The Half Million Dollar Call:

A few months ago, I got a phone call from one of my customers.    He wanted to pass along an experience that had just happened to him that we helped facilitate.

One of their very large customers had been reviewing their products and services along with those of several of his competitors.  Ultimately, they were awarded the business and a PO was written for just over $500K.

What he then went on to share was that during the RFP process, the prospect had called the tech support line for each of the products they were considering.   Since we handle the tech support, this call landed in our office with one of our techs, Will.

Will was courteous, informative and made a great connection on the call.  He conveyed information and let them know that if there was ever anything they needed that they can always call and we will always help them.  In short he provided a gracious, impactful experience.

When the RFP was awarded, the customer referenced her experience with Will.   She said specifically “if this is how you take care of your customers, I know you are the right provider for us”.

Apart from giving us fodder to pat ourselves on the backs, this story goes to support three things I believe very much.

#1 — Every single customer interaction has an impact on your business.  You never know when a half-million dollar phone call is going to happen!

#2 — Quality customer service has Top Line Impact to a business.  Great service helps grow revenue and profitability.   Winning at the support game is far more than minimizing cost!

#3 — Outsourcing oftentimes can improve your Quality of Service, not erode it.    Partnering with a company who cares and understand your mission means they will execute on it as good or better than you can do yourselves.

Are YOU evaluating your customer support model?