Prospects invest a great deal of time researching the right solution. For some, it’s easier because they’ve got a hot tip on a must-have service – and if that’s your service then you’ve been working really hard at customer success! Throughout the evaluation process, a number of solutions (likely your competitors) are being considered, a few individuals from different departments are weighing in (the average decision group consists of 5.4 people) and the prospect is really kicking the tires on your trial.

So why should they become your customer? You really do have a great service to offer them and it solves their pain, but someone else is convincing them that they do as well. So why should they become your customer – you need to tell them the 3 things every prospect wants to hear:

We focus on outcomes We remove any friction you may be experiencing with our service – we don’t anticipate you’ll have any but in case you do…. We will be there during every one of your decisive moments. This is the bar we set for our prospects and we continue providing the same level of guidance and attention to our customers.

By knowing when and how to act, organizations can provide proactive, satisfying experiences that are fundamental to converting trials and cultivating customer loyalty.

We provide more than just support You are on a journey with our service – starting at the trial stage. As your organization changes – new team members, changing mandates, evolving strategies – our service will continue to meet your needs because it is paramount we ensure your success.

By understanding how customers use your service, you can provide guidance on features and functionality. You can identify opportunities for maximizing their lifetime value. And your product and development teams can use these insights to continue evolving your service based on what businesses and users actually require.

We are trusted advisors You won’t just hear from us when there is a problem or when you become an actual customer – we aren’t in the break/fix mentality of the 19th century. With a thorough understanding of your business and your requirements, from our initial interaction, we work towards building a trusted relationship. You can expect to hear from us regularly, even if it’s to say “hello”.

By anticipating the behavior of customers and by having comprehensive competitive profiles of each customer at hand, you can engage with the right customer with the right information at the right time. With a rigorous proactive process in place, you can stop firefighting and spend more time truly engaging with customers – a critical step in becoming a trusted advisor.

In order to establish, position and communicate your customer advantage with confidence, your organization will need to be equipped with the right tool that provides relevant business and customer data, the know-how to enable you to perform growth management and customer success, and the right insights for better decision-making.

Is your business in a position to stand up and tell prospects what they really want to hear?