To win the customer, customer service focus has to be the mission of the entire organization.

A company’s orientation to its customers is a mission-critical decision that can make or break the most sound business models. In customer centric companies, customers are the purpose for doing business, and the customer experience is at the center of every strategic decision. To win the customer, you have to make the customer a real focus of your team and your organization.

Win the customer with great customer service

The trend towards customer centricity has been an overall win for customers, but companies frequently struggle to manage the entire customer experience. Meaning that even the best intentioned companies, despite their best efforts, fail to create value for customers where it matters most. To win the customer you’ll need to really work. It take more than just knowing how to win customer loyalty, it takes effective action to build customer relationships.

Here are 5 top tips for creating remarkable customer service and win the customer each and every time:

1. Win the customer with simple customer service

Finding the right answer shouldn’t send your customers on a scavenger hunt across your entire customer service department. Making your service easily navigable will save your customers a lot of pain and your customer service department a lot of queries.

2. Win more customers with better self-service customer service

Self-service is a major trend in today’s economy, and it is not just a result of companies cutting back on costs. Customers actually prefer it! To win the customer you need to deliver service in the type of format your customers are looking for. Win the customer with exceptional call centers and phone-based service. Win the customer with fast email responses. Win the customer through live chat. Win the customer with mobile-apps to enhance the customer experience.

3. Win customers where they want to be

Internet penetration in Europe and the U.S. averages at about 75-80% and smartphone penetration is at about 60% for the same demographic. So if your customers are on Facebook, you need to be there to win the customer. If they’re on Twitter, you have to be there too in order to win the customer. Firms with an online and mobile presence will be able to far outpace traditional companies in terms of customer satisfaction and ongoing customer loyalty.

4. Win the customer, even wrong customers

This is customer service 101, but when serving angry or disgruntled customers, this is easy to forget. Forget right and wrong, the question every company should ask themselves is ‘how can I help?’. Sometimes it means that you will have to know how to win customers back when you’ve lost them.

5 Win the customer by delivering real service solutions

Memory is selective, and the last impression is one of the strongest. Companies spend millions on crafting the customer experience, but when it comes to customer service, they often outsource those critical last impressions to third-parties that are ill-equipped to satisfy customer needs. Managing your last touch point is critical to crafting a perfect customer experience.

A customer win back campaign, implementing effective and proven principles from customer win back strategies is the way to build the type of environment and relationships that win the customer for life. It’s possible, you can do it. Start today.

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