Does your company pay close attention to every piece of communication it releases?

If you do, then congratulations! You probably offer one of the best customer experiences in your industry.

For the rest of us, the busier we get as professionals, the greater the tendency we have to lean on templates and automatically generated responses. The devil on one shoulder tells us that nobody cares what your 404 Page Not Found page looks like. But, the angel on the other shoulder is telling you when you have a great 404 Page Not Found, people do take notice and they do care. In fact, it’s another opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and help a prospect return to their journey of doing business with you. These simple experiences all contribute to your company’s customer experience.

What makes someone refer others to your business? The number one driver is their experience with your business. It’s based on the kind of treatment they received from start to finish. And if you focus on each and every touch point, the experience becomes that much greater.

When marketing a small business, we are taught to focus on what makes us different. We are taught to answer the question, What is your unique value proposition?

We are told to capture that value statement and put it in our marketing messages. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that if you are not looking at every single way you communicate with your prospects, you’re missing out on important opportunities to showcase what makes your business unique. These are opportunities to put your money where your mouth is and prove all those wonderful marketing messages you’ve been sharing.

Turn Your 404 Page Not Found Error Into A Laugh

Everyone makes mistakes and if your website includes more than one internal or external link, then you are at risk of one of those links becoming broken. Guess what? We’re all human and that’s ok. Your website administrator should be regularly searching for broken links and fixing the errors. But for times when they have not yet been found, consider creating a unique and helpful 404 Page Not Found that touches on your company’s culture and provides helpful options for the viewer.

404 Page Not Found

The page above turns an otherwise frustrating moment into a laugh for website visitors.

Make Auto-Reply Emails More Human

Email marketing is a must-have for any successful marketing campaign. The larger our email lists become, the more we might be inclined to use some of those fancy automated features available with our email platform. However, even if you’re using automation, you can still make it a pleasant experience for your prospects and continue to be helpful. Here’s a look at what Canva sends you if you reply to their bulk email address.

Auto Reply Email

It’s brief and helpful, and hey, the name of their team is the Customer Happiness team. Now, that makes you feel good, doesn’t it? It’s so much better than the harsh and canned, “this email does not accept replies.”

Design the Subscriber Welcome Screen to be Their First Wonderful Experience

Recently, we wrote about one marketing tactic most businesses forget. It’s the Welcome message that new subscribers receive. This message is as important as the receptionist for your business. It’s often the very first experience clients will have with your business, so make it a good one. Below is the example from The Insurance Journal and you’ll see they take the time to direct new subscribers to other helpful resources.

Subscriber Welcome

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