There are many tools available today to offer support to your online customers. Good customer service plays a critical part in your business success. Whether you decide to use email or a live chat solution the most important is to know how to make good use of those tools. Here are a few tips to provide quality assistance and put a smile on your online customers’ face.

1) Be positive

No matter how bad your day was always stay positive. It does not matter if you communicate verbally or in writing as long as you express yourself in the proper way. People can easily detect others’ emotions and it is actually up to you if your message is received in a positive or negative way. When you are in a good mood you will be able to deal with every customer with a smile on your face.

2) Randomly give out pleasant surprises

Everyone likes pleasant surprises. Finding out what your customers want will allow you to deliver exceptional customer service. Customer interaction requires to be personal. Individual approach builds loyalty among your customers and will help you get to know them better. Customers will always remember you if you remembered their name. How surprised would you be if you get a special discount or free delivery just for being a loyal customer?

3) Listen to your online customers and take what they say into consideration

Customer experience really matters. Studies show that many customers began using competitors services after receiving poor customer service. Have you ever asked yourself if you were actually listening to your customers? You probably will if some bad experience occurs. Remember that a customer with bad customer service experience will also want to warn others about doing business with you. Start listening to your customers now.

4) Answer quickly but thoroughly

Even in a down economy, customers still expect you to deliver high quality customer service. Exceptional customer care is crucial for your business and builds your income by making your customers loyal. Research shows that most companies that delivered a great buying experience outperformed their competition. Treat your clients fairly, always answer their questions thoroughly and make them come back for more.

5) Don’t act like a robot.

I know it might be irritating to deal with the same questions over and over again. Try to treat every customer with an individual approach. Remember that attracting a new customer costs 5 times more than keeping an existing one (Source: TARP). Try to build relationships with your clients. Find out how you can meet their needs by interacting with them.

6) Be a good counsellor

There are probably many different types of customers going through your website and checking your offers. You need to give your website’s visitors tools to contact you instantly like a contact form or chat plugin. Most online customers that abandon their shopping cart say they did not understand the offer or had second thoughts about checking competitors’ offers. Always be there to answer your clients’ questions and guide them through the whole buying process if necessary.

7) Respect your clients

Respect for your customers is an essential part of good customer service. Even the least interesting questions deserve to be answered with proper attention. Treat every order value equally. Customer with a small cart value might return later spending 10 times more. If there is any delay in delivering the order do not wait for the customer to contact you first. Write an e-mail or even call your customer and simply apologize. You will be surprised how appreciated that can be.

8) Make the customer service experience something unforgettable

You always need to keep the customer experience at a high level. Your customers need to feel that doing business with you is unforgettable every time. Make sure that any new customer is given as much attention as the most loyal one. E-mail, chat, audio or video support for your online clients should be a pleasure, not a headache.

9) Add a human touch to your website

Online customers are asking for instant communication channels to make their buying experience more enjoyable. Sending an e-mail with no response for over a day or hitting a busy line over the phone 3 times in a row is not something that your clients want. Add a human touch to your website by installing Customericare’s widget. You will be able to communicate with your website visitors using chat, audio or high quality video. Delivering exceptional customer service will quickly increase your conversion rates and grow your business.

10) Communicate with your online customers

The fact that you are available to your customers will always get noticed. If you are not able to support and guide them during business hours hire a customer service consultant. Do not wait the evening to answer your clients’ questions. Answer them straight on. Communicate, ask questions, be helpful. Communication should not stop once the payment is processed. Make sure your client is satisfied at every stage of the sales process.

How are you putting a smile on your customer’s face?

It’s always a pleasure to make someone else smile. We are looking forward to hearing how you take care of your online customers and put a smile on their face. Leave a comment or tweet us your thoughts @customericare!

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