Customer satisfaction in its truest essence is an abstract concept. It involves your customer’s perception of the value expected from you and the value you actually delivered. In cases where both of them match, a customer is said to be satisfied with your business.

There are a number of factors that affect customer satisfaction, such as the product’s or service’s quality, the ambience, price, post purchase services and much more.

CustomerSatisfaction is all about delivering on the value that your customer perceives.

For all businesses big and small, it is of common knowledge that customer satisfaction is a necessary and determining factor for customer loyalty. I have condensed the factors that can make or break customer satisfaction for your business, under 5 Ps (Marketers love Ps, don’t they?):

1. Product: The product is your ‘core’ offering to the customer in return for a price.

It is the first and real value on which the customer judges you and the most important factor on which customer satisfaction depends.

Imagine going to a saloon where the ambience, service and seating are better than the fine dining restaurant you visited last Thursday. The guy offers you excellent coffee and asks you to take a seat and then gives the most horrible haircut of your life. Would you ever be satisfied with the saloon?

2. Policies: Policies are guidelines that direct the company as whole to function in ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

They show the intent of the business towards achieving customer delight.If the policies do not define customer satisfaction, just your sweet talks are not going to cut it.

Factors of customer satisfaction

3. People: People or the employees of the company are the enablers of customer satisfaction in practical.

It is not about the number of employees you have; it is about how each one of them reflects your brand in their day to day interactions.

One of the driving factors behind Zappos’ rocket speed growth was the dedication of their employees to customer service. You not only need to define customer satisfaction as a strategy but also make it implementable through your people by giving them the required slack and authority.

Top 5 Customer Satisfaction Tips

4. Processes: Processes are the implementable steps that make the customer satisfaction strategy, a reality.

Customer satisfaction, when implemented to scale, become highly cumbersome to handle. The last thing you would want is your support guys failing on promises they make.

5. Proactivity: Proactivity is the agility to take steps and adopt changes in your business’ structure to ensure customer satisfaction.

It encompasses everything from product development according to the customer’s needs, your employees going the extra mile to delight your customers to bending the processes in unique cases.

Customer Success: The Journey Ahead

Ensuring all the factors in place is the first step in journey towards customer satisfaction but it can never be guaranteed, which you should have guessed when I called it a journey. The idea is to develop strategy, implement tactics and measure continuously.

What are your favourite hacks for having more customer satisfied with your business? Let us know, what are we missing.

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