Client Service 24 Hours a DayHow many of you have noticed more questions and inquiries are coming after hours rather than during normal business hours? I see this as a trend…Some days I will get home and I will receive a bill that I have questions about, I will try calling customer service only to receive a message like, “Please call back during normal business hours”

The question is how can you keep your service going when the normal office doors are closed?

Email is Convenient

Most people want to know that you care about them. If you can answer a client’s question in a relatively short manner, send them a quick note. If it is going to take a bit of research, acknowledge their request and tell them you will contact them and have the information they requested the following morning. Also, ask them when a good time to contact them?

Social Media

People may ask more questions when they are at home because they actually have time to read information from the people they are connected to. I think you typically have 12 hours to get back to them. Think about it, if you need answers, are you going to ask someone on twitter or call them or email them. I think email and phone calls are still the best way to reach someone, rather than posting something on social media.

Acknowledge and Show You Care

This is really the key! If someone sends you a note at 6.00pm on Friday and wants an answer, take the time to acknowledge their question and show you care by providing them with an answer, suggestion or a time when they can expect a complete answer to their question. This little step will help you stay connected with people after hours and prove to your clients that you do care about your client’s concerns.

One final tip: Make this a team approach. Share the load. Believe me, you don’t want to do this alone.

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