In this article, we evaluate the potential of Wall Street Memes (WSM), an emerging meme token inspired by the GameStop saga.

Born from an experienced team with a significant social media presence, WSM enters the meme coin market as a public presale at This article presents our price predictions for WSM, accounting for community strength, market hype, and the team’s credible track record in the crypto realm.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) Price Prediction – Summarized

This section outlines a year to year WSM price prediction.

  • 2023: Drawing parallels from recent meme coin listings, WSM might experience a strong upward price trend post-listing. Our forecast anticipates a jump to $0.085 by 2023 end, marking an over 200% increase from the current WSM price.
  • 2025: Guided by a robust community and high-profile endorsements, WSM has significant growth potential. Harnessing these positive indicators, our projection estimates a $0.2 valuation by 2025, an almost 10x gain from the Wall Street Memes price at presale.
  • 2030: A longer forecast horizon suggests a price of $0.5 by 2030. WSM’s team is key to this optimistic projection, displaying adaptability through initiatives like meme coin tokens, Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, and community rewards.

Wall Street Memes Price History

The initial presale of the token on May 26, 2023, saw an overwhelming response, with the project raising $100,000 within minutes of launch. 

The WSM presale follows a staggered presale structure – it is divided into thirty distinctive stages, each with a pre-determined token price, number of tokens, and cumulative amount to be raised.

When Wall Street Memes launched its token, the initial price was $0.025 USDT per token. This price was offered during the inaugural presale round, which was quickly oversubscribed. The Wall Street Memes price has since risen to $0.0253 as it entered its second stage.

Wall Street Memes Presale

Its current stage aims to raise $500,000 by selling 20 million tokens. Following a similar pattern, each subsequent stage will offer 20 million tokens at incrementally higher prices to gather more funds until the 15th stage.

From stage 16 onwards, however, the number of tokens offered in each stage increased from 30 million to a maximum of 100 million tokens by the 30th stage. This structured approach will eventually lead to a 34.8% increase in WSM token price before its exchange listing, concluding at a final stage price of $0.0337 USDT.

The project has raised $900,000 over the last three days since the presale launch. The hard cap for the presale has been set at $30,577,000.

Presale Start Date 26 May 2023
Token Type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 WSM tokens
Payment Method USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit/Debit Cards

Wall Street Memes Overview

The primary aim of the Wall Street Memes crypto is to “tokenize the movement,” empowering average investors to profit from seemingly futile meme coins against traditional finance, or ‘TradFi’ as opposed to ‘DeFi’.

The brand’s reputation for financial and crypto memes is well-established across social media platforms, attracting attention from high-profile figures, including Elon Musk.

$WSM Token

Before the WSM token presale, the Wall St Bulls NFT Project had made headlines by selling out in nearly half an hour and accumulating over $2.5 million for the founders. In addition to their NFT success, they expanded their digital footprint by continuously engaging over one million followers through memes and other content related to cryptos and stocks.

The Wall Street Memes community primarily revolves around its Instagram and Twitter handles and the legacy NFT project. Their entry into the meme coin season showcases the brand’s ability to adapt and grow, keeping up with trends like Bitcoin NFTs and the evolving crypto landscape.

Wall Street Memes originated in spirit from the 2021 GameStop bull run, where everyday investors from Reddit collaborated to challenge institutional short sellers of GameStop stock. However $WSM is not claiming to be the official token of the Wall Street Bets Reddit, as $WSB token did earlier this year.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023

The Wall Street Memes token presale unfolds across 30 rounds, providing investors with various entry opportunities. This approach aims to counter post-launch dumping that can be caused by a wide difference between presale and initial launch prices.

While the earliest buyers will have an immediate profit at launch with its final presale price set at $0.037 USDT, the difference is reasonable, at approximately 35%.

Wall Street Memes Crypto Price Prediction

All $WSM tokens will be accessible to the community – half designated for presale and the rest for boosting liquidity and rewarding the community. This thoughtful allocation is expected to foster a natural price movement, free from the team’s direct control.

Drawing from the performance of recent meme tokens with a wide following, which saw a substantial price surge post their exchange listing, a similar path could be projected for Wall Street Memes. Given the hype around the project and its solid community backing, we could see $WSM maintaining steady growth till 2023. Our price projection indicates a potential rise to $0.085 by the end of 2023, translating to an over 230% price jump from its current standing.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2024 & Beyond

When we peer into the future of WSM, a mix of tangible factors hints at promising growth. Looking ahead to 2024-2025, we anticipate a significant surge. Crypto analyst Jacob Bury predicts 10-100x potential in the video below.

With its community exceeding one million followers, their collective financial clout – over $900K was invested in just a few days – reinforces the prospects for this meme coin.

Moreover, the crypto has garnered attention from influential figures, including Elon Musk, whose tweets have been known to trigger crypto spikes. Based on these elements, we forecast a substantial increase from the presale price, placing the WSM token at $0.2 by 2025’s close.

As we journey further into the future towards 2030, the path becomes less clear. Meme coins are inherently volatile, and their long-term success hinges on continuous value addition to their holders. Wall Street Memes has shown a willingness to do just that. 

Wall Street Memes

Their recent launch of meme coin tokens, Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, a $50K airdrop, and merchandising demonstrate an adaptable team dedicated to innovation. This adaptability and the immense following it commands online could make WSM a promising long-term crypto. 

Our most bullish projections place WSM at $0.5 by the end of 2030, a significant upside from its current price.

Much of this potential gain is expected to take root in 2024, contingent on the presale selling out by 2023’s end. Wall Street Memes boasts a proven track record in launching successful NFT projects, further cementing its position as a trusted player in the crypto space.


Born out of an already strong online community, Wall Street Meme’s potential is tied to its unique presale strategy and the immense popularity of meme coins.

WSM’s dynamic approach to pricing and community growth could take a slice of the multi-billion market share of the leading meme coins Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe which showed what is possible for this type of crypto project. In this article we forecasted a potential Wall Street Memes price prediction up to 2030, offering a view of its prospects.

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