1. The best-performing companies kept their reply time below 1 minute and also handled cases in one touch, even if it leads to longer chat times, up to 17m 32s.
– LiveChat Customer Service Report 2017

Keep the reply time low and avoid asking your customers irrelevant information. Each one of them is contacting you to resolve an issue, but not for a question-answer session.

2.Phone support volumes have dropped by 17% since 2015
–Dimension Data Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

Phone support is becoming less popular due to the increasing number of communication channels. Implementing live chat, e-mail, or social media support would make the process more convenient for your customers.

3. Within the last year demand for live chat grew by 43.41%. Businesses noticed a 3.27% average uptick in the number of chats with customers.
– LiveChat Customer Service Report 2017

Live chat is arguably the most popular support trend of the year. It removes the social awkwardness of phone support and lets you have an easy-going conversation. Try using live chat on your website to see how light the flow becomes on other support channels.

4. 63% of U.S. adults use their smartphone several times a month to seek customer or sales support.
– Comm100 Top Trends in Customer Service

Smartphones have become the tool-of-choice for customers who need support. Be sure to make all of your support channels available to smartphone users.

5. 72% of global consumers now expect a customer service agent to already know their customer, product and service history when the customer makes contact.
–2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report

Your flow of customers increases every day and some of them could have contacted you before. Take advantage of a customer database where all the important information would be kept (contact details, issue history, etc.)

6. 70% of service teams say their strategic vision over the last 12–18 months has become more focused on creating deeper customer relationships.
– Salesforce Research Second Annual State of Service

Close interpersonal relationships with customers have become more important than ever before. Pay attention to the customers’ issue and take the time to get to know them as a person.

7. More than 50% of US online adults will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions.
– Forrester Contact Centers for Customer Service Playbook for 2017

A lack of support can lead to a loss for business. A well-documented FAQ section on your website will help you avoid such situations. Base it on support statistics and keep improving it regularly.

8. Social media continues to grow as a communications channel with 77% of consumers saying they use these channels as much or more than they did one year ago.
– The Northridge Group State of Customer Service Experience 2016

Social media is becoming a much more important support channel due to its growing popularity.
Implementing social media into your support strategy will ensure that all customers are always able to reach you.

9. 44% of customers feel that it takes them, the customer, more effort than it does the company to resolve their customer service issue or question.
– Fonolo Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2017

Provide support in a way that is effortless for your customer. Be attentive and always stay on point. And remember, a good attitude goes a long way.

10. 90% of the 5,000 consumers surveyed say they now expect brands and organizations to have a customer self-service offering.
– 2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report

Some of your customers are ready to resolve their issue by themselves if the solution is easily accessible. Implementing a “help” section for your product allows them to resolve the simpler, more common problems in a few simple clicks.

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