Messenger seems to be unstoppable. Not only have they passed the 1 billion user benchmark, but they are adapting at lightning speed to become the most convenient, service-friendly and useful social service channel possible. This week Facebook announced even more changes to Messenger that are relevant for brand/customer conversations.

1) Drive Service Volumes from News Feed Ads

Brands use Facebook News Feed Ads to promote social marketing posts, drive user acquisition and bring more traffic to their sites and content. Now to further enable brands to target discovery of the Messenger service experience, you can use News Feed Ads to bring awareness to your capabilities and availability on Messenger.

Now when setting up Facebook ads, you can select “Messenger” from website click objective and use any call-to-action, such as, “Send Message” “Chat on Messenger” and more. Every time one of your customers clicks on these News Feed ads, the Messenger chat box will appear with a copy of the ad, or you can opt for a structured message that you configure and personalize.

Driving more volumes to Messenger as a viable service channel is a win/win for both you and your audience. Messenger is not only a preferred service channel for your customers because of the private, convenient aspects, but a cheaper channel for you to resolve on.

2) Transactional Bots For a Collision Free Conversation [BETA, US Only]

Now you can integrate payments into messages, to make the customer experience flawless. So much more can be done from right within Messenger, lessening the amount of screens that get in the way of your customers and what they want. Bank-level encryption gives customers the confidence to freely use this payment channel, and gives brands industry-leading controls over their customers’ privacy. Be sure to partner with a vendor who can ensure a collision free conversation thread when implementing this feature.

3) A Warm Welcome for a Better Experience

Greet your customers on Messenger with a customizable welcome screen sharing more information about bots, your associated page, your service response time and other more. More information and set expectations equals a better customer experience.


4) Looking to the future – Location Based Customer Service

In July, Messenger launched quick replies – a more guided experience when people interact with brands and their bots. It’s a multiple choice selection but without the annoyance of an IVR slowly talking through a never ending list. There is also the option to share locations. Asking about the location of the closest brick and mortar location? Easy! Need your car service to pick you up. Done!


One thing is for sure, Messenger is making it impossible for brands to ignore it as a service channel.