Guy Kawasaki has challenged customer service professionals of today to change the world through customer experience.

Guy Kawasaki Thinks Customer Experience Will Change the World

He’s right. Guy considers customer experience the best way to improve our relationships with employees, which in turn improves our relationships with customers. Guy Kawasaki shares his 10 tips to creating a memorable customer experience.

We generally don’t mind customer service as long as serving customers doesn’t interfere with the overall day-to-day operations of the business. But our customer service duty comes from what customers expect from us, not from what we want to do.

Customer Experience Tips from Guy Kawasaki

What we think, what we plan, and what we believe are all important. But ultimately, customer experience comes down to what we do.

Believing in customer service is good. But delivering exceptional customer experiences is best.

-Flavio Martins, The Customer Service Management Coach.

As customer service professionals we have to remember that an exceptional customer experience is creating memorable customer service moments that customers love.

Ultimately, exceptional service happens when the needs of our customers become more important than the needs of individual performing the service. It’s that moment where what the customer wants is the focus, not the metric involved in the act of service.

10 Customer Experience Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Take a page from Guy Kawasaki. Follow his 10 ways to get your customer experience right.

1. Customer Experience starts at the top

2. Put the customer in control

3. Take responsibility for your shortcomings

4. Don’t point the finger

5. Don’t finger the pointer

6. Don’t be paranoid

7. Hire the right kind of people

8. Under promise and over deliver

9. Integrate customer service into the maintstream

10. Put it all together

Take on the responsibility of making good things happen. Make recommendations, give suggestions, volunteer to help and make a difference. See the world from the customer’s point of view. Remember that customer service is the currency of customer loyalty.

When we accept our customer service duty to our customers willingly, and perform it faithfully, we will find customer loyalty and satisfaction. Guy Kawasaki challenges today’s generation of customer professionals to change the world with customer experience by enchanting customers.