“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”

Joseph Campbell, the late author and expert on mythology, said this and I agree.

We tell ourselves myths to survive. Societies create their own mythologies to make sense of the world. Businesses are no different.

There are myths about customer experience which come up over and over again. They help those dealing with the uncertainty of the marketplace and those pesky, irrational, emotional humans we call customers. The real truth about customer experience is tough to swallow. It’s easier to tell ourselves stories and create mythology around ideas like “customer experience is a fad” or “nobody’s complaining…so, we’re good!”

Doing the work we do around Customer Experience Investigation™ we started collecting the ones we hear most often.

Are you ready for the truth about customer experience?

Take these myths to heart and see what you can do about uncovering the truth in your organization. Your customers will thank you! And guess what? The truth really will set you free.

Want to keep up with us as we continue to uncover more truths about customer experience? We’ve been collecting our best insights on Slideshare to give you a bird’s eye view of our findings.