Attract Your Ideal Customer

Do you have a website, but no website visitors? How can you get more ideal customers by attracting them to your website?

In the past, business owners focused on getting customers to come to their physical store to shop. Their customers were typically located nearby and had limited choices. Today, you must understand how to target and reach the right potential customers across the internet. Once a potential customer chooses to visit your website, you must quickly convince them that your company can help them meet their needs.

If your site gets plenty of visitors, but not from ideal customers, it has a horrible conversion rate. You have wasted time and money marketing to the wrong people. Here is how to focus your efforts and attract your ideal customers.

1) Develop a clear picture of your buyer persona

Buyer personas describe the ideal customers you are looking to attract to your website and your business. Your business will never be everything to everyone. You need to determine the niche that your business is uniquely qualified to fill.

There are certain criteria that you should look at to pinpoint exactly which customers to attract. You will often have more than one answer for each criterion. Some key areas are:

  • Gender
  • Income
  • Profession
  • Age
  • Need
  • Education

Identifying these criteria will give you a clearer idea of who exactly you are looking to attract to your website. When you have this information, you can then begin to tailor your message and content to reach these key people.

If you possess a good understanding of your ideal customer and their wants and needs, it will be easier to craft marketing messages that are more relevant and powerful. @Holly_Hanna

2) Know where to find your ideal customer

After identifying your buyer persona, determine where to find these customers. Tailor the advertisements you are putting out to reach the specific client base. Attracting Your Ideal Client

When companies send their messages to everyone without regard to whether the potential recipients could use the product or service, they run the risk of hurting their company in the long run. Customers are annoyed by advertisements that are irrelevant to them and their needs.

Nearly 25% of customers indicated that they would completely disregard a company that spammed them just once with an advertisement by email or online that was not relevant to them. 43% would ignore a company that sent them irrelevant ads only twice.

Failure to tailor your message can hurt the overall brand and reputation of your company. You need to use market research, statistics, and demographic information to attract customers by making ads as relevant as possible.


3) Develop valuable content for customers

Less than 5% of website visitors will convert on their first visit to a website. Most of your website visitors will require more than one visit before they make the decision to purchase or opt-in. It is very important that you learn how to measure the conversion rates for your website.

Content on the page, therefore, should be working to serve both of these groups. It should provide immediate value which entices customers. Content that bores people will not produce results.

Companies accomplish both of these goals by producing content that adds obvious value to the customer. As part of developing your buyer persona, you should have an idea about the challenges faced by your consumer base and how your company can help. This knowledge will give you insights to the information that the customers are looking fore, and you can tailor the information on the page to answer these questions.

4) Promote the content where customers are found

Promote your content where your consumer base is known to spend time online. Work to engage potential customers in conversations around the industry, the products, and the content. It will help them develop a relationship with your company.

As customers come to trust your company and view you as an industry leader, the odds of them becoming paying customers continues to increase. The marketing efforts of your company will be more effective and see higher conversion rates.

When it comes to drawing the ideal customer to your website, the trick is to show them exactly why the site and company are valuable to them.

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