XETA Genesis seeks to bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional finance, offering investment options that are both lucrative and stable.

What sets XETA Genesis apart is its use of advanced high-frequency trading algorithms. These algorithms operate in traditional finance markets such as forex, gold futures, and ETFs focused on precious metals.

Moreover, using USDC, the platform also lowers the risks associated with market fluctuations. You can buy ‘Genesis accounts’ or create ‘Genesis pools,’ using USDC.

This in-depth XETA Genesis review highlights the platform’s features, associated risks, and the potential rewards you can gain.

Understanding XETA Genesis

XETA Genesis is a platform that aims to blend the best of DeFi with traditional finance, bringing high rewards while offering stable returns to investors.

It was initially rolled out in July 2022 as ‘XETA Capital’ by its founders, Gavin Minty & @Shotime2kX. A key feature of XETA Genesis is its reliance on high-frequency trading, focusing on traditional markets like forex and metals, including futures and gold ETFs.

The project uses a well-defined trading method rooted in technical indicators such as momentum oscillators, moving averages, and support/resistance levels. 

The primary target for these strategies is to achieve steady, incremental profits, mainly in the forex market.

Xeta Genesis

XETA Genesis has a proven track record of over a year, with monthly returns peaking at 20%. This highlights the effectiveness of its trading strategies, which have been built and updated over time. Also, the investment and withdrawal processes have been simplified for user convenience.

Initially, the project went through various phases, including when its native XETA token was used within the platform. However, as of now, all transactions are carried out exclusively in USDC.

This approach minimizes market volatility and simplifies investment tracking, making it easy for investors to monitor their investments and earnings.

How Does XETA Genesis Work?

To start with XETA Genesis, the first step is setting up a compatible crypto wallet. MetaMask is a popular choice because it supports Ethereum and Avalanche blockchains, the two platforms on which XETA Genesis operates. Avalanche often comes out ahead due to its lower transaction fees than Ethereum.

You have two ways to participate in XETA Genesis:

  • Genesis Accounts (Based on a membership model)
  • Pools

Introducing XETA Genesis Accounts

Genesis Accounts are essentially membership subscriptions, not direct investments in the project. Aimed at individual investors, these accounts are available in three pricing tiers: $250, $500, and $1,000, denominated in USDC.

As a Genesis Account member, you are entitled to up to 20% returns every 28-day cycle, during which you can withdraw your returns. However, these accounts come with a one-year lifespan, requiring you to renew your membership afterward if you wish to continue.

XETA Genesis - Accounts

Moreover, there’s a monthly maintenance fee of $25 alongside a withdrawal Fee of 2.5%. It’s worth noting that only returns can be withdrawn; the principal stays locked in. Also, failure to pay the monthly $25 fee will result in account closure and forfeiture of your funds.

Genesis Accounts can potentially double your investment within a year, assuming consistent returns every cycle. However, be mindful of fees and the inability to withdraw your principal.


  • Initial Investment: You start by investing $1,000 in USDC.
  • 28-Day Cycle Return: Assuming a 20% return, you’d make $200 every 28 days.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: You’d pay a $25 fee each month.
  • Withdrawal Fee: If you decide to withdraw your $200, a 2.5% fee applies, meaning you’d get $195.
  • Principal Lock: Your original $1,000 stays locked in for a year. You can’t withdraw it.
  • Account Lifespan: The account lasts one year, after which you need to renew.

What Are XETA Genesis Pools?

XETA Genesis Pools could be a better alternative if you want more flexibility and varying returns. These pools operate under the XETA Fund (XF) and offer different features than Genesis Accounts.

These are designed with different investment brackets, each with its rate of monthly returns:

  • $10,000 pool: Up to 5% returns (monthly)
  • $50,000 pool: Up to 10% returns (monthly)
  • $100,000 pool: Up to 15% returns (monthly)
  • $250,000 and above: Up to 20% returns (monthly)

Each pool provides a 28-day window for withdrawals. A 2.5% fee applies to every withdrawal transaction. In addition, a management fee of 2.5% (monthly) of the pool’s principal is levied.

XETA Genesis - Pools

One major advantage of choosing pools over Genesis Accounts is the ability to withdraw your returns and your initial principal investment.


  • Initial Investment: You invest $10,000 into the $10,000 pool.
  • Monthly Returns: This pool offers up to 5% monthly returns. So, at the end of a month, you could earn up to $500 as returns (5% of $10,000).
  • Management Fee: A 2.5% monthly fee is applied to the initial investment. For a $10,000 investment, that’s $250.
  • Net Earnings: Your monthly net earnings would be $250 ($500 in returns – $250 management fee).
  • Withdrawal: If you decide to withdraw, there’s a 28-day window. A 2.5% fee will apply to the withdrawal. If you withdraw your net earnings of $250, the fee would be $6.25.
  • Advantages: You can withdraw your initial principal and any returns you’ve earned, subject to the 28-day window and the 2.5% withdrawal fee.

So, in a nutshell, for a $10,000 investment, you could earn $250 net per month, and if you withdraw those earnings, it would cost you an additional $6.25 in fees.

Comparing Genesis Accounts and Genesis Pools

Accounts and pools share similarities in monthly and withdrawal fees but differ in aspects like the withdrawal of principal investments and the compounding of returns.

Genesis accounts don’t allow for the withdrawal of your initial investment; they remain locked in for the membership duration. On the flip side, Genesis Pools offers greater flexibility by permitting the withdrawal of your principal and any returns you’ve accrued.

Another key difference is how each option handles returns left in the account. In Genesis Accounts, failing to withdraw your 28-day returns means they won’t compound; you’ll have to wait until the next cycle for compounding effects. 

However, in Genesis Pools, any undrawn returns will compound, improving your earnings for the next month.

Genesis accounts Genesis pools
Fee (monthly) $25 2.5% (of the principal balance)
Returns (monthly) Up to 20% Up to 20%
Withdrawal fees 2.5% 2.5%
Can the principal be withdrawn? No Yes
Monthly compounding No Yes
Funds are forfeited if monthly fees are unpaid Yes Yes

XETA Genesis Investment Strategy

If you’re considering exploring XETA Genesis, it’s vital to understand that you’re not directly investing in any specific assets. Rather, the XETA team does the investing for you. Here’s what sets their approach apart:

You contribute funds through membership accounts or pools, using USDC as the currency. The XETA team then allocates these funds to invest in foreign exchange markets and precious metals. They use high-frequency trading algorithms for these investment strategies.

In the Forex market, XETA aims for smaller market movements. This approach aligns well with the high-leverage trading commonly seen in Forex. So, instead of chasing big swings, the team focuses on getting incremental gains.

What About Performance Metrics?

The XETA team claims to have achieved impressive numbers:

  • 95% accuracy rate in their trading signals.
  • A return range of 68% to 294% on their XAU/USD (gold) trading strategy over six years.
  • A compounded maximum return was reached as high as 871%.

Understanding Earnings Potential with XETA Genesis

When considering an investment in XETA Genesis, weighing the potential returns against the associated risks is crucial.

Investors have two main options: Genesis Accounts and Genesis Pools. While both offer attractive returns, they vary based on the investment size. 

Genesis Accounts offer up to 20% monthly returns, and Genesis Pools can also yield up to 20% compounding returns per month, depending on the pool size.

While the platform has consistently delivered around 20% monthly returns, it’s essential to remember that market conditions can change. 

Such returns are the “maximum” and may fluctuate based on various factors, including market volatility and smart contract performance.

XETA Genesis

XETA Genesis attempts to balance the risk by diversifying its investments into traditional markets like forex and precious metals.

The trading strategies are based on technical indicators to get cumulative gains. Additionally, transactions are exclusively conducted in USDC, which adds a layer of financial stability.

High returns are exciting but come with inherent risks. For instance, although projects like Yearn Finance have also offered high APYs, they are generally riskier.

It’s crucial to assess your risk tolerance. Due diligence, such as examining the track record and platform strategies, is vital for investors.

XETA’s Fee Structure

Genesis Accounts and Genesis Pools both carry a unique fee structure. 

Genesis accounts Genesis pools
$25 monthly fee 2.5% monthly fee of the principal balance
2.5% withdrawal fee 2.5% withdrawal fee

Payment Mechanism (Manual Process) – Unlike some platforms where fees are automatically subtracted, XETA Genesis requires you to pay your monthly fees manually. 

Ensure your crypto wallet holds enough funds to cover this; otherwise, your account may be forfeited. This manual process is particularly crucial if you invest large sums in Genesis Pools.

XETA’s fees are easy to understand but can tie up your liquidity, especially if you have a Genesis Account. The fees are set up to keep people invested long-term, aligning with the project’s aim to make steady money over time.

XETA Genesis Minimum Investment

Many platforms within the DeFi sector don’t impose minimum investment limits, often leading to more exposure to unstable and high-risk assets. 

In contrast, XETA Genesis centers its strategy on reducing risk by focusing on well-established markets, such as forex and precious metals, while using stablecoins.

Here’s how the platform structures its minimum investment prerequisites:

  • Tiered Genesis Accounts: Designed for individual investors, these accounts are membership-based and come in three levels. Investors can start with as little as $250 in USDC and scale up to $500 or $1,000. This flexibility appeals to those without high capital.
  • Genesis Investment Pools: Tailored for a bigger investment, these pools have a starting point of $10,000 and can extend to $250,000. As the investment sum increases, so does the potential for higher returns—up to 20% monthly.

XETA Genesis’s higher investment floor aims to create a community of investors more interested in steady, long-term profitability than in quick, speculative trades. 

However, this strategy might restrict access for small retail investors, who are integral to the DeFi space.

The XETA Genesis platform has a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies your interaction with your Genesis accounts and investment pools. 

The dashboard, or the XETADATA Dashboard, is a one-page interface designed to highlight crucial financial information at a glance.

Key Functions On the Dashboard:

  • Account Purchases: The dashboard allows you to buy new accounts seamlessly.
  • Fee Management: Handling monthly fees is a simple process here.
  • Fund Withdrawal: You can effortlessly withdraw your funds during any XETA cycle.

The dashboard offers past details on withdrawals and comprehensive analytics on account performance. This transparency improves the user experience by allowing quick and accurate monitoring of financial activities.

The dashboard also offers real-time updates on indicators such as membership status and reward accruals.

Is Xeta Genesis Legit?

XETA Genesis operates under the umbrella of Belize-based XETA Ltd. and is transitioning from the project’s earlier phases (XETA Black and XETA Blue).

While the leadership team, consisting of CEO Gavin Minty and CCO @Shotime2kX, has not fully revealed their identities, they actively engage with the user community through channels like YouTube AMAs.

Having been in the market since 2022, XETA also has member testimonials accessible via their Discord community.

The platform explicitly states in its disclaimer section that its information should not be considered financial advice. This shows the importance of investors undertaking comprehensive research and due diligence.

The website also outlines policies on KYC, age, and mental competence, ensuring adherence to local laws and regulations.

While XETA Genesis takes steps to create community trust and regulatory compliance, it is crucial for prospective investors to assess their risk tolerance and only invest the amount that they are willing to lose.

XETA’s Customer Support

While XETA Genesis doesn’t feature traditional support mechanisms like a live chat on its website, it provides various alternatives for user assistance.

The platform uses its Discord channel as a hub for customer queries, which is supervised by a group of moderators and active community members.

Moreover, queries can be asked on the XETA Genesis X handle (formerly Twitter), offering another platform for customer assistance.

To learn more about the XETA Genesis platform, there’s also an option to arrange one-on-one consultations with a team member, allowing for a more tailored user experience.


Merging traditional and decentralized finance, XETA Genesis aims to provide steady gains via automated high-frequency trades in the forex and metals markets. The platform uses USDC to counterbalance market volatility risks.

Intended for both individual retail investors and institutional buyers, the platform provides specialized investment solutions such as Genesis Accounts and Pools.

While fees and liquidity depend on your chosen investment option, XETA Genesis does claim to offer a history of generating as much as 20% monthly returns.

However, it’s crucial to remember the markets’ inherent volatility and commit only the capital you’re willing to lose.



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