All your customers are the most valuable source of information when you think about user experience and product design. It is imperative to use customer feedback applications judiciously to ask the following questions:

Question 1# What is that one method you would use to receive high-quality feedback from customers?

Some of the communities surveyed had to say the following:

Follow up

Many more people are ready to provide reviews than would actually bother about leaving them. Asking politely for them, usually with a follow-up email after the service has been completed, works rather well to generate reviews. No one will be upset if your ask and every being are worthy and precious.

Use NPS or Net Promoter Score

Ask the ultimate question to your customers: “How likely is it that you would rate on a scale of 1 to 10 and recommend us to your friend or colleagues? You could follow up with, “why did you rate us the way you did? It will not waste your or the time of your customers as it is measurable, actionable also allows you to compare what performance you do overtime.

Ask them rather often

Ask often and mostly at the right places. Remind your customers of the feasibility of leaving reviews across multiple portals and at several times while at their client experience. For instance, we send flexible email reminders for feedback after every session of tutoring.

Send emails

One of the most obvious options that get often overlooked because of the availability of more contemporary approaches like social media is email. As the customer is communicating one-on-one, they are rather less likely to put on a false show and there is more likelihood of giving quality feedback.

Seek the good also the bad

We at piHappiness ensure that people who have traveled or visited a store, either online or offline; it could be useful if they received a feedback survey from us. It is easy to fill the survey, however, ask explicitly what is it that business did well, as well as what we did not do well. Especially as one founder, it could be difficult to ask your customers what they did not like about your business. Yet, you have to, as that you learn the best things from your customers.

Receive feedback on the third party sites

We are one IT company and ask our clients that they leave feedback on various third-party sites that come with sophisticated customer feedback software. They make sure that feedback is authentic and consists of high quality. Once it is published online, your future clients are able to read it. To enhance your service and offerings, you can also ask for video testimonials.

Connect with the key customers

Conduct both one-to-one and group executive briefings for your prime customer base. We host ours over lunch so that we can build enough dialogue and trust to understand which one is superficial feedback and also understand how you should serve them better.

Use surveys anonymous

We tend to stay away from social media platforms to receive user feedback. It doesn’t provide us the metrics we are so looking forward to improving our business modalities, also it could be an easy outlet for all customers who can be vocal but not essentially helpful or constructive. With the help of surveys, you ask specific questions that have rather improved the feedback loop and enabled us to better our customer experience providing better accuracy.

Seek right questions

It is important that you receive honest feedback from your customers; however, you would need to pose the right kind of questions. It is important to know what is it you are doing right along with what you are supposed to do better. You could seek pointed questions through emails, on social media, and in telephonic conversations. You might need to prompt customers. Ask what they would do or don’t prefer in your product or service list.

Create a slack group that is public

When I first began using slack, I was rather impressed that it came with such a useful product or customer feedback software to communicate within the team. However, I thought there would be a higher value in hacking the product to be such an open forum for those people who live outside the business. I questioned my most active users so that they could join the group to discuss all those topics that related to the business in open forums that came with custom integrations. This helped indirect access to user feedback that was highly valuable.

Train all your customer service people to receive open dialogue

We train our customer service guys to receive open dialogue on incoming calls with the customers. This allows us to get to the raw, unfilled feedback, something that helps us in improving our service and feedback.

To conclude:

There are several customer feedback software that is helping businesses to create adequate surveys for receiving customer opinion. Some of the customers are highly conscious and proactive in providing feedback that is helping businesses grow multifold. Accelerate the customer experience with the aid of feedback so that you can provide the ultimate quality product and service to your customers.