5 Video Startups to Help Increase Your Customer Engagement

Are you hoping to grow your brand by integrating video into your marketing strategy this year? Wishing there was a way to increase the viewer engagement on your site? Lucky for you, there is. Thanks to startup companies within the video space, the number of audience engagement tools is growing. Brand marketers and business bloggers have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing video tools for brand building. Following are a few video startups you might want to consider exploring further as part of your content marketing strategy.


QuickChat lets you have a video conversation with anyone with an email address. No need for both parties to have QuickChat. Pricing is $5 per month or $35 with a one year subscription. All subscriptions include unlimited private HD chat sessions, chat scheduling, integrated text chat, and chat archiving. QuickChat is a subscription based business, so there are no advertisements cluttering your video conversations.


Not big on YouTube’s integration of Google+ into the comments posted on your business videos that you upload to YouTube? Thanks to Framebuzz, you can enable comments directly ON your video at any specific moment. If a customer has a question on a product you’re highlighting in a video, the customer can post their feedback directly onto your video the minute the product appears on screen. Using cool background music from an undiscovered artist in your videos? Viewers can request artist info directly on your video clip. Framebuzz is free to use, comes with a WordPress plugin, and offers one-click signup via your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ profile.


If social video chat is an option you want to share with your audience, MashMeTV is worth investigating. With MashMeTV, you can enjoy social video chats with up to 10 participants at one time. Host a video chat with a group of Twitter influencers on your topic of choice. Share a Slideshare presentation with a select group of invited guests. You can even use MashMeTV to collaborate with your team on content marketing storyboards. How you integrate MashMeTV into your video marketing strategy is completely up to you. A free account allows you to enjoy up to 12 hours of video chatting per month, with professional and enterprise account options available too.


If you want to combine video chat and social media sharing on your business website, you might want to do a deep dive inside GoChat. Offering features like visitor check-in, group chat, and file sharing, GoChat might be just what you’re looking for to increase site stickiness. Users can log into GoChat via their existing social media profiles, can share content to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter directly from GoChat, and can even follow trending hashtags on your site. If reducing your bounce rate is on your to-do list for 2014, you might want to investigate GoChat to see if it fits your needs.


Not yet ready for prime time, Wisdom.ly is currently accepting requests for early beta access. Once launched, Wisdom.ly will let users do everything from host multi-room group video sessions to host virtual classrooms with their social media followers. Wisdom.ly will come with integrated networking functionality and interaction analytics.

Will one of these video startups be the secret sauce you need to accomplish your increased conversion rate goals this year? Do a little business reconnaissance into the offerings of these five video startups. You just might find the perfect video marketing tool for your brand growth needs.