valentine's day businessToday is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, but for businesses that want to make the most of days like today, it’s more than love: it’s opportunity. Here are five Valentine’s Day tips that you can learn from if you want to maximize your business.

Be the Cupid: Give A Gift

Be your customers’ valentine. Offer a coupon code or a special promotion to make your customers love you even more—it can be something as small as free shipping. That way they’re not only buying a gift: they’re receiving one.

Give Your Social Media Channels A Romantic Touch

Get your customers in the Valentine’s Day spirit! Change your cover photo and Twitter background to something with little cupids and hearts as it relates to your business. What product or service do you provide? Give it a spin of romance. Create social media images to promote new products with a Valentine’s Day theme. If you want your customers to associate you with the day of love, then you need to make them notice you’re in the spirit.

Make Them Swoon With Your Email Marketing

Send your customers a Valentine…via email. You don’t have to be a florist to make the most of V-day: messaging like “deals you’ll love,” etc. can send the message that you are ready to play cupid between your customers and their favorite products and services.

Woo The Singles

Not everyone has a sweetie, and even if they do, not everyone is ready to drop money on candy and heart-shaped items. In fact, 54% of Americans say they won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014. What this actually means is that they won’t be buying flowers and candy for their significant other—but that doesn’t mean they’ll turn down deals for products not related to Valentine’s Day. Turn your product into their sweetheart. They may not have a valentine, but they do, for example, have a car, laptop, etc. that they’d like to give a gift to. Or maybe they’re their own valentine! Either way, consider all angles. You don’t have to sell chocolate in order to snag new business.

Spread the Love to Your SEO and PPC

Depending on your business, you can also enhance your reach with general dating search terms. PPC is great for targeted Valentine’s Day advertising since the ads appear almost instantly and can be scheduled to run for the entire Valentine’s week and weekend if you so choose. And, of course, if you’re using PPC ads, make sure you’re using a unique call tracking number in the ad text so you can not only know which lovebirds are calling from that ad, but you can route them to the appropriate sales rep right away. If you write a V-day blog, make sure to capitalize on SEO there as well.

These five tips are only scratching the surface of what you can do to make the most of Valentine’s Day. February 14th is the day of love, but it’s also the day for sharing the love with your customers and prospects. So get to work, Cupid!