customer-serviceYour customers are the backbone to your business. It’s important to balance attracting new customers with efforts to maintain your existing customer base if you want to build your brand. As technology, income, and the availability of goods change, so will your customer’s needs. Savvy business owners and managers know how important it is to continually exceed customer service in order to generate revenue for their business. Take the following tips into consideration to enhance your customer’s experience:

Be More Responsive

We all know this, but it can’t be stated heavily enough: Response time is vital. Technology and social media has armed every business with the ability to hear directly from customers. With an online presence, your business can engage customers and allow them to provide you with feedback that will significantly improve the level of customer service your company provides. You can encourage engagement by offering contests or soliciting feedback from questions.

Capture Customer Information with Smart Technology

In the past, businesses had to invest extensively in technology to gain inside information about their customer’s buying behavior. Now, getting more detailed information is a matter of investing in the right technology. Investing in knowledge management software will arm you with information about your customers buying patterns, which can help increase customer service and generate more revenue for your business. With the right tools, you can analyze the data and leverage the information, so that your business can become more responsive within its industry.

“Timely access to relevant knowledge is key to delivering effective customer service. This applies regardless of channel. Pursuing an integrated strategy to multi-channel customer service requires a solid foundation for the organisations knowledge base,” says software provider KPS in recent blog post. “Content managed within knowledge management tools can be optimized for delivery via multiple channels. Working with configurable templates allows knowledge to be defined and selected to be appropriate for each specific channel. Knowledge can then be pushed out to customers in a format that is appropriate for the channel.”

Improve Customer Service by Building a Community

Many companies can’t thrive without having repeat customers. In fact, attracting new customers is significantly more expensive than retaining the customers your business has currently. In order to increase the chances of retaining your customer base it is important to build a community around your brand. Establishing a community will allow your customers to feel as if they are a part of your company. Even though you can begin with a social media presence, your community must be offline as well. Look for ways to engage your customers in your stores, when they call in about products as well as online. The higher the engagement, the more likely you will retain customers and build a loyal base.

The level of customer service you provide for your customers will directly affect your revenue stream. If you skimp on customer service, many customers will move their business to your competitors. Instead of investing hefty amounts of money in recruiting new customers, you should leverage technology and knowledge so that you can maintain your existing customers. Your customers have a unique perspective about improving your business’ brand; therefore, your first step in improving customer service is listening to your customers and identifying what functional areas within your business needs improving.