Customer service is a component of a winning service strategy. Winners are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision. We all want to win. I want to share 5 winning tips from great customer service companies. Successful service-focused companies have mastered these simple 5 keys, which results in more engaged employees and more loyal customers.

5 Winning Customer Service Tips

Be a Customer Service Winner

The key to business success lies in winning the battle to deliver great customer service and an exceptional customer experience that builds customer loyalty and retention.

John Borillo with Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., recently shared his findings on what makes successful customer service companies. With new customers getting more difficult to acquire than to keep, the need to deliver a great customer experience has never been more critical.

Effective, well-trained, engaged customer service teams deliver superior customer service because of their expertise in handling and managing requests, putting an end to problems, and quieting customer concerns. Effective customer service teams know what customers want and deliver it in a manner that creates the most positive experience for the customer. They can manage tasks in real-time, down to the single call, efficiently, effectively, and accurately.

5 Winning Tips From Great Customer Service Companies

Want to know how to have a great customer service for your business this year? Here are John’s 5 winning tips from great customer service companies:

1. Believe in the Customer Service Team

Successful companies running a customer service believe that their front-line agents should be empowered to respond proactively in any situation. Trust that they can do the job well. This, in turn, can impact your credibility.

2. Create a Welcoming, Inviting Customer Service Environment

Customer service in general should be warm and engaging. Customers should feel welcome the moment they place a call to fulfill a specific intent. It should be more than saying, “How can I be of help to you today?” Show your enthusiasm that you are there to help.

3. Win Customers with Winning Words and Soothing Phrases

Good customer service comes from treating others the way we want to be treated. Choose the right words that uplift their mood such as “We’ll take care of that.” “Consider it done.” “We can definitely help you with that.”

4. Break Down Customer Barriers

Patience on the part of the customers is very limited. Make sure that you respond quickly and get that communication right the first time. Customers can be generous in their compliments when they are attended to by well-equipped agents.

5. Draft and Develop the Ultimate Customer Service Team

Remember: the people who are part of the team should be treated with respect. They will pass this attitude to clients and customers in their transactions with them.

Customer service is part of a winning service strategy

Your customer service team presents an opportunity for your business to demonstrate to customers how they are valuable assets. Treat customers well and you’ll keep them for the long-term. Customer service teams are at the forefront of putting into place the customer focus vision of an organization and daily have the opportunity to make personal connections with customers that will hopefully result in future customer loyalty. These 5 tips will help you and your organization create a customer service winning strategy.