Companies with innovative and valuable products fail because no customer buys from them. Some had great customers but lost them to their competitors because of bad customer service.

For successful ones, they explicitly provide top-notch customer service as this helps them to increase sales, customer loyalty and generate positive word of mouth about their business.

According to American Express, 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

What this means is that no customer will be ready to do business with you if your interaction with them is bad.

For instance, your social media manager slips in his duties and didn’t address customers’ requests or consistently overlooks negative comments or posts. This mistake is a big deal that social media pioneering customers will never take.

In fact, New Voice Media points out that U.S companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service.

In this post, you will learn about the 4 effective ways to solve your company’s customer service woes.

Let’s begin.

#1. Use Your Blog to Answer FAQs

The fastest way to improve your customers’ experience is to provide timely and valuable information to help them decide on what to do.

FAQs are the frequent questions that customers ask. The FAQs section of your website is where your audience learns more about your business and understand which of your products or services they’ll subscribe to.

Having a blog section that highlights your customer’s pain points and carefully organized responses will tick an important box on your customer’s expectation list.

Not only does it matter for your existing customers, but FAQs blog section also increases your online visibility, convert more customers and boost sales.

This is because most customers begin their purchasing journey by looking for answers to their problems.

Writing a compelling and detailed FAQ article is technical. Here are some points to consider when developing one,

  • Be empathetic. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand their challenges and ask them if possible. Then use content to provide lasting solutions to their problems.
  • Be informative and straight to the point. You wouldn’t want to bore your visitors with those long wordy introductions. Give valuable insights about your products and services, and tie the benefits to your customers.
  • Ensure your content is succinct. Make sure it is readable and easy to scan. Also, ensure you use lots of bullet points and double-check your content for clarity.

#2. Create a Knowledge Base for Your Employees and Clients

Companies who are bent on improving their customer service employ customer service knowledgebase management systems. This system helps them capture, create and effectively distribute knowledge across the board for employees and clients.

You can solve your customer service woes by creating a knowledge base. Aside from empowering your staff and employees, it also lowers customer support costs and allows your customers to solve their problems on their own.

Improving collaboration between your customers and employees is a pivotal way to boost sales and better innovate solutions that will readily sell. It’s an unusual way of gathering customer insights to help improve your products and services and even upsell to customers.

Like every other system, creating a knowledge base has its building blocks. Here are they:

  • Decide on the structure of your knowledge base
  • Decide on the product, service or customers challenges that you want to address
  • Write a detailed knowledge base article
  • Add visuals and additional screenshots to put life in your content
  • Publish your knowledge base article
  • Analyze its value to your customers and improve where necessary

#3. Hire a Live Receptionist

Don’t believe your customers are all gone, because you can still have them back. One of the ways to do this is by hiring a live receptionist who can solve your customer service problems.

With them, you will save money, time and resources and you’ll capture more sales for your products.

Live receptionists are ready-made professionals that operate 24/7 and have all the skills required to fix any customer service challenge. They may specialize in services such as customers cross-sell and upsell, register attendees for events or complete catalog orders for you.

But ultimately, they utilize an easy scheduling system that will allow for appointments scheduling, order processing and handling customer inquiries without stress.

Having them on board is the smartest move any business owner can make because your customer satisfaction will not only increase your company’s efficiency but it will also boost your ROI.

Consider these before choosing a live receptionist to hire.

  • Ensure you’re in need the service
  • Make sure you can afford the service
  • Make sure the company’s contractual agreement is not too rigid, you should be able to unsubscribe anytime in case the service isn’t right for you
  • Request a professional call introduction to affirm their efficiency.

#4. Develop an AI Chatbot

A chatbot is an AI-powered program that converses with your customers like a real human. They are valuable systems for customer service operations as they help you simplify and optimize your customer journey.

AI chatbots provide 24/7 customer service to your customers as they can get help whenever they need it. This will show them that you care and they will regard you as a trusted brand.

Unlike humans, chatbots don’t waste time thinking before they respond to your customers, they have all responses inputted on them so they’re quick to fix your customer’s issues.

The exceptional language support in the AI-powered customer service system makes it inevitable for growing businesses, as your clients grow across borders, you can provide them with great support in their most preferred languages.

That said, choosing a chatbot service is important, here are some boxes to tick so you get it right.

  • Choose a chatbot that offloads mundane tasks
  • Choose a chatbot that can easily be integrated into your current work processes
  • Choose a chatbot that interacts well with humans
  • Choose a chatbot that has a performance monitoring feature


Customers are the lifeblood of any business. No business will reach the breakeven point without growing its customer base. To do this, you must provide excellent customer service so that your customers become more loyal to your company.

With the tips shared in this post, your customer service woes are over. Stick to them and watch your customer base grow astronomically to your advantage ahead of your competitors.