4 Ways to Optimize Your Customer SurveyCompanies, in support of their customer experience management (CEM) programs, rely heavily on the use of customer surveys as a means of collecting customer feedback. An optimal customer survey maximizes the value of the survey to both the businesses who use them and their customers who take them. Specifically, businesses need customer surveys that provide reliable, valid and useful information to help run the business more effectively. Customers need surveys that let them give quick, yet meaningful feedback about their experiences.

Based on research and practical experience in the CEM space over the past few years, I have put together a list of best practices about the types of questions to include in a customer survey. Below, this best practices list is presented in a more creative, visual way. Here are 4 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Survey. I hope you find the tips useful the next time you conduct a customer survey.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Survey