cliff, norm, cheers, nbcTrying to convert a casual browser or customer of your website into a customer for life is akin to the Holy Grail for any online business. Yet if you follow the four very simple methods listed below, then acquiring life-long customers will start to become more of a frequent reality.

Provide a Gripping Web Experience

If your business is competing in a competitive environment, then ensuring your website stands out from the rest is imperative for success online. By stand out, we don’t mean it has to be overly exuberant. The focus of the site should incorporate a simple, yet clear design structure that is easy to navigate.

A functional website is only one part of the puzzle, however. Great written content that will captivate your audience is imperative to the success of your site. Cookie-cutter text templates won’t win you many fans, but content that is unique, witty and thought-provoking will in that regard.

Aim for Unparalleled Customer Service

Offering excellent customer service is an inexpensive and effective method that plenty of companies use to boost loyalty. Just small things like writing a personal note to go along with a shipment, responding to queries in a timely manner, providing special offers to customers, and even the gesture of sending a happy birthday message to a customer can help take your service to the next level.

Essentially, establishing a personal connection with a customer is a fantastic way to make sure your business and brand is perceived in a bright light.

Stay Connected With Social Media

Everyone uses it, so why not fully utilize your social media?

Business profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are not just a great marketing tool, but they are also extremely useful when it comes to conversing with potential customers. Answering a query in a punctual, thoughtful manner is always going to give you brownie points with the person inquiring, something which goes a long way in building everlasting trust with that individual. Responding to feedback – good or bad – is also another trust builder that should not be overlooked.

In addition, make sure you don’t neglect any of the major social media channels that are available. Some people might be exclusive to one platform, so you want to make sure all bases are covered and you can connect with everyone regardless of their choice of social media!


If a customer buys a product or service that you offer, then show them your gratitude by including a reward with their purchase.

Examples of rewards you could offer include:

–          20% off your next purchase

–          Free delivery on your next order

–          A complimentary gift for buying multiple items

These incentives, while not costing much in a monetary sense, will be valued very highly by those that receive them, and the chances of repeat trade increases. Plus, on the flip side it will prove to be beneficial to you in the end as continual sales means continued profits (I’m sure you know that, though!).

A rewards plan wherein gifts are available to customers that accumulate points through purchases is another great option – although implementing such a structure can be hard work.