People ask me all the time, what is Review Management? Review management is an umbrella term that covers all aspects of customer reviews. This includes generating reviews, responding to reviews and managing harmful reviews. As Review Management technology improves, so should our strategy based on the tools at hand. Depending on your own personal level of involvement, some of these services can be done by you or someone at your office. Some of these services you will not and cannot do yourself.

SMS Based Review Requests

sms reviews
SMS is the best way to engage customers for reviews

Let’s face it, email is becoming inundated with spam and other unwanted engagement from all sorts of businesses. SMS has a 99% open rate compared to emails 50% rate (that’s generous). That gives you twice the amount of opportunities to generate a review. Here are a few places I would recommend where you can kick start generate your SMS Campaigns

DIY Solutions:

DIFY Solutions:

5-Star Google Links

I stumbled on this when I was researching a new emerging reputation platform and saw how they were using it. It’s pretty awesome stuff. A single link can not only get a mobile user to writing a Google review, but it can automatically pre-fill 5-stars for them.

There are some tricky components to this, as the link may be different for various mobile devices/browsers. I would recommend a plugin to detect mobile devices/browsers and service dynamic links based on the users device and browser.

Here is a website that will show you how to build this Google Link, or will build you a 5-Star Google Link for $100 if you don’t have time to figure it out (worth it!)

TTTM – Angry Customer Funnel

TTTM stands for Talk to the Manager. No matter what kind of business you run, you always want to provide an open channel of communication where you’re angry customers can leave feedback. Many restaurants use Talk to the Manager, while other businesses will use business cards or other prophylactic methods.

Other methods include the use of a review funnel, or NPS Survey. Where every customer is asked how their experience was. If they report a bad experience (1-3 star) or (no, I wouldn’t recommend you) then they are asked to fill out a form. If you don’t do this, your passive/aggressive customers will find their own channel on Yelp, Google or Facebook and write reviews about their experience.

Objection Co – Review Removal

review removal
Removing 1 bad review is the same as getting 11 good reviews from customers.

Studies show that customers are more likely to review if something goes wrong, than if everything goes right. That being said, eventually you are probably going to have to deal with a bad review. I always tell my customers that before trying to remove a bad review, you should always try to give the customer a new experience with your business worth writing about.

People read reviews to build consumer confidence with your brand. They want to know that if they spend money with you, even if something goes wrong that you will take care of them. If a consumer sees a 1-star review updated to a 5-star review, it will convert customers like crazy. That being said, don’t try to remove them right away, instead try to win them over.

However, not all customers will be willing to give you another chance or be reasonable. That being said, Objection Co can help you formulate a review removal strategy based on the content of the review. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide advice based on previous outcomes with reviews that had similar content.

Full Contact API – Advanced Customer Profiling

Wouldn’t you agree, that more socially active customers are more likely to write you a review? That is why Full Contact API can help you learn if a customer is socially active and has a past of writing only good or bad reviews.

advanced customer profiling
Knowing where your customers are social, is clutch!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me!