Personalize Your Delivery
Show your customers that you think about them. If you know your marketing team is sending out generic emails to all customers, or that your support team sends automated ticket receipts, reach out with a personal note. Tell them that you think they’ll appreciate some of the information in a new white paper, or that you saw their support request and want to make sure everything got taken care of. We live in an increasingly automated world, and it’s amazing how far a small gesture can go.

Collect Customer Feedback
Even if you constantly win huge deals and blow your quota out of the park, never assume that your sales process or your products are perfect. If you’re not constantly updating your products or the way you sell them to adapt to new trends and customer request, you’re slowly becoming outdated. Learning about your business from your customers’ perspectives can save you from stagnation. Your customers may also offer new ideas for improvement of which you’ve never thought. Listen to them, and take action to improve.

Incentive Your Customers
You can easily attract customers for return business by giving them incentives to shop again. Special customer offers imply that you think your customers are special. And they are – they’re the reason you’re in business. Grant customer loyalty rewards, such as discounts during the holidays, and offer exclusive benefits, such as free training.

Stay in Contact With Customers
Keeping in touch with your customers isn’t just the job of the support and customer service teams. You don’t want your only communication with customers to happen when you ask them for more money. Who wants to feel like a bank? Your customers are people, and they are online Tweeting and sharing and inevitably encountering your competitors. Use customer sales intelligence to find out what they’re up to, and reach out every once in awhile – perhaps when their company is in the news or when they share something you have in common, such as a sports affiliation.

Adopting these four suggestions will go a long way with your customers. When you each of them feel like one of a kind, you’re bound to see them back for repeat business. In a world inundated with automated customer transactions, add a sense of humanity to your sales process.