Wownero is a meme coin that, from the look of things, seems to do more good than bad. It was launched on April 1st, 2018, which is perhaps indicative to a degree of what Wownero is about. The crypto asset is a fairly recently launched meme coin, that has a specific focus on privacy.

In this Wownero price prediction, we will closely analyse the price of Wownero and how its price may look in the next few years. Additionally, examining the current macroeconomic landscape and how crypto is looking at the moment, given the current bear market.

Wownero Price Prediction Summary

Before we get into a further, more comprehensive analysis of Wownero coin price, we will first list a few quick-fire predictions of this crypto in 2022, 2023, and 2025. Read further in the article to see the reasoning behind these Wownero price predictions.

Note: the current price of Wownero is $0.05603

  • End of 2022: It is fair to say that the price of Wownero has suffered in the last few months. This is due to the harsh economic climate we are currently living through. However, if markets recover towards the end of the year, we could see Wownero rebound to its prior levels of May 2022, to around $0.07709.
  • End of 2023: Blackrock, the largest asset management firm in the world, has just offered Bitcoin as a product to its clients. This is significant for the price of Wownero because institutional adoption of crypto is only going to increase. This could see the price of their coin go to $0.3249, which was its level in October 2021.
  • End of 2025: In 2025, we should be in a much healthier economy. We should be in the midst of a bull cycle and have recovered comprehensively from the tumultuous last few years. Additionally, crypto will be a lot more mainstream then. If these trajectories continue, Wownero token price could go to $2, surpassing its all-time high of $1.6901 in April 2021.

Wownero Coin Price History

Wownero price prediction

At its peak, in April 2021, Wownero pumped over 1000% from its inception, back in 2018. Since then, the Wownero crypto price has stagnated somewhat, decreasing by nearly 35% in the last 3 months. It is important to understand that Wownero is an altcoin and more specifically a meme coin. Many just call regard it to be one of the best shitcoins.

Every altcoin is highly correlated to Bitcoin, which is still the preferred option for more conservative investors who are looking to buy cryptocurrency. This means if Bitcoin pumps, altcoins will likely pump too. Wownero is no exception; it is a highly volatile asset that is driven by community and memes. It is always going to be price sensitive. For instance, in the last month, Wownero’s price has increased by over 28%.

Wownero price prediction

In recent times, it is no surprise to see the price of Wownero decline, as just about every segment of the greater crypto ecosystem has suffered too. For example, look at what happened to Terra Luna earlier this year.

Conversely, it is not a shock to have seen the price levels that Wownero was at in 2021, with a lot of bullish, optimistic market sentiment. With traditional markets performing exceptionally well and crypto too. Elon Musk was influential in this process as he shilled investors to buy Dogecoin, which inevitably went to the moon.

Wownero price prediction

Wownero price chart 

Subsequently, Shiba Inu’s price shot up, so meme coins became incredibly popular. All of this and Bitcoin reached an all-time high. Market sentiment plays a significant role in the price of any crypto asset, particularly Wownero, which is volatile by nature.

Like, since its all-time highs of 2021, it has fallen significantly, and year-to-date it is down over 400%, which again, depicts the volatility of a lower market cap bitcoin.

Wownero Price Prediction 2022

As aforementioned, things may have to get worse before they can get better for the WOW coin price. The beginning of the year was optimistic in general. However, around late February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, it set off a chain reaction like no other. The domino effect was and still is, tangible for all to see.

This exemplified a lot of issues we were due to face after 2 years of, somewhat, ‘false’ economic growth, as the stock market, which is highly correlated to the crypto market, almost became a bubble, void of any real correlation to the economy.

Furthermore, the irresponsible monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and central banks globally during the COVID-19 pandemic has come into full force now. One cannot stimulate an economy by printing money out of thin air.

Moreover, this leads us to our next point: inflation and interest rates. This inflation can be attributed to various factors. However, the main cause of inflation was irresponsible government spending, coupled with the backlog of the supply crisis due to COVID, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Wownero price prediction

Combine this with rising interest rates of unparalleled proportions, with central banks scrambling to undo their cause of inflation, by now flushing liquidity from the market. That inevitably causes rising prices in the form of inflation.

This is all intrinsically tied to Wownero. As discussed earlier, low-cap crypto, particularly ones that run on memes, like Wownero, are strongly linked to Bitcoin and traditional markets. The major sell-off that happened a few months ago hurt the price of Wownero.

Importantly, the macroeconomic landscape, albeit dull, is looking up for the end of this year, which could see better market sentiment that should correlate adeptly to our Wownero forecast for 2022 of $0.07709.

Wownero Crypto Price Prediction 2023

The landscape for 2023 will correlate highly to the price of Wownero. We think it is a pretty good bet that by the beginning of 2023, the macro-economic globally will be a lot better. Thus, improving market sentiment, in turn, creates a more bullish outlook for investors.

Wownero will benefit greatly from this, as it is likely that Bitcoin could return to its fair value of around $40 000, which will see the greater crypto ecosystem rebound positively off this price action, including Wownero.

Furthermore, as more people become acquainted with what cryptocurrency is, and institutional adoption continues, such as Blackrock offering Bitcoin to their clients to invest in. We will soon see cryptocurrency as a whole become its asset class, like stocks, real estate, et al.

Furthermore, this will be majorly beneficial for Wownero because this should theoretically see a breaking of the high correlation between stocks and crypto. Especially with more education on what crypto is and what it can do.

This should reduce the risk of crypto in general, as it will be less sensitive to the macro environment. If this plays out as we have analysed, this could quite comfortably see Wownero back to a price of $0.3249.

Wownero Coin Price Prediction 2025-2030

Wownero really could rally in 2025, and more so in the proceeding years up to 2030. What percent of the world owns crypto in 2022? The answer is 4%. Now ask yourself, what will that percentage be in 2025? Never mind 2030.

All of this is done in the hope that cryptocurrency will regain its position as a multi-trillion dollar asset class. The potential for Bitcoin to overtake the market cap of gold. Think about what that means for Wownero, particularly with all of the new people who will be onboard with crypto in 2025, particularly younger people.

As GenZ gets older, crypto will become far more mainstream. We could see blockchain used in our daily lives, from payments via crypto and the best art displayed on NFT marketplaces. This all leads to a surge in crypto prices across the board. Considering that from 2025 onwards, the salient fact is that crypto will become much safer and less stigmatised, especially through safe regulatory clarity.

Wownero could easily top its all-time high and go to around $2, which would make you a lot of money if you invested in Wownero now at its current, cheap price.

Potential Highs & Lows of Wownero Coin

The exciting, yet scary aspect, when it comes to investing is that the reality is that no one can predict the future. We can try our best through detailed technical and fundamental analysis to understand the price of a crypto asset.

However, we cannot predict a war breaking out or a virus that stops the global economy. We can always try our best to accurately forecast prices, but this can often be a strenuous exercise.

This is no different with Wownero. Wownero is an extremely volatile crypto, and whilst our forecasts may well become true, there is the caveat that they might not be. Below we will lay out both the potential highs and lows of Wownero coin price.

Year Potential Low  Potential High
2022 $0.02865 $0.07709
2023 $0.08768 $0.3249
2025 $0.80 $2

What is Wownero Coin Used For?

The good news is that the WOW token has its native platform have utility.


A lot of crypto assets are purely speculative. Many investors will buy into a project just in case a Dogecoin scenario happens, for example. As well as a general FOMO (fear of missing out) and any potential 100x coins.

Wownero is no exception. Whilst it has an actual purpose and a use case for its token, many will buy and hold the Wownero cryptocurrency for the pure fact that they could get lucky. Given that Wownero has a limited supply, albeit a large one at 184 million, depending on their roadmap and the demand for their token, it could become a Bitcoin lite and act as a store of value.

This is made easier as Wownero has its own crypto wallet, where investors can stack WOW tokens with great ease.


The main cause for Wownero is micro-tipping meme creators. Micro-tipping is a fun way to spread the goodness of crypto. This was originally started with Bitcoin, where people would send tips, which in turn, would create a lot of excitement and lead to adoption on social media.

This is what Wownero aims to do, and they allow this process to be as seamless as possible. As they have their wallets, which allow users to essentially become their own inter-dimensional bank and to ‘meme with anonymity’.


Wownero is still strictly classified as a cryptocurrency. It can be bought, sold and traded.

However, as Wownero is a meme coin, users can use WOW tokens to purchase memes on the Wownero website. Which is an authentic way to rally a community and to keep the nature of the project light-hearted as it is a shitcoin.

Wownero price prediction

What Drives the Price of Wownero?

It is crucial to understand as an investor what the driving force behind Wownero is. There are many factors that may contribute to the price of Wownero, and below we will outline the main ones.


The most essential aspect of the crypto sphere at large is inclusivity, which is driven by the community. The community is at the forefront of everything ‘Web3’ and crypto-related. Projects are only as good as the community behind them.

It indicates the intentions of a project too. Is a certain project just a ‘pump and dump’ scheme, or is there a deeper purpose for this project to become one of the most promising crypto? Wownero has a solid base of support and a naturally curated, loyal community, which plays a significant role in driving the price of Wownero.

Market Sentiment

As aforementioned, we are in a harsh economic environment, with consumer sentiment low. The majority of individuals are feeling the pinch of inflation. Therefore, many people who had bought crypto, specifically Wownero, have sold off their positions, which contributes to a fall in the price of the asset. Despite this, when this current bear cycle ends and market sentiment picks up again, more people will be looking at fun projects to invest in, like Wownero.


Many crypto assets don’t have any utility behind the token, meaning there is no real word use case for the crypto. However, when we look at Wownero, the vision of their entire project and the most fundamental and crucial aspect of their existence is to provide micro-tipping for meme creators. There is genuine utility behind the token, and the fact that there is a demand for the token, and this is created through utility, means this is a key driving force for the price of Wownero.

Is Wownero the Best Coin to Buy in 2022?

Tamadoge logo

Throughout the analysis of our WOW price prediction, we have scrutinised what we think Wownero coin price could be, as well as all of the important aspects of the project. However, when it comes to a meme coin, there is only one clear winner: Tamadoge.

Tamadoge has changed the idea of what a ‘meme coin’ is supposed to look like. Tamadoge is utterly unique in all aspects. Firstly, it creates a new reality for shitcoins. Many meme coins in the past have been purely speculative, and driven by a lot of social media ‘hype’ and ‘shilling’.

Tamadoge screenshot

Tamadoge does not fall into this trap, rather, the team behind Tamadoge has expertly crafted a steady demand for the token by creating utility. Tamadoge has done this by leveraging blockchain technology to create a play-2-earn game as well as NFTs.

There is a genuine real-world use case for  TAMA tokens. Players can raise Tamadoge pets and then eventually battle them against each other, whilst each ‘Tamadoge Pet’ has unique traits and characteristics.

Furthermore, at the end of each month, the user with the most ‘Dogepoints’, which are earned through playing, will earn TAMA tokens. Tamadoge has created an incentive-based approach to their game.

Importantly, Tamadoge has incorporated all the best aspects of meme coins into their project, and combined this with increasingly popular aspects of crypto, like NFTs and play-2-earn gaming.

Players can read more details about this NFT project in its white paper, which gives a clear indication of the roadmap and tokenomics.

In conclusion, Tamadoge is by far the best meme coin available on the market, particularly when compared with Wownero. Although Tamadoge is still in its presale, it has managed to raise more than $5 million in a few weeks. This coin is bound to sell fast.


Throughout this Wownero price prediction article, we have closely looked at various factors that may influence Wownero token price. Additionally, we have analysed the meme coin side of Wownero. Whilst Wownero has a few really appealing features, it is no match for the best meme coin, Tamadoge.

Tamadoge, albeit a new crypto project, has all the right ingredients to make it a fantastic project for many years to come. Tamadoge ticks all the boxes, be it a growing passionate, vibrant community, which will only continue to grow. As well as the fact that its presale is doing exceptionally well, more hype is growing around Tamadoge, as it has exceptional memes.

Moreover, Tamadoge has struck a sweet spot between the fun parts of meme coins and also made it functional and usable for more than just memes. We certainly would not bet against Tamadoge. It is our pick for the most exciting meme coin currently on the market.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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