If you are pondering what level of quality your organization’s customer service should be at, perhaps this blog can be of value to you. According to a 2014 mystery shopping survey done by the E-Tailing Group, there are at least five key things you should aim for to improve how your business functions and delivers services to its customers.

1. Self-Service

Are your customers able to perform services by themselves on your websites or do they need to contact your company to get things done? Is the information they need easy to find, read, and understand? Or is it hard to find and follow? Your websites should have a FAQ section and it should be searchable. Customers don’t want to spend a great deal of time on any website searching for information. Any self-service interaction they have should allow them to navigate effortlessly to find what they want right away.

2. Online Shopping

Is your website optimized for online shopping? If so, is the shopping cart easy to use, navigate, and edit? Does your site allow customers to store their information for future transactions? Any shopping experience consumers engage in on through your websites should be an easy experience, in which they can complete their transactions seamlessly. They should also be optimized for mobile commerce because many consumers prefer to shop using their mobile devices.

3. Shipping and Delivery

Are your shipping and delivery options convenient for your business or your customers? Even though your business is providing services and goods to its customers, your customers are the reason your business is up and running. Customers expect to receive any goods and services they’ve purchased in a timely manner. The survey shows that the average time frame for delivery is 3.42 days. If your time-frame is considerably more than that, it’s time for you to figure out how to improve it so your business can live up to its customers’ expectations. You should provide shipping and delivery notifications to customers and make it easy for them to adjust or cancel orders if necessary.

4. Response and Complaint Resolution

When customers contact your company, how are their concerns, complaints, and needs handled? Are they addressed and resolved or do they go ignored? Does it take a long time for anyone to respond to their calls and emails? If your business is lacking in this department, it’s time for you to step up its game. Invest in better customer service software, incorporate a helpdesk, or if you don’t have the manpower, consider using a cloud help desk provider. The goal is to improve response time and the handling of all customer communications to provide better customer service.

5. Returns

Make sure your company has a universal and easy to understand return policy for any online and brick and mortar stores it has. By making it easy for customers to return defective or unwanted goods within a certain time-frame, you can improve the nature of their transactions, because it gives them more faith and reason to purchase from your organization.

By paying attention to these five factors, you can revolutionize the way your business operates and take customer service to another level.

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