5 Everyday Ways to Treat Your Customers Better

No matter what your business there is someone, somewhere who you have to keep happy. That may come in the form of traditional customers, a larger company that buys your products, or even clients who retain your services. Trying 5 Everyday Ways to Treat your Customers Betterto keep up with the daily demands of your business is work enough; finding the time to go out of your way to keep your paying clientele happy may seem completely close to impossible.

Luckily there are some simple, everyday ways to show some love to your consumer base without having to do a whole lot.

Take a look at just a few:

Set up “thank you” emails. Use that email list you’ve been building for more than promotional reasons. Send out a “thank you” message that coincides with a particular milestone – company anniversary, calendar holiday – or just for no reason other than to show your appreciation. Try to set up two or three of these each year.

Anticipate needs. Keep excellent records through customer relationship management software and know when your customers will be needing something from you. Take those opportunities to reach out first, or to provide a discount on the product or service. Your customers should not always be the ones who have to approach you – with automated software, you can have the ability to reach them first.

Utilize social pages. Make use of these channels to highlight customers and showcase them in positive ways. It’s also vital that you monitor the questions and concerns that come in through social media pages so you can have a quick response – making your customers feel like they are priorities and eliminating any online negativity.

Pick up the phone. When there is a dispute or complaint, don’t hide behind an email chain. Pick up the phone and put a human voice behind your company’s digital persona. Sometimes just listening to what a customer or client has to say will bring them satisfaction with whatever was bothering them.

Reward them. Loyalty is not easily earned in the increasingly digital marketplace, so fan that flame whenever possible. Offer your customers exclusive discounts for signing up for your email promotions, or a lower rate after a certain number of purchases or amount of time. You can even run contests and giveaway products or services. Find small ways to give back to your loyal following that will boost your business reputation and bottom line.

Keep your customers smiling by thinking like they do. Show that you care not just about that first sale, but about maintaining a long-term relationship.

How do you keep your customers happy?