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Most businesses understand the importance of customer service, a necessary component of a successful company. Good customer service is typically shared with friends and family, but word about bad customer service spreads like fire and it can harm your business efforts.

These days, consumers are looking to Social Media to get assistance, in fact 42% of consumers are now using Social Media to express complaints and seek resolutions to their issues.

Additionally, people requesting assistance or sharing a complaint on Social Media expect a response from the business within 60 minutes and 32% will not wait longer than 30 minutes for a response. It gets even more critical during the night, over weekends, or outside business hours with 52% of consumers expecting a response. (Convince and Convert)

Even if you aren’t active on your Social Accounts, your customers are, and they expect you to be there too.

Using Social Media is critical to your business’ success, which is another issue completely, but using it consistently, monitoring customer comments, and responding directly to issues is just as important.

In fact, a study by Bain & Company found that businesses offering support through Social Media attract customers who spend 20% to 40% more with their business. (Convince and Convert)

However, using Social for customer service doesn’t have to be scary or a chore. Here are two easy solutions to tackle your customer service on Social Media:

1. Monitor & Manage Comments

Ensuring comments and questions are answered timely does not require sitting and staring at the Social Account all day.

There are several apps that provide notifications to alert you of a question, comment, or mention.

Facebook and most of the other Social Sites offer a notification setting in the apps, so you could be alerted via smartphone that there is a question or comment that demands your attention.

2. Define Customer Support Hours

Most small to mid-sized businesses don’t have a 24-hour Social Media Management team.

Thus, it is important to clearly outline your business’ support hours, define the hours that someone will be monitoring the Social Accounts somewhere in the About Us section, in a “pinned” post, or in the Bio.

Facebook Messaging also allows businesses to create an auto-response to messages. Thus, if someone sends a question or complaint at 2:00 am, outside monitoring hours, they will receive an automatic response explaining someone will be in touch with them during business hours.

Just because there isn’t 24-hour monitoring doesn’t mean harm will come from an unanswered complaint.

It’s time to increase your Social efforts to improve engagement and build a great online reputation that will spread like wildfire and showcase your business positively while generating interest in your products and services.