The key to running a successful business is convincing customers to first try out your services or buy from you.

The second key is to do it again.

And again.

And again…

Anybody can setup a website, complete some simple search engine optimization, and gain some customers here and there. However, if you’re truly interested in running a successful business, you must learn the art of turning a one-time customer into a repeat customer.

A repeat customer is one that you can build your business on. They come back and keep coming back because they trust you, and prefer your service.

But, it isn’t easy to gain these types of clientele.

Let’s look at how we can accomplish this.

1. Offer more than one service

This may seem to go against what we’ve talked about before, and while it is important to specialize in something, it is also important to offer more than one service, perhaps complimentary services that you can use to upsell, to bring in more revenue.

However, even if you’re only selling one product, it’s important to include “freebies” or a “loss leader” that entice your customers to make the purchase. Offering freebies is also a great way to build up an email list that you can use in the future for internet marketing purposes.

As an example, let’s look at an online website that sells fishing equipment.

You are going to want to offer more than just fishing rods.

You could offer fishing rods, fishing lures, nets, weights, tackle boxes, and everything else that is needed during a fishing trip.

In addition to selling a variety of products, you are more likely to attract customers back to your website if you sell unique products.

Instead of selling normal fishing rods, try selling custom-built fishing rods or fishing rods that utilize carbon fiber instead of traditional building materials. By selling unique products on your website, it forces your customers to return to your website if they wish to purchase another product, since you will have the only website that offers such products.

2. Create a Brand for your Business

The number one surefire way to turn one time customers into repeat customers is to build a brand for your business. Falling back to the earlier example of selling fishing equipment, you would want to create a catchy name for your business, such as “Bill’s Fishing Supply Emporium”. By using a catchy name for your business, it allows customers to easily remember what your business name is so they can quickly find your website again when they are ready to purchase more products.

In addition to naming your business with a catchy name that is easy to remember, expanding your brand requires extra work. Logos, banners, slogans and other material must be displayed in prominent locations on your website where your customers can see it and build a relationship with your brand, even if they don’t know realize it at the time.

Additionally, being active in social media is another guaranteed way to drum up repeat customers and increase overall sales and business. Start by setting up a Facebook and Twitter page, along with links on your website back to these pages. Update your pages at least a couple times per week with information relating to your market and/or industry. You can also post quotes, prices of various products, or other unique tidbits that will capture your potential audience’s attention.

3. Offer Great Customer Service

Customer-Service-Priority-Small-BusinessThe number one way to increase business and turn one time customers into repeat patients is to offer outstanding customer service.

Offering great customer service takes time and effort, but keep in mind that without good customer service, it’s unlikely that your patients will return. Follow the steps below to ensure you deliver great customer service to your customers:

  • Quick response times – Customers love it when they get their questions and queries answered as soon as possible, and remember that it could mean the difference between a new patient or not. Attempt to answer emails as soon as possible, and be clear and concise in your responses.
  • Proactiveness- Go the extra mile before even being asked to make sure that your patients have everything they need. As an example, you could ahead of time check to see what their benefits cover before they come into your office, or you could find out their favorite tv show and have it on while they are in the office.

Turning one time customers into repeat customers can take your business to the next level and it should be the focus of your business each and every day.

What are you doing to make customers your priority?