Having proper data about customer feedback is the most challenging thing today. But is it just enough to get certain feedback from the customer? Just knowing whether the customer is happy with a particular product or service is not enough in today’s world. There are a number of aspects based on which feedback can be accumulated that can finally help you in developing growth strategies designed for your company.

Though companies today make use of customer feedback software, it is important to use it in the right way to understand the nerves of the customers in the right way.

Product and Brand Feedback

It is important to know whether the customers like the products and services of your company individually or not. In addition to this, it is equally important to know whether the customers are happy with the brand or not, which means whether they are satisfied by the facilities such as customer support and others or not. This can be done either by making use of a customer feedback app for the brand or through many other ways such as

  • Focus Groups: These are groups where discussion about a particular product or service can take place to know what maximum of the people thinks about it.
  • Customer Interviews: This is a time-consuming method where an individual customer has to answer a series of questions. Though time-consuming, this method can actually yield a good result.
  • Usability Test: This can be quite commonly noticed at a number of places where marketers from a brand motivate people to use a product and then ask for their feedback over it.
  • Follow Up: Follow up through phone calls can be one of the perfect options to personalize customer feedback.
  • Customer Reviews: There are many brands that allow the customers to drop their feedback on the purchase page.
  • Complaints: When a customer is unhappy, they easily give out their feedback through reviews, emails, or even calls.

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Customer satisfaction feedback is very much important for the brands to know whether the product is able to make the customers happy or not and what are the possible ways where improvement can be done. There can be again diverse ways to do this such as:

  • Incentives: This is all about getting feedback in return for an incentive such as special discounts.
  • Comment Box: Comment boxes are capable of inviting in a lot of comments that may have some fruitful feedback from the customers.
  • Social Media Accounts: Having dedicated accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on can be another helpful method to drive in thoughts and feedback from the customers.
  • Website Forms: There are many brands that make use of customer happiness software to know from the customers in the form of pop-ups on the website or a form at the end of the transaction or a page.

Brand Loyalty Feedback

It is important to understand how loyal a customer is loyal to you. This actually means whether you have retained the customer or have lost him or her to some other brand. This can be done in many ways.

  • Surveys: This can be the easiest way to know how likely a customer is feeling to be your loyal customer. This can be done through a number of ways such as on social media platforms, on the transaction page and so on, with the help of a customer feedback app.
  • On-Site Activity: You can make use of the website analytics to get the proper behavior of the customers on your website.

Sales Feedback

The sales process is the most important part through which actually customers buy products and services. Hence, sales feedback needs to be checked upon in these ways.

  • Follow-Up: It is a great idea to get a follow-back upon the products or services that you have just sold to a customer.
  • Post Sales: Do not forget to make the customer feel good by sending a post-sales message such as a ‘thank you’ message. There are many brands that offer a special discount or an offer to the customers for the next visit. This is exactly not feedback but a trial of retaining the customer and also a trial to get good reviews from the customer.

Customer Preference Feedback

There are a number of times when you need feedback that is not about the product or the service but that can state about what the customer needs. You need to know what extra customers are expecting out of you and then working upon it.

  • Blog Post Comments: There can be a number of customers who may post negative comments on the section of a blog post. Do not take it as a negative comment; rather think about the positive side about how you can work upon it to satisfy such customers.
  • Selecting Interests: If you will keep the gates open, then only more feedback can come in. Let the audience select what exactly they want from you. Ask questions without limiting the answers and you will see how you can get the right feedback about the preferences of the customers.


Today, it is time to broaden the aspects of feedback to know each and everything that the customers liked about you or hated about you. This will help you in closing the loopholes at all sides and improve well so that you can have a good track in customer retention and also making new customers.