns, add participants to a nurture programs, or flag leads for specific sales follow-up. All this allows you to better measure ROI and improve results next time.

Integrated event management, marketing automation, and CRM platforms allow rich event data to be fed back into those systems to provide real-time insights, optimize the follow-up process, and provide more meaningful and accurate reporting.

To meet the requirements of event attendees, organizations must look beyond traditional event management. You need an event management platform that will empower participants to maximize connections and achieve their event goals – learning and education is accomplished, lasting connections are made, and business is accelerated. Learn more by requesting a live demo of the Certain platform.