3 Secrets About Your Ideal Customer You Probably Dont Know Be Visible Betsy Kent

How would you feel if every person with whom you have a sales conversation was 80% ready to buy? Well guess what? I’m going to share a few of my secrets about your ideal customer that could actually make this happen.

It’s likely that you “know” who your ideal customer is, but I’ll bet you’ve left a few crucial characteristics out. There are some secrets to attracting the people who immediately perceive value in what you have to offer (and who are willing and able to pay for it).

Here are the 3 secrets about your ideal customer that you probably didn’t think about:

These are inherent truths that will make your marketing work so much better.

1. She doesn’t want to be sold. Your ideal customer wants to be allowed to buy. She wants to work with someone who really gets her. She wants to feel understood and not pushed into anything.

Here’s how to engage your ideal customer at a deep level:

  • Know her 100% by creating a prototype, an exact replica of your ideal customer. Everything from where she shops to where she vacations, and even what car she drives.
  • Give her little bites of your secret sauce in your blogs. Make her feel that if your free help is this great, your paid help must be incredible.
  • Create numerous opportunities for her to engage with you long-term, so your brand promise is top of mind when she’s ready to buy.

2. She is desperate for help and is looking for you. Even if your ideal customer doesn’t know you exist yet, she is out there with a pressing problem that you have the solution to. We know your ideal customer turns to Google when she needs help and information.

  • Get inside her head and make a list of every phrase she could be searching when she’s trying to solve a problem where you could be instrumental in providing a solution. Remember, the web is not the yellow pages; people mostly search for information, not businesses.
  • Create informative, helpful blog posts that are optimized properly for Google. Google won’t display your blog if they don’t know what it’s about. So be clear and use keywords consistently.
  • Use your blogs as a backdoor into your business. Give some help and an invitation to get more help through calls to action, such as freebie downloads, free consults, etc.

3. You must catch her attention and FAST. Our attention spans when we’re online are the size of a flea’s. When she first comes across your blog or website, your ideal customer will give you only five seconds to convince her she’s in the right place. And to make matters worse, more and more people are using the Internet on their phones more than ever before.

Here’s what you need to do to capture her attention quickly:

  • Create a powerful brand promise and put it on every page of your website.
  • Pay attention to the visitor’s experience on your site. If you were your ideal customer, would you call you?
  • Be strong and courageous with your brand promise. Speak directly and clearly to your ideal customer about the benefits of your products and services. Don’t force her to think in order to know she’s in the right place.

Your ideal customer is out there and she’s looking for you now. She’s desperate for help and information. She doesn’t want to be sold. Keep these three secrets in mind when you’re composing blogs, email blasts and social media. Then see what happens.

I’m delighted to share some of my ideal customer secrets with you.

Thanks for reading!

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