Just about every investor wants to get in on the next big project before it explodes. With its V2 update, Yummy coin has been gaining a lot of attention recently prompting our Yummy coin price prediction.

During this article, we’ll be providing a Yummy coin price prediction spanning from 2022 to 2030 and detailing exactly what the Yummy is and how it derives its value. Let’s get started.

Yummy Coin Price Prediction Summary

In order to paint a picture of where the price of Yummy might be heading, we’ve summarized each year below. The reasoning for our Yummy coin price predictions can be found slightly further down the page.

  • End of 2022 – If Yummy keeps up its burn rates high, we could see $0.00000618 by end of the year.
  • End of 2023 – Once the team begins to announce listings on centralized exchanges, we could see Yummy explode and hit $0.0000055.
  • End of 2025 – As Yummy features a tax that funds the growth fund, token buybacks will likely ramp up massively. This could push the Yummy price as high as $0.0000517.
  • End of 2030 – Looking further ahead, Yummy should be listed on a number of centralized exchanges and be burning tokens en masse. This could push the token toward $0.00013.

Yummy Coin Coin Price History

When looking at the last few months, the Yummy price has had rather a lot of ups and downs. While this is natural for any financial asset, these moves have been exacerbated by the project’s team deciding to release a V2 version for the token in order to help stimulate growth.

From our Yummy coin price chart, we can see key moves since the project was released. The token migration took place during September 2021 so it’s important to take a look at its performance prior to this date to get a feel for what prompted the transition. While there were a few spikes, even positive news didn’t result in much momentum due to the project’s high liquidity.

Yummy chart 31.08.22

For example, when Yummy announced a series of NIL deals, over $80,000 in revenue was generated. However, despite this, the Yummy price only increased by around 4% whereas the team predicts a similar announcement today could result in a movement closer to 25%.

Following the release of the V2 token in early September, the Yummy price began a rally, likely a result of people stocking up ahead of the V1 token burn. However, this momentum quickly deteriorated due to a market-wide downtrend, resulting in a slow decline over the following months.

In late February 2022, the migration grace period ended with any non-migrated tokens getting burned. This resulted in a sharp decrease in circulating tokens, boosting the Yummy crypto price by an enormous 115% over the next few weeks.

Since then, the crypto market has continued to decline prompting Yummy to trade for around $0.00000326. The token has struggled to maintain its post-burn price, dropping around 70% since. However, with some interesting burn mechanics and a few key partnerships in the works, the Yummy crypto price could take an interesting turn in the near future.

Yummy Price History Summarized

Below, we’ve summarized events significant to the value of YUMMY spanning just over 12 months.

  • May 2021 – Yummy Coin was founded as a staking platform
  • September 2021 – Yummy Coin migrated from V1 to V2 with a 5-month grace period
  • February 2022 – Migration period over, un-migrated tokens burned.
  • February to March 2022 – The price of Yummy soars by 115%
  • March to August 2022 – Yummy struggles amid market-wide turbulence

Yummy Coin Price Prediction 2022

Now that we’ve taken a look at what affects Yummy and how it has been performing over the past few months, it’s time to jump into our Yummy coin price prediction.

Firstly it’s important to note that with V2 Yummy’s liquidity dropping by 15% (from V1 20% to V2 5%), it’s far easier for the Yummy price to jump significantly, both up and down. As such, our high and low estimates will vary a fair bit as the market sentiment at a given time will affect the price of Yummy in a big way.

Yummy support resistance

One key factor that will affect the price of Yummy significantly this year is the Yummy growth fund. With the reduction in liquidity, the extra funds generated have been used to generate returns using high-yield protocols like PancakeSwap pools. The profit generated is used to buy back and burn Yummy.

Initially, this fund was worth around $900,000 and was generating approximately $600-$700 per day in returns. This equates to around $237,750 per year. Considering Yummy has a market cap of just $1.35 million, a burn equivalent to almost $250,000 is likely to have a substantial positive effect on the $YUMMY crypto price.

Furthermore, with the supply of Yummy reduced significantly from 1 trillion to 445 billion according to CoinMarketCap, the token burns will have a larger effect on the $YUMMY crypto price.

While the V1 contract would trigger a sell order as soon as the wallet used to fund development hit 3 billion tokens (accrued from a percentage of transaction fees), the new wallet has no fixed sell period. This helps to prevent dumping and incentives users to trade consistently rather than trying to time sell-offs.

With the reduction of tokens, decreased liquidity, and burn rate in mind, it seems likely that if the market can provide a few green months, we could see the $YUMMY coin price retest its prior support of $0.00000618, making it one of the most undervalued crypto projects right now. Otherwise, it seems unlikely for Yummy to end the year much higher than $0.00000279.

Yummy Coin Crypto Price Prediction 2023

Looking further ahead to 2023, things get even more exciting for the $YUMMY coin price. While 2022 has seen Yummy ramp up its efforts significantly, the effects will likely begin to present themselves much more significantly coming into the new year.

With the planning phase completed, the Yummy team is expected to announce a series of listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs) between now and 2023.

yummy liquidity

Typically listings on large CEXs like Crypto.com can have a dramatic effect on the price of an asset. As soon as Yummy gets listed, demand could explode and with the reduced supply, we could see some impressive price action. We’ve got a great article covering a few of the top new Crypto.com listings for any investors looking to take advantage of upcoming CEX listings.

The Yummy growth fund is expected to grow to an estimated $15 million by the start of 2023. This would result in around $11,250 in daily burns or just over $4 million annually. With Yummy already being a low-supply cryptocurrency. this could have large implications when it comes to price.

In addition to the growth fund, Yummy is expected to release a dedicated token staking farm at the end of Q4 2022. This will enable the Yummy team to burn even more tokens as a portion of every transaction is either burnt or sent to the growth fund.

As the Yummy community grows, it has big plans to expand its ecosystem. This expansion will involve the creation of three marketplaces, one for NFTs, one for merch, and one for charity. This will add a lot of extra functionality to the Yummy platform (especially considering Yummy has its own NFT collection). If the development goes well, these marketplaces will likely attract a lot of new users.

Considering all the aforementioned factors, it would make sense for Yummy to bottom out just below its potential 2022 high at around $0.0000055. Whereas with enough demand we could see Yummy hit a previous resistance at $0.00001881.

Yummy Coin Coin Price Prediction 2025-30 Prediction

Now that we’ve covered the immediate future, it’s time we take a look at where the Yummy price crypto could end up from 2025 to 2030.

Naturally, it’s much more difficult to offer an accurate prediction as we get further from the present. Therefore, for our 2025 and 2030 Yummy coin price prediction, we’ll be primarily building on previously mentioned factors.

yummy roadmap

By 2025, Yummy’s deflationary mechanics are likely to have got to work in a big way. There is a 9% tax on Yummy transactions with between 3-6% being allocated to burns or the growth fund, 3% going to holders, 0-1% to liquidity pools, and 0-1% to charity. Between the burns and allocation to the growth fund, this tax will likely increase the value of $YUMMY significantly.

The team is expecting the growth fund to get as high as $50 million which could result in a massive $14 million annualized burn. Naturally, this would all but force Yummy to increase in value.

Furthermore, the Team will eventually use EverOwn to essentially turn the project into a DAO. We’ll touch more on this later as it’s not expected for a good few years but it could certainly be a big help to the token’s long-term performance.

Considering the burn rate is likely to increase massively over the coming years, a fair estimate for the price of $YUMMY in 2025 would be a high of $0.0000517 and a low of around $0.00000879.

Yummy Coin 2030 Price Prediction

The story for 2030 remains similar. The primary force driving positive price change over the long-term for Yummy is its deflationary mechanics. If the growth fund and Yummy ecosystem can continue growing for 5 years, there’s no telling just how many coins could be burned.

yummy growth fund

However, for the project to continue growing, it will need to continue releasing new features. Thankfully, with a development wallet stocked with funds from transaction fees, as long it can keep increasing its user base, there’s no reason why Yummy can’t implement even more utility.

As we mentioned earlier, the Yummy team eventually plans to give holders power by utilizing EverOwn. This will effectively transform Yummy into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Therefore, the community will be able to decide exactly what happens with Yummy and choose which features they like, something that could be instrumental in the project’s continued success.

By 2030, as long as the project continues to grow we’d expect Yummy to drop another zero at least, bringing the $YUMMY coin price to between $0.000092 to $0.00013. With Yummy featuring one of the most powerful deflationary mechanisms on the market, it’s one of the best low cap crypto gems and worth watching.

Potential Highs & Lows of Yummy Coin Coin

Below, we’ve included an easy-to-reference table containing our Yummy coin price predictions between now and 2030.

Year 2022 2023 2025 2030
High $0.00000618 $0.0000055 $0.0000517 $0.00013
Low $0.00000279 $0.00001881 $0.00000879 $0.000092

What is Yummy Coin Coin Used For?

While we know that Yummy coin has a fair bit of potential as an investment vehicle, it’s important to understand what the token actually does.


Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Yummy is its high-yield staking platform. The project offers multiple options for investors looking to earn interest on their crypto. The most simple is the Yummy Vault offering a 15% APR with a 90-day lock. However, more complex pools are also offered to investors involving leveraged tokens and offering returns upward of 3000%.

Charitable Donations

Another reason why Yummy has been attracting so much attention recently is its charitable efforts. A percentage of the tax generated from every transaction is immediately converted to BNB and stored. Then, once enough has been accumulated it will be donated. Later, users will be able to vote on which charity they would like to see receive the funds.
Partnered with Binance charity


Lastly, Yummy is heavily involved in the NFT market. The team has released a collection called Yummy Dogs that provides holders with discounts on the Yummy platform as well as access to educational material. Later down the line, Yummy will launch an NFT marketplace to help bolster this sector.

What Drives the Price of Yummy Coin?

As with every asset on the planet, there is a multitude of factors that drive the price of Yummy. As there are too many macroeconomic elements that affect the price to count, we’ll instead focus on project-specific factors.

  • Lowered Liquidity – With the reduction in liquidity caused by the Yummy V2 token, it’s now much easier for price move. As such, events likely exchange listings or tokens getting bought up will have a much greater impact on the price of the Yummy V2.
  • CEX Listings – As Yummy is still a fairly young project with a small market cap, it’s only listed on one large CEX (ByBit). However, the team has announced that a series of listings are planned for the coming months. This will likely increase demand massively, boosting the price in a big way.
  • Token Burns – Yummy has one of the most aggressive burn mechanisms in the industry. Thanks to this, the supply of Yummy is constantly decreasing. As the growth fund begins to build, the rate at which tokens are burned will increase dramatically. As such, it’s one of the most important long-term considerations for Yummy.

Is Yummy Coin the Best Coin to Buy in 2022?

While it’s true that Yummy is packed with potential and shows promise for the coming months and years, there are a few other projects that simply offer greater upside potential.

One such cryptocurrency is the utility-focused meme coin, Tamadoge. The project takes elements from play-to-earn (P2E) games, the Metaverse, as well as NFTs, to create an engaging and rewarding experience for its users. Users can raise NFT-based pets in order to earn Dogepoints, improve their ranking, and increase their share of the prize pool.

Tama splash

Tamadoge has some of the strongest tokenomics in the industry. There is a fixed supply of just 2 billion TAMA, with 50% allocated to presale investors, 30% reserved to fund development that slowly unlocks over 10 years, and the remaining 20% used to provide liquidity for CEX listings (one of which is already confirmed). Combine that with a 5% burn rate on in-store revenue, and it’s clear why Tamadoge has made such a large splash.

While Tamadoge is still in its early stages, there are big plans for the future. As the development fund slowly unlocks over 10 years, its creators should be able to continue improving on the project over the long term. With features like a mobile app, augmented reality, and much more already in the works, it’ll be exciting to see just how much utility ends packed into Tamadoge.

The project is currently in presale with the price of TAMA incrementally increasing as lots of 100 million tokens are sold in order to provide early supporters with value. As such, there’s no better time to head over to the presale website and check out the project.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a detailed look at the past prices of Yummy coin, where it might go in the future, as well as what drives the token. However, during our research, it became clear that Tamadoge offered more in the way of upside potential. It’s currently in presale, meaning an investor can get in early and secure the best possible price. Use the link below toCheck out Tamadoge today and learn more.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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