With so many cryptocurrencies emerging daily, it can be difficult for investors to know where to begin with the selection process. Binance routinely adds new listings and projects that succeed have to be of the highest quality.

Binance accepts about 2% of applications, according to its guidelines, so only the very best projects stand a chance. The fact that the exact selection process is not disclosed makes it more difficult to know which coins will be listed.

In today’s guide, we talk about the best upcoming coins to list on Binance in 2023. This will include projects that are preparing their application to be listed on Binance, as well as tokens that have been recently added.

The Best New Coins on Binance Launching Soon

Below, investors will see a quick view list of the best new coins on Binance in 2023.

This includes digital tokens that have been active for some time but have only just been added to the exchange. This also includes projects that are scheduled for the next Binance listings for 2023.

  1. Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) – A new presale token, $BTCBSC offers huge staking benefits and is priced at only $0.99. Having already raised more than $4 million in just over two weeks of presale, this PoS token has the potential to be listed on Binance.
  2. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Meme coin that has enjoyed one of the best presales of the year, raising $25 million, and recently launched on a major exchange (OKX). Developed by an experienced group with massive community backing of more than 1 million social media followers. 
  3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Empowering users to invest in Web3 with new-age tools and strategies as well as offering lucrative trading signals through its alpha Telegram group. More than $1.75 million raised in the presale.
  4. yPredict (YPRED) – By leveraging AI-powered technologies like NLP and expert-developed forecasting models, yPredict offers investors the means to make informed decisions in the ever-changing crypto market. The YPRED presale has raised over $3.9 million.
  5. Chimpzee (CHMPZ) – Eco-friendly token that has already donated $15,000 to wildlife conservation and planted 20,000 trees to save the rainforest. Offers 20% APY through Diamond passport NFTs and various other ways to earn an income. $1.35 million raised in presale.
  6. eTukTuk (TUK) – Platform with sustainable solutions to carbon emissions with affordable EVs and efficient charging networks in Sri Lanka. Their mission is to help create a world prioritizing environmental health and excluding financial disparity in the developing world.
  7. Pikamoon (PIKA) – The upcoming play-to-earn game features collectible monsters as playable NFTs. The entire ecosystem is supported by $PIKA, a native coin that’ll be listed on all relevant exchanges in the near future. $3.85 million raised in its presale.
  8. XRP20 (XRP20) – This new cryptocurrency offers staking benefits and is inspired by the XRP token. After selling out its $3.68 million presale, XRP20 has released its staking mechanism. Earn an APY of 40% by staking this token. 
  9. BTC20 (BTC20) – The token combines the tokenomics of BTC in 2011 with the functionality and sustainability of Ethereum smart contracts alongside a 120 year release period. After being priced at $1 on presale, BTC20 is now trading at $2 and has a fully diluted market cap of $25 million and offering 60% APY.
  10. RizzMonkey (RZZMNKY) – A new presale meme cryptocurrency, Rizzmonkey has raised over $100k. The $RZZMNKY token is priced at just $0.000005367 on presale. 
  11. Render Token (RNDR) A platform allowing content creators to tap into a pool of GPUs for distributed GPU rendering services on the blockchain, benefiting industries such as AR/VR, media, medical, and gaming.
  12. Optimism (OP) – A smart contract platform offering near-instantaneous Ethereum transactions through Optimistic roll-up technology.
  13. Lido DAO (LDO) – A liquid staking protocol for PoS networks, offering streamlined services and daily payouts through a community-driven platform. The LDO token can be used for yield farming, lending, and collateral.
  14. Nexo (NEXO) –A high-earning cryptocurrency lending platform offering crypto credit cards and loans with a native NEXO token that enables holders to earn up to 12% annually on their holdings and participate in a loyalty program for additional rewards.
  15. Reserve Rights (RSR) – A unique protocol and governance token for the native stablecoin, backed by a selection of digital currencies and smart contracts. RSR tokens are used for staking, network regulation, and voting on configuration changes.
  16. MobileCoin (MOB) – A privacy-focused crypto asset and cell phone app that emphasizes simplicity, transactional anonymity, and low environmental impact.
  17. Biswap (BSW) – Platform featuring an NFT marketplace, staking pool, and launchpad. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Biswap offers speed, low network transaction costs, and a range of additional services, including farming and staking.
  18. Measurable Data Token (MDT) – A decentralized data exchange ecosystem that allows users to monetize and manage their data.

A Closer Look at the Top Upcoming Binance Listings

Digital currencies are highly volatile and there are no guarantees of making a profit when investing in them. With that said, the cryptocurrencies we talk about below have the potential to grow following their new Binance listings.

We talk about what the project does, and the use cases of the crypto asset itself. This should help investors to make an informed decision on which project might suit their ambitions.

1. Bitcoin BSC – Bitcoin-Inspired Token has Raised Over $4 Million in Two Weeks and Priced at $0.99 Per Token 

The next cryptocurrency with the potential to get listed on Binance is Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC), a brand new token which has enjoyed an incredible start to its presale.

Bitcoin BSC allows investors to purchase a Bitcoin-inspired token at the low price of $0.99 and investor interest has been huge to start with more than $4 million raised in just 16 days.

bitcoin bsc 4mil

The $0.99 price pays tribute to the time when Bitcoin was available at this mark, way back in 2011 – the last time it cost under $1.

While Bitcoin BSC is not affiliated with the Bitcoin project, it mimics its best bits – robust tokenomics and potential for growth – and improves on it by offering rewards and using a more sustainable network. The main difference is that Bitcoin BSC operates on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. 

By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Bitcoin BSC offers its users much higher throughput and substantially lower gas fees. Since the BSC network uses the Ethereum code, Bitcoin BSC also promises high levels of security.

This makes it a more energy-efficient option for Bitcoin, which uses high levels of non-renewable energy resources to mine new tokens. 

One can stake the token on the ecosystem after purchasing $BTCBSC tokens on the presale. At press time, the staking APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is 130%, with around 2 million tokens already locked in the staking pool.

This is one of the main reasons for the bright start to the presale, which is aiming to raise $6.125 million. After the presale there will be a circulating supply of 6.125 million tokens – the same as Bitcoin in 2011 – with the remaining 14.5 million to be added to the staking pool and unlocked over a 120-year schedule, the same timeframe as BTC.

A successful conclusion to the presale opens the path for future listings on tier-one exchanges such as Binance, providing a massive push for the token’s trading volume.

Read the Bitcoin BSC whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to keep yourselves updated on any new project developments. 

Hard Cap $6,063,750.
Total Tokens 21 million
Tokens available in presale 6.125 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit Card

2. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Top New Meme Cryptocurrency with a Huge Social Media Following

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) WSMhas established itself as a popular meme cryptocurrency platform with a follower count of over 1 million people across social media pages. Recently, the creators of this platform have ventured into blockchain-based projects to help generate wealth for their community. 

The first step was taken when Wall Street Memes launched its own NFT project called Wall St Bulls, which managed to sell out its first NFT collection in just 32 minutes. 

wall street memes meme coins

After the success of the NFT project, Wall Street Memes decided to launch its own native token, $WSM, which has now raised more than $25 million since going live. However, there is only limited time remaining before the presale will close – on September 25 – ahead of a massively anticipated IEO in the following days.

Although some meme coins struggle to be listed on Binance, recent tokens such as Pepe have been listed on the exchange and the surging popularity of Wall Street Memes will give it every opportunity.

The exact formula for listing on Binance is not known, but the world’s largest crypto exchange likes projects that have huge volume, huge support in the community and a dedicated developing team.

Wall Street Memes has the potential to tick those boxes, with its already huge follower count, strong showing in its early presale rounds and a team with a long history of success in the space and big plans for the future.

At the time of writing, $WSM is priced at $0.0337 per token, and is in its final round. From a total token supply of 2 billion, 1 billion tokens have been allocated for the presale with no vesting period. This gives interested investors ample opportunity to enter the project before the exchange listing takes place. 

wall street memes tokenomics

Importantly, the Wall Street Memes team has not allocated any tokens for themselves, indicating a fair launch, while the project also offers staking, with a current estimated APY of 55%.

One of the key factors that can help Wall Street Memes undergo a successful presale is its social media following, which is huge. On social media platforms such as Twitter, Wall Street Memes has received responses from Elon Musk. Thus, 

If this happens, then $WSM will benefit from a huge increase in trading volume, which can help push the price upwards. 

To stay updated with this cryptocurrency project, join the Wall Street Memes Telegram channel

Hard Cap $30,577,000
Total Tokens 2 billion
Tokens available in presale 1 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Payment method USDT, ETH, BNB, Card

3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Emerging Platform Offering Comprehensive Web 3.0 Investment Tools

Launchpad logoLaunchpad XYZ is a promising ICO that primarily aims to consolidate the most critical elements of the Web3 ecosystem under one roof. The project offers a wide-ranging set of resources for leading blockchain platforms to meet this demand, simplifying Web3 investments for novices and seasoned users.

$LPX tokens are available in a presale for $0.0445 per token, with the project currently offering a 20% bonus for the next week – the presale has raised more than $1.75 million so far.

Launchpad XYZ Thumbnail 1

The platform’s team boasts extensive experience, having partnered with numerous prestigious corporations.

A major feature of the project is its alpha Telegram group, which provides lucrative buying and selling signals to users.

Signals and membership are granted by purchasing a tiered NFT – priced from $50 to $25,000 -which offer more signals with the higher tiers.

The group has had huge success in recent weeks, with multiple 1,000%-plus calls and one call on LINQ returning more than 7,000% gains.

Launchpad xyz telegram alpha

The Launchpad XYZ whitepaper highlights the platform’s ability to help both new and experienced Web3 users maximize their profit-making potential through a wide range of tools, data and insights.

Initially that will cover tokens, presales and signals, as well as an AI-powered chatbot, but later there will also be a trading terminal with custom tools and an extensive library to catalogue and offer info on NFT collections and crypto games.

To stay informed, users can subscribe to the Launchpad XYZ Telegram channel.

Hard Cap $12,500,000
Total Tokens 1 billion
Tokens available in presale 250 million
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Card

4. yPredict – Cutting-edge Crypto Analytics Platform To Offer a Seamless Trading Environment

yPredict logoyPredict is designed to help traders with various data points and insights generated by artificial intelligence. The platform is currently In the presale phase of its utility native token – $YPRED.

The project will also provide a marketplace where AI and ML predictive model creators can trade and sell their wares. Depending on how well the models perform, developers can monetize their efforts.

ypredict robot

With over $3.9 million raised in its presale, YPRED has been witnessing an uptick in traction from investors.

With a confirmed listing on BitMart, the tokens’ current price of $0.1 will increase to $0.12 upon listing.

yPredict uses AI to provide chart pattern recognition from over a hundred patterns, news, social media sentiment analysis, indicator analysis from hundreds of technical indications, transaction analysis for assets within predetermined metrics, and trading tools.

Algorithms are crucial for traders to keep up with the rapid pace of the financial markets and make profitable decisions. A trader’s knowledge can be expanded with the help of the data and insights provided by yPredict.

yPredict home

As per the yPredict whitepaper, the YPRED tokens’ value is based on a freemium pricing model, with different access levels available to users at different membership tiers (free, active, pro).

With a $6.5 million hard cap and 50% unlocked at the token generation event, the developers (who have been doxxed and KYC’d) have created 80% of the 1 billion token supply.

For more details on this AI-driven tool, join the yPredict Telegram group.

Presale Started Q1 2023
Purchase Methods MATIC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Polygon
Minimum Purchase 200 tokens

5. Chimpzee – Green Project Donates $15K to Charity and Plants 20k Trees During Presale, Offers 20% APY

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a sustainability-focused project that has already donated $15,000 to protect elephants and has planted over 20,000 trees to save the rainforest – all before its presale has even been completed.

While many projects make promises they cannot deliver on, this one is delivering before the fundraising is even finished. 

10% of all proceeds are allocated to green charities while the ecosystem is also focused on helping people to earn passive income. The whitepaper outlines in detail the plight faced by certain species and how a few dollars a month can help to ensure their survival.

It wants to generate immediate awareness for the environment while also helping people to earn an income. 

There are 3 ways to earn an income through Chimpzee – Play-To-Earn, Trade-To-Earn, and Shop-To-Earn. But the swiftest way to earn passive income through Chimpzee is via a Diamond NFT, which provides 20% APY rewards along with numerous other benefits. 

This is clearly a project that genuinely cares about the environment and is connected to a real-life concern. It also uses an aggressive token-burning mechanism to assist with price appreciation for investors, intending to burn all the way down to 50 billion tokens. 100 billion have already been burned. 

This is a potential Binance listing as it’s definitely a legitimate presale that wants to make an impact on the environment, and it has good social standing. It has also undertaken a smart contract audit as well as acquired a KYC certificate from Coinscope.

The current price for this token is $0.001, but the exchange listing price will be significantly higher, at $0.00185, with more than $1.35 million raised in the presale so far. More info can be found on the Chimpzee Whitepaper.

Presale Started Q2 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Minimum Purchase 1000 tokens

6. eTukTuk (TUK) – Creating a Sustainable Future with Blockchain-powered Electric Vehicles

eTukTuk LogoeTukTuk has emerged as a strong contender in the EV transportation segment, blending the power of the Binance Smart Chain to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

The platform’s vision is to eliminate the carbon footprint of transportation. To achieve this, they’re developing electric vehicles that are not only affordable but also adapted to the lifestyle of the developing world.


eTukTuk’s native token, $TUK, is currently on offer and is in the crypto whitelisting stage while it gains traction for its first product, the eTukTuk electric vehicle. A consistent increase in this traction can help the token get listed on top-tier exchanges like Binance.

Unlike traditional TukTuks, the eTukTuk electric vehicle emits zero carbon, making it a better alternative for environmental health. It’s also designed to be safer, reducing the risks associated with conventional vehicles.

But an electric vehicle is only as good as its charging infrastructure. That’s why eTukTuk is building a network of efficient charging stations.

Available to all, these stations aim to make electric vehicle usage a more feasible option, effectively helping to reduce our dependence on traditional fuels. This will ease the transition to electric vehicles and substantially decrease operational and other expenses for drivers.


The project has secured a 20% equity stake from the Capital Maharaja Group, a prominent conglomerate in Sri Lanka. This investment will help expand eTukTuk’s operations, making its solutions more accessible to people in developing nations. In addition to creating an environment-friendly transportation solution, eTukTuk is committed to socio-economic development.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, eTukTuk aims to empower people with digital identities, giving them access to better financial opportunities. This helps them realize their project’s vision and reduces global financial disparity. $TUK is priced at $0.024 per token on presale.

Interested users can join the eTukTuk Telegram channel to keep up with the latest updates.

7. Pikamoon (PIKA) – A P2E Crypto Supporting a Powerful In-Game Ecosystem

Pikamoon sounds like Pokemon and even looks similar. Despite the fact that it’s heavily influenced by the popular franchise, Pikamoon is a stand-alone project built with the help of decentralized technologies.

It’s a play-to-earn game where players collect various monsters across the imaginary continent of Dreva. They can go on an adventure as travelers and use their monsters to battle against other players.

Pikamoon is a P2E game inspired by Pokemon. The native coin $PIKA will be listed on relevant exchanges in the future.

All monsters are NFTs, which will have real value, just like CryptoKitties. However, you’ll actually be able to use them during the gameplay.

$PIKA is the native cryptocurrency of the Pikamoon ecosystem, used for all transactions. For example, players will be able to pay with $PIKA to buy items, upgrades, and more. Moreover, they can earn $PIKA by being successful when traveling and battling other players.

As stated in the whitepaper, a total of three presale phases will take place. During the first stage, a unit of $PIKA was $0.0002 but now in the final stage it is priced at $0.0006.

After the presale – which has now raised more than $3.85 million – wraps up, the team will continue working on the project, and $PIKA will be introduced on all relevant exchanges.

If we were to judge the progress by the detailed roadmap, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

However, interested investors or gamers will be able to follow the latest updates via the official Telegram group, where they can also discuss the project with other people who find the Pikamoon project interesting, either as a game or an investment opportunity.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods USDT and ETH
Chain Ethereum
Minimum investment  None
Maximum investment  None

8. BTC20 – ‘New’ Bitcoin With DeFi Staking, Eco-Friendly Design, and Ethereum Smart Contracts

With all of the features on offer, BTC20 ($BTC20) is a token that could soon be listed on Binance for multiple reasons.

$BTC20 is an ERC20 token but with a supply and price that matched Bitcoin (BTC) in April 2011 – its $6 million presale sold out in just two weeks before the price exploded on launch, pumping from $1 to almost $6.

The price has since settled back to around $1.50, but due to its huge staking pool, the project has a fully diluted market cap of around $25 million.

Around 70% of the circulating supply is currently locked in the staking pool – proving investor confidence in the long-term prospects of the project – with the staking currently offering 60% APY.

No investment, however, is risk-free. Just because the token has similarities to BTC does not mean that it will experience a similar price trajectory. Research and caution are always required when making an investment.

Yet the token does add additional utility aside from being a BTC copy – it is on the Ethereum blockchain, which is much more environmentally friendly.

A minimum of 14.95M $BTC20 tokens will be gradually released over a 120-year period, the same schedule as Bitcoin.

Staking encourages long-term participation and reinforces the commitment and dedication of the community. Token stakers will have a say in where the ecosystem is going, playing a more active part in the community.

The project is aligned with the core principles of BTC, emulating its framework while enhancing certain features to encourage participation.

The whitepaper also reiterated that the BTC20 team is dedicated to transparency and innovation, as well as the ethos of Bitcoin. The team intends to stay true to the roadmap and ensure long term stability for the project.

Further information is available on Twitter and Telegram.

9. XRP20 – New Stake-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Has Sold Out its Presale, Estimated 46% APY via Staking

The next cryptocurrency which has the potential to be listed on Binance is XRP20 ($XRP20). This is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain and inspired by the XRP token – although it is not connected to the project in any way. 

XRP20 has a total supply of 100 billion, similar to XRP. When the XRP token was released, 80% of the token supply was reserved for the parent company Ripple, and the remaining was sent to the development team. XRP20 will distribute 100% of the token supply to the public. 

XRP20 presale sold out

The presale, saw XRP20 allocate 40% of the token supply with a $3.7 million hard cap which was sold out in just over two weeks.

While an exchange listing is imminent, the staking pool is already live and has had more than 25 billion tokens added – at the time of writing, that means stakers will earn an estimated 40% APY.

Similar to BTC20 outlined above, XRP20 will look to make a similar on exchanges after the listing takes place. XRP20 will look to launch its token on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, which can help push the trading volume.

A further 40% of the token supply will be reserved for a staking mechanism through which token holders can stake and earn passive income. 

XRP20 tokenomics

The project also has a burn mechanism, with 0.1% of all buy and sell $XRP20 transactions will be sent to a burning wallet address – over time, 10 billion tokens will be removed from the ecosystem. At the time of writing, $XRP20 can be staked to earn a 46% APY.

To stay updated with this ryptocurrency project, read the XRP20 whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

10. RizzMonkey – New Meme Cryptocurrency is Priced at $0.000005367, Over $50K Raised on Presale 

The next cryptocurrency on our list is RizzMonkey ($RZZMNKY), a new meme token available to buy on presale. With the ongoing popularity of multiple coins, such as Pepe Coin ($PEPE), investors are looking for the next big meme project to be a part of. 

With the $RZZMNKY token, users can get their hands on a new presale token priced at just $0.000005367. Currently, Rizzmonkey is on its second presale round.

Rizz Monkey img

In total, there will be three presale rounds, each subsequently increasing the price of $RZZMNKY. 

Rizzmonkey has a total token supply of 696 billion, 55% of which has been set aside for the ongoing presale. Through the course of the three presale rounds, Rizzmonkey aims to raise a presale hard cap of $2.17 million.

Since the presale started, RizzMonkey has already collected over $50K. 

After the presale, RizzMonkey will prepare for its initial exchange offering (IEO), which is set to take place by Q3 2023. At launch time, the token will be priced at $0.00000696, a 16.7% price increase from the time of writing.

Rizz Monkey tokenomics

If Rizzmonkey manages to undergo a successful presale, it can list on some of the world’s best crypto exchanges, such as Binance. Such a listing will help increase the trading volume and make $RZZMNKY a very bullish investment. 

Read the RizzMonkey whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to keep yourselves updated with the presale. 

Hard Cap $2,173,123
Total Tokens 696 Billion
Tokens available in presale 382.8 Billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase N/A
Purchase with ETH, USDT, BTC, BNB

11. Render Token (RNDR) – Platform Allowing Content Creators to Tap Into Pool of GPUs

At the time of writing, Render Token can be found in the Binance new coin listing section of the platform, so is already up and running. The native token for the network is called RNDR. This platform’s goal is to find a solution to the high costs associated with computation.

In a nutshell, this platform provides distributed GPU rendering services on the blockchain. The typical price of the most sophisticated GPU can be in excess of $1,000.

Render graph 5/26/23

The Render Network enables users to share their free GPUs on its decentralized platform. As such, the platform’s business model makes multiple industries more effective. This includes augmented and virtual reality, industrial sectors, media, medical, and gaming.

This crypto project also hopes it will be crucial to the rapidly expanding metaverse and NFT sectors. Developers of the metaverse who have a high demand for intricate graphics processing can use the Render platform to cut costs.

The RNDR token is used to pay GPU renters who use their free resources. The token is also used to fuel network rendering. RNDR experienced its all-time high of $6.76 in November 2021 and is trading at a huge discount at the time of writing.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

12. Optimism (OP) – Smart Contract Platform With Near Instantaneous Ethereum Transactions

As a layer 2 chain, Optimism operates on Ethereum (layer 1). Although transactions occur on Optimism, the associated data is uploaded to the mainnet for validation. This project uses a technology called Optimistic rollup.

Rollups condense the data of numerous transactions, which can include token swaps, NFT mints, and more. The native token of this crypto project is OP. Meanwhile, the Optimism Collective is a two-tiered governance structure made up of Citizens’ House and Token House.


The former is described as an experiment in decentralized governance but on a large scale. This grants holders of the OP token participatory rights. At the time of writing, Token House is already operational. Protocol updates, project incentives, and other issues are governed by Token House. The overarching goal is growth.

At the time of writing, this is one of the new Binance listings to invest in for those who are interested in the best crypto airdrops. The team behind the Optimism project has stated that there will be a whole season of airdrops to look forward to for people who invest in OP now. The all-time high of OP tokens was nearly $1.85 in January 2022.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

13. Lido DAO (LDO) – Liquid and Streamlined Staking Protocol for PoS Networks

The Lido DAO community develops liquid staking services and governs the direction of the project. As such, Lido is a liquid staking solution for proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains. It brings together node operator partners that manage the validator infrastructure on the Terra, Solana, and Ethereum blockchains.

The platform enables investors to use staking coins to earn daily payouts. Lido DAO’s token is called LDO. LDO tokens may be used for a variety of purposes, including yield farming, lending, and collateral.

This is one of the recent Binance listings that has seen a sharp decline in value. Largely because the community voted against a proposed 1% allocation to Dragon Fly Capital. That said, the team behind the cryptocurrency stated that will revisit the proposal and believes it stands a strong chance of recovery.

The streamlined services for PoS networks certainly offer more utility to staking. Moreover, the token could see an increase in interest now it is included in Binance’s new listings.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

14. Nexo (NEXO) – Best New Coin on Binance For High Earning Rates

Nexo is a cryptocurrency lending platform. In essence, it provides retail customers with crypto credit cards and loans. Off the back of Mastercard’s announcement of a collaboration with the project in early 2022, Nexo saw a significant increase in momentum.

The credit card business announced a crypto-backed payments card that gives users the ability to spend money without having to sell their digital assets. This also provides them with 2% cash back on all purchases.

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, the NEXO token, also offers crypto holders a number of advantages. On tokens kept in both the savings and credit line wallets of their Nexo accounts, holders can earn up to 12% percent annually.

Additionally, holders of NEXO tokens are automatically enrolled in Nexo’s loyalty program. With Nexo Earn, investors can earn yields of up to 50%. Moreover, on purchases or exchanges made through the Nexo platform, investors can claim up to 0.5%.

Nexo was one of the few crypto lending platforms unaffected by the 2022 market downturn, unlike others such as Celsius and Voyager.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

15. Reserve Rights (RSR) – Unique Protocol and Governance Token for Native Stablecoin

Like many of the Binance new coin listings, the Reserve Rights token, called RSR, has a variety of uses. The main goal of the token is to give the network’s stablecoin a way to keep its value linked to the dollar.

In contrast to many other stablecoins that are pegged to US dollars, the Reserve Rights token is backed by a selection of digital currencies. The basket of crypto tokens is then backed by smart contracts.

Reserve Rights upcoming binance coin

Staking and regulating the network, as well as putting forward and voting on configuration modifications, are the two major functions of the RSR ERC-20 token. Moreover, RSR investors have the option to stake an RToken.

Holders of RSR can also choose not to stake any of their tokens. The all-time high of this token was $0.11 in April 2021. According to CoinMarketCap, RSR manages to maintain excellent liquidity most of the time.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

16. MobileCoin (MOB) – Privacy Focussed Crypto Asset and Cell Phone App

MobileCoin was established in 2017 as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The platform itself emphasizes simplicity of usage, transactional anonymity, rapid and anonymous transfers, cheap fees, and minimal impact on the environment.

The native token of this project is MOB. One of the project’s main goals is for MOB to be used as digital cash on cell phones. This can be used by anyone and everyone who wants privacy and decentralization, whilst also being able to complete quick transactions.

MobileCoin upcoming binance token

MobileCoin has established itself as the first carbon-negative cryptocurrency thanks to its Federated Byzantine Agreement network consensus methodology (FBA). This is far more energy-efficient than proof of work and proof of stake for transaction verification.

The project has partnered with sFOX. The goal is for this to improve liquidity and stability for banks, asset managers, and other institutions. The collaboration also enables MobileCoin to manage its corporate treasury, including its own MOB holdings, via the sFOX platform.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

17. Biswap (BSW) – New Binance Listing With NFT Marketplace

Biswap is a decentralized exchange platform for trading Bep 20 tokens. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Superior speed and significantly reduced network transaction costs are promised by this network.

The native token is called BSW. The goal of Biswap is to assume the role of a market-leading DEX platform for crypto token swaps. A blockchain security organization called CertiK that specializes in researching and keeping track of DeFi initiatives and blockchain protocols audits the project.

Biswap upcoming Binance coin

The Biswap platform offers a wide variety of goods and services. This includes an NFT marketplace, staking pool, and launchpad. Farming and staking are also facilitated by Biswap as well as trading competitions, fee rewards, and more.

Any investors looking to buy into this new Binance listing should also keep an eye out for regular competitions by following the project on Twitter.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

18. Measurable Data Token (MDT) – Lined Up to be the Next Binance New Listing Alert

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange ecosystem built on Ethereum that offers purchasers an effective trading platform. Users are also able to monetize and manage their own data.

Users of the decentralized application MyMDT can earn incentives for disclosing anonymous data points. Currently, users may use MyMDT to sell their email receipts to data purchasers and receive payment in MDT, the platform’s native token. For instance, MailTime will analyze, gather, and share anonymously aggregated user inbox information with data purchasers.

Measurable Data upcoming binance coin

MyMDT will evaluate the value of each valid e-receipt data point and register MDT rewards using smart contracts. This happens as soon as a user obtains an eligible e-receipt.

Weekly data incentive claims can be made by those using MyMDT. At the time of writing, MDT is not listed on Binance. However, this token is winning the battle against Thundercore (TT) in the Binance community vote. If it wins, it will be listed on Binance. This will no doubt raise awareness of the project and potentially offer early investors gains later on.

MDT was one of the most trending cryptocurrencies in mid 2022 alongside Battle Infinity (IBAT), Biconomy (BICO) and others. It began trending strongly when Chain announced they would be acquiring Measurable Data Token for $100 million.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

Why Look For Upcoming Binance Listings?

Choosing coins that are to be listed on Binance is a great way to identify high-potential projects. This is because Binance is the world’s largest exchange by trade volume, peaking at $76 billion in a 24-hour period during August 2022, and has an extremely rigorous vetting process. Ultimately, this means that tokens can often rise in price when their Binance listings are announced.

Tokens Often Rise Soon After Binance Listings

Flow Token rose in price by 61% hours after a Binance listing announcement. This ecosystem focuses on gaming and is owned by Dapper Labs (the same company that developed Crypto Kitties, a wildly popular Ethereum game).  

Sui, meanwhile, increased by 1,840% shortly after it launched on Binance. Sui’s aim is smart contract scalability, with an impressive 120,000 transactions per second on its test network. That’s at the cutting edge of blockchain when it comes to speed and efficiency, though still only a test network.

This price rise has been called the “Binance Effect”, with a 41% increase for newly listed tokens. A project that gets listed on Binance will also benefit from an increase in its credibility and reputation. Moreover, a listing on Binance could indicate a coin is more likely to retain its value and have a more sustainable future due to the exchange’s rigorous vetting process of a project’s fundamentals. 

The coins that do pass the strict listing process are available on an extremely large trading exchange, where they can be swapped for numerous other tokens. Binance offers over 350 cryptos and 1,300 trading pairs, so regular users will find it easy to search for a project on Binance and make a swap.

Through Binance, the token is more accessible to the market with increased liquidity, and benefits from the publicity of Binance, the world’s largest exchange. It’s definitely a sign of increased legitimacy in an industry rife with hacks and scams. 

How We Chose Our Potential Binance Listing Picks 

Not all coins make it on Binance – in fact, most don’t. But we have identified the ones that have the most potential, based on a variety of factors. These factors included price and liquidity history, user adoption, endorsement and social media followings, financial backing, and utility.  

Price & Liquidity History

The price and liquidity history of a token is key to future growth and Binance listing. This is tied in with the project’s token allocation schedule. Projects with intelligent lockup periods, vesting schedules and milestones are more likely to succeed. These are all conditions on early investors meaning they can only sell when a given time has passed, to maintain price stability. 

If all the tokens are owned by a small number of people, it could potentially be a red flag in terms of liquidity. Some projects can hold most of the tokens for the original creators and backers (Ripple, Celo, Solana) while others can distribute a larger percentage in a public sale (Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano). 

With a smaller number of token owners, potentially with power over the network, the bias would be on the price remaining high as opposed to the ecosystem growing organically for all users and participants. 

If the price of a token is consistently rising, it’s likely a good sign for Binance listings. Data shows the price of tokens are trending upwards before being listed on Binance. This was the case for coins such as Pepe. From April 18 2023 to the Binance listing on May 5 2023, Pepe coin showed upward momentum. It is currently above its April price, at the time of this writing. 

User Adoption

User adoption refers to how many genuine users there are on a given blockchain network. It can loosely be compared to how many clients a traditional company has, because a blockchain needs users in the same way that a company needs customers. Otherwise, it goes extinct. 

The best way to analyze this is the total number of active unique wallet addresses. This metric shows many many transactions are taking place between wallets. The more unique active wallet addresses, the better in terms of user adoption. The total transaction volume can also be considered, with more volume being better, but this volume could also be done through a small number of whales. Binance wants applicants to show user statistics in their submissions. 

User adoption is a key component to choosing upcoming Binance listings and we focused on it heavily. This is because it’s one of the few tangible criteria mentioned by Binance in their guidelines. 

Following and Celebrity Endorsement

A single tweet from Elon Musk is enough to raise the price of Doge by 50% on the same day. Celebrities that endorse cryptocurrency can give it a huge level of legitimacy. Obviously, not all projects have such backing, but it serves to indicate the power of celebrity influence to increase the price of coins. 

While this is not a major criteria, we did look at what figures were backing specific projects as it could be something that Binance considers. We also checked the social media followings; a  project that has 1,000,000 followers on Twitter is definitely going to have more credibility than a project with 1,000. 

Having lots of followers on multiple platforms (YouTube, Reddit, Discord) is also a great sign for a potential listing, especially if there is a lot of activity related to growth and project enhancements. 

Financial Backing

Money counts quite a lot. It can shave years off a roadmap timeline (the estimated time to a specific goal, such as being listed on an exchange). While it’s definitely possible to be successful without money, it’s highly unlikely. We always take a look at the backers behind a given project, such as angel investors or venture capitalists.

Wall Street Memes, for instance, raised $7.8 million within 2 weeks after its presale. This is a good indicator of future success as it shows that there is a strong community and lots of investor confidence in the project. It has also raised $2.5 million from previous NFT collections and could follow in the footsteps of Doge and Shiba Inu, coins that experienced explosive growth. 

Financial analysis can sometimes be tricky without such public fundraising events. Founders are often not willing to divulge financial information, especially at an early date. But it can also sometimes be apparent when a project has significant resources and when it is struggling for funds. 

Real World Utility

In today’s world, it can seem as if there is no such thing as real world utility, with shitcoins that rise to the moon and drop down beneath the earth’s surface. But if you look at coins over 1 to 5 year periods, you will often see that fundamental principles do count. 

Most of the coins that fail have no practical use case, no evidence of strong leadership, no financial backing, no social media presence, and no clear roadmap. We looked at real world utility and also observed how much competition there was within the same industry.

Utility relates to a real world need. PowerLedger, for instance, is an Australian company that aims to supply renewable, tradable energy on a decentralized ledger. Ecoterra, meanwhile, is an Ethereum-based project concerned with tackling climate change. The platform consists of a recycle2earn application, a carbon offset marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and an impact trackable profile. It’s a comprehensive approach to recycling catering to individuals, businesses owners, corporations, and NGOs. Currently, its presale is at $5.2 million.

Deelance is another example, as the first ever decentralized freelance marketplace. Deelance offers a fee that is as low as 2%, compared to centralized marketplaces that can charge as much as 20% on projects. Freelancers can use the native token ($Dlance) for additional benefits and to avoid commission fees. Moreover, an entire career can go down the drain if a centralized marketplace freezes your account – something that does not happen with Deelance. 

All of these are significant areas that matter to people – energy costs, climate change, and the freelance workplace. Projects that concentrate on such areas can be said to demonstrate real-world utility.

How Often Does Binance Add New Coins?

It’s difficult to forecast which cryptocurrency Binance will add because the exchange frequently announces the listing just hours or days before trading starts.

  • Of course, many digital currency projects want their tokens listed on Binance. It provides the trading volume and liquidity to allow founders to gradually sell off their tokens.
  • Being accepted by Binance is thought to be a step in the direction of greater widespread acceptance, owing to its huge userbase
  • It is the biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchange globally
  • When a token gets a listing on this platform, investors have some indication that the digital coin has potential, or at least that it should be taken seriously as a project. Typically, when a project announces a Binance listing, its price will pump, and then retrace when the listing goes live.

Investors can check out the ‘Announcements’ section of the platform to stay up to date on new Binance listings. There is also a section on the Binance platform that lists recently added tokens.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Get Listed On Binance?

You can find out how to get a project listed on Binance from their official website. Few details are given about the process. Upon submission, a Binance representative will get in touch if the application is suitable. 

There are two ways to get listed on Binance. You can apply for direct listing or through the Binance Launchpad/Launchpool. The Launchpad is for projects that have not yet had a token generation event (TGE). LaunchPad and LaunchPool are for projects that are further ahead with a token.

In the previously linked blog post, Binance founder CZ outlines 25 tips on how to get listed on Binance. Unfortunately, he states that 98% of applications won’t hear anything back. While we won’t go into all of the tips, the most relevant ones include:

  1. User Adoption – This is the single most important thing Binance looks for. If a project has a large user base on the network, it’s a major bonus to the application. 
  2. Correct Application – The application has to be filled out by the CEO/Founder, with as much accurate information as possible. 
  3. Binance Bias – BNB/BUSD has to be incorporated into the ecosystem or must have been involved in fundraising rounds (BNB and BUSD are both Binance tokens). Tokens that launched on BNB Chain have an advantage. 
  4. Communication – Any updates or enhancements to the project should be communicated to the contact person in charge of the application. 
  5. Professionalism – CZ states that he does not want project heads to email their whitepaper to him and that he does not want to be called out on Twitter to list the project. 
  6. Patience – Asking for status updates is not recommended. If contacted by Binance, project leaders should not disclose information to the public until the official listing. Doing this could likely lead to the rejection of the application.  

Binance does not actually disclose much information about its listing process, aside from user adoption, minimal viable product, and how the team handles difficult situations. 

What Binance Says About Its Listing Requirements

“There are no set requirements. We want good coins listed on Binance, such as coins with a proven team, a useful product, and a large user base.

  • Apply for listing only if you have at least a minimum viable product, or your application will not pass our initial screening;
  • You should focus on user adoption. You can include the user statistics in the application form to help with our screening;
  • We evaluate how the team handles difficult situations, even if it is just within their own community.”

How to Find Potential Upcoming Binance Listings

You can’t find guaranteed Binance listings. Binance only lists them when they are available or shortly before (hours or days). So you can sign up for Binance social media and trade coins as soon as they become available, or search the Binance new listings article page.

You can also use tools such as Visalping.io to automatically alert you to new listings, based on site keyword changes. Youtube and Discord are great resources in terms of finding information that could lead to a listing. Reddit is another excellent resource. In fact, you might get the information here before anywhere else. .

Discord Groups can Potentially Give Tips on Upcoming Binance Listings 

Some of the top discord groups include Cracking Crypto (which focuses on educational content for crypto trading) and The Crypto Nation (for first time investors). The Jacob Crypto Bury server is another top resource and potentially the best discord server available, with plenty of tutorials, stats, and information from a successful trader. It also offers an in-depth overview of token presales directly, potentially cutting down on the time required to do your own research.

It’s always good to look for information that signifies a rise in price and adoption of a given coin. Floki, for example, rose 500% in early 2023 with a 70% increase in total transaction volume. This was right after a listing on OKX and Kucoin. If a project is listed on these exchanges, coupled with organic price increases, it can then make a Binance listing more likely. This is precisely what happened, as Binance has recently listed this coin as well. 

The coins outlined above – Deelance, Wall Street Memes, Ecoterra, yPredict – are strong candidates for listing based on our primary evaluation criteria. In particular, Ecoterra and yPredict have strong utility value, Ecoterra in relation to the environment with yPredict offering next-generation AI analysis for traders.  

With strong followings on social media (millions in the case of Wall Street Memes) and lots of active users, such coins have a major advantage over other listings – the 98% that don’t make it onto Binance. 

Why You Should Invest Before Coins List on Binance

When a crypto token is listed on a large-scale global exchange such as Binance, there is a chance that the project will skyrocket. This is one reason why many investors choose to search for crypto tokens that are on the verge of being listed to benefit from a pre-sale discount and make gains later.

Presale tokens offer low market caps and high potential, as they typically offer tokens at below fair market price to increase interest and build hype. Plus, as previously mentioned, it is well established that coins that do list on Binance are likely to experience a significant price increase.

Investors that complete their due diligence and allocate capital towards projects in the early stage of growth can benefit from far more upside potential than those that are already established and listed on large exchanges.

How to Invest in New Binance Cryptos

When reviewing the Binance new crypto listings above, we noted that we like new crypto presale project Wall Street Memes as the overall best option to consider.

As such, below, investors can find a simple walkthrough to guide them through the process of buying $WSM tokens.

Step 1 – Choose a Crypto Wallet and Connect

The first step to buying the best new coins on Binance is to choose a crypto wallet.

The two best choices are MetaMask and Trust Wallet, both of which are available free of charge.

metamask wallet

Many investors opt for MetaMask because it is safe and available on numerous devices, which should suit most.

Once downloaded in the preferred format, the user will be required to complete the installation by confirming everything.

Then head to the Wall Street Memes website and select ‘Buy now.’

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

Once connected, investors must hold ETH/BNB or USDT in their crypto wallet to convert that to $WSM.

That can be done by buying ETH or USDT from an exchange and transferring it to the crypto wallet.

Beginners may find it easier to buy ETH directly on the Wall Street Memes website.

Investors can buy with a debit or credit card by selecting ‘Buy with Card’ and following the instructions. Note that an Ethereum transaction (gas) fee will be added to the purchase and to the purchase of Wall Street Memes tokens later.

Step 3 – Buy $WSM Tokens

After there is enough crypto in the wallet, select the correct option on the Wall Street Memes website and follow the steps to complete the transaction.

Again, investors should note that an Ethereum gas fee will be applied before the transaction is confirmed.

When prompted, select ‘Finish’ or ‘confirm.’

Step 4 – Claim $WSM Token

Finally, $WSM tokens will need to be claimed.

They will be stored on the Wall Street Memes website until after all phases of the presale are complete, and all tokens are sold.  The platform will release claiming information when the time comes.


This guide has reviewed some of the best new Binance listings, both recently added and those that could reach crypto’s biggest exchange in the future.

We would recommend Bitcoin BSC as the best new crypto project around. it has a great concept, high staking rewards, and huge appeal for those who missed out on legacy BTC in 2011. it is a highly transparent project with a well-thought-out roadmap.



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