A Google search. A service call. A plan adjustment.

Every customer encounter is important. But the majority of a consumer’s experience is comprised of a series of small interactions like a simple inquiry or even research.

How does your company address the little things to create healthy and positive customer relationships?

Following my time at Saturn, I adopted four basic concepts mined from their legendary customer experience. These concepts are so essential that I’ve brought them with me to Fortegra and the insurance and warranty business. Here they are:

Keep It Simple. Unless you’re selling Cap’n Crunch, your customers shouldn’t require a decoder ring. This approach applies to all customers whether they’re finding your product for the first time or they’re as familiar as old friends.

Create communication that’s accessible and easy to understand. Be concise, specific, and direct. Though it may be tempting, the goal of consumer-facing communication is not to impress oneself; it’s to deliver your message.

Know Your People. Take note: once a customer has shared information with your company, you’ve taken ‘the next step’ in your relationship. By keeping detailed files on your customer base that are readily available to employees, you’re able to personalize and streamline each service opportunity.

Knowledge of your customer’s tenure, buying habits, past concerns, and other vital information builds trust and increases the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

Show Some Respect. Your customers have a choice and they chose your company for a reason. Make everyday Customer Appreciation Day and continually validate their choice by treating them with patience, courtesy, and respect.

Additionally, it’s vital that you remember the diversity of your customer base. Not everyone comes from the same background. Treat your customers like family and they’ll introduce you to theirs.

Play Fair. Life isn’t fair – do your best to change that.

Many consumers have become accustomed to mistreatment while dealing with companies that don’t put the customer’s needs first. Make it a goal to change their experience through practices that not only include consistent treatment, but also consistent pricing and an adherence to fair trade regulations. This also means ensuring that their experience remains steady from start to finish.

This post originally appeared on Fortegra’s blog