Customer experience has become one of the most popular topics among online store owners nowadays. Only when you understand customers’ thoughts, can you make effective marketing and sales strategies to convince customers to purchase your products. To optimize the customer experience of an online store, focusing on the product quality or customer service only is not enough. Each customer touch point in the purchase process can be a key factor that determines a customer’s stay or leave.

Details matter. To deliver an optimized customer experience, you need to pay attention to a wide range of elements, which include the resolution of the product photos, the attractiveness of the product description, the complexity of the ordering process, the professionalism of the support team and many more. Here are some tips to help.

customer experience

Product Main Photo

Product main photo is the face of your store. It’s one of the most important factors used by customers to decide the credibility and quality of your store.

Make sure your product main photo is professional and beautiful. Each product should have its own main photo. Besides, you can integrate some creative elements you’re your photos, such as your branding, an alluring catchline or anything else you deem can help making your products outstanding among your competitors. It will give customers a deep impression on your brand and increase the traffic to your store.

Related Products

Customers may be led to your store by searching the specific product on Google. When they reach the product detail page, they may find the product is not exactly what they are looking for; they may abandon the shopping cart simply because the price is a little too high; or they may also want to match the product with some other items. In all of these cases, you can better serve the customers by providing some related products for their choice so that more orders will be placed, and even with greater value.

Related products are usually placed in the upper part or lower part of the product description. The upper part is a good advertising place to display the hot products while the lower part is an ideal place for similar products or complementary products.

Product Detail Page

Product detail page is aimed to provide information as well as promote sales. How to create an attractive product page in a short time? The quickest way is to learn from your competitors. Search your product on Google; pick out the top 10 best stores; make an in-depth analysis of each store; integrate the good points to your page and avoid the drawbacks.

Take pictures from multiple angles to deliver an all-round vision experience for your product. Don’t forget to give close-ups for the special elements of your product. Use a web page heat map tool such as Crazy Egg to identify the highly clicked parts of the product detail page and place the various elements in an order correspondent to their importance.

Zero Risk Commitment

Most customers will look for some guarantees before making a purchase, because they are not sure if your product can meet their specific needs as you promised. They have the same question: if your product isn’t what I want, can I return or exchange my purchase? What you need to do is placing a zero risk commitment in the product description. It will be great if you can include the detailed returning or exchanging process in the commitment.

For example, you can see such words in many famous stores: all good sold are returnable or exchangeable within seven days. It is one of the most attractive terms for many buyers as they needn’t to worry about the after-sales. It also indicates your confidence in your product.


The package reflects your service level in some degree. A sound and elegant package not only ensures that the product won’t get broken during the shipping process, but also delivers customers a feeling that the product is really upscale and well worth the money.

If you pay attention to some details in favor of customer experience, you are more likely to capture customers’ hearts. Here’s an example. Difficulty in selecting the right size may be the biggest obstacle in shopping shoes online, as shoe sizes are not unified in different stores. But if customers know their foot length, they can buy the right shoes easily in every store. Therefore, customers will be happy if they receive a foot measuring scale in the shoe box.

Online Support

According to the report from Forrester, many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer.

An online chat functionality that can provide customers with immediate help is without doubt an indispensable feature of any well-optimized online store. You can make online support really easy by integrating a live chat software solution into an online store in minutes. With such a solution, customers can get connected to the sales or support team just by clicking a chat button and have their questions answered in real time, which shortens the buying cycle and improves the conversion rate.