With so many cryptocurrencies emerging daily, it can be difficult for investors to know where to begin with the selection process. Binance routinely adds new listings and only accepts applications from projects that are credible.

In today’s guide, we talk about the best upcoming coins to list on Binance in 2023. This will include projects that are preparing their application to be listed on Binance, as well as tokens that have been recently added.

The Best New Coins on Binance Launching Soon

Below, investors will see a quick view list of the best new coins on Binance in 2023.

This includes digital tokens that have been active for some time but have only just been added to the exchange. This also includes projects that are scheduled for the next Binance listings for 2023.

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto Coin With Anonymous Voting
  2. Fight Out (FGHT)Promising M2E Fitness App Building Real-World Gyms
  3. C+Charge (CCHG) – Upcoming Green Project Incentivizing EV Drivers
  4. RobotEra (TARO) – New Metaverse Gaming Token to Invest in
  5. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Trending Meme Coin with Long-Term Value in P2E and NFTs
  6. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Popular New Upcoming Binance Coin
  7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Binance New Coin Listing With Fantasy Sports and Metaverse Elements
  8. Render Token (RNDR) Platform Allowing Content Creators to Tap Into Pool of GPUs
  9. Optimism (OP) – Smart Contract Platform With Near Instantaneous Ethereum Transactions
  10. Lido DAO (LDO) – Liquid and Streamlined Staking Protocol for PoS Networks
  11. Nexo (NEXO) – Best New Coin on Binance For High Earning Rates
  12. Reserve Rights (RSR) – Unique Protocol and Governance Token for Native Stablecoin
  13. MobileCoin (MOB) – Privacy Focussed Crypto Asset and Cell Phone App
  14. Biswap (BSW) – New Binance Listing With NFT MarketPlace
  15. Measurable Data Token (MDT) – Lined Up to be the Next Binance New Listing Alert

The section that follows will divulge more information about each of the above-mentioned new Binance listings.

A Closer Look at the Top Upcoming Binance Listings

Digital currencies are highly volatile and there are no guarantees of making a profit when investing in them. With that said, the cryptocurrencies we talk about below have the potential to grow following their new Binance listings.

We talk about what the project does, and the use cases of the crypto asset itself. This should help investors to make an informed decision on which project might suit their ambitions.

1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Crypto Coin With Anonymous Voting

Love Hate Inu LogoLove Hate Inu is web 3.0’s first meme token with utility that has implemented a new vote-to-earn system to reshape online voting.

In a few days, the Love Hate Inu platform presale secured more than $360,000 USDT, making it a popular option for investors.

Currently, one $LHINU token costs $0.000085 USDT, with a return of 70.5% expected if purchased now, as the price is anticipated to increase to $0.000145 USDT after eight presale stages.

Love Hate Inu Presale

What is Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is a blockchain voting system enabling users to vote on various community-centric issues, from politics to entertainment.

The project’s popularity has increased on social media platforms, contributing to its success. Love Hate Inu’s distributed ledger technology makes it a revolutionary platform in the vote-to-earn industry.

Love Hate Inu Polls


The primary components of the vote-to-earn platform are the user interface, vote submission, and management dashboard.

As per the Love Hate Inu whitepaper, the innovative voting system of Love Hate Inu permits users to vote anonymously and without the worry of tampering or spamming. The greater the number of tokens a user stakes, the greater weight their vote carries.

Crypto enthusiasts can also go through the beginner’s guide on how to buy Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) tokens.

Why Should you Invest in $LHINU?

As the first Web3 platform, Love Hate Inu provides a secure, reliable, anonymous voting system that differentiates it from other survey platforms.

The presale intends to sell 90% of the total 100 billion tokens, reserving 10% for exchange listings and community incentives to ensure long-term liquidity and provide community incentives. Interested individuals are encouraged to join the Love Hate Inu Telegram group to stay up-to-date with the project.

Presale Started 8 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $10,068,750
Min Investment 10 $LHINU
Max Investment None

2. Fight Out – Promising M2E Fitness App Building Real-World Gyms

Fight Out is a new move-to-earn crypto project that has been making huge waves since the FGHT token presale was launched in mid-December 2022.

The project has now raised over $4.4 million in its presale, with investors hugely excited by its plans to develop a market-leading fitness app and build real-world gyms.


Other M2E projects have been criticized because of the need for expensive NFTs and flawed reward systems.

The Fight Out app uses smart technology to build a full digital fitness profile, taking into account movement, effort, sleep and nutrition, before tailoring a personalized workout regime. The regimes not only target strength and endurance training but also wellness and mental health.

Users have a soulbound digital avatar – which cannot be sold or traded – and earn off-chain token REPS for completing workouts at home or in a gym, with no NFTs needed.

REPS can be used to get discounts on app subscriptions and gym memberships, book personal trainers and purchase equipment, apparel and supplements – further REPS can also be earned by taking part in daily, weekly or monthly challenges against other users.

FightOut App

As well as the app, which is promising to revolutionize the M2E space, Fight Out’s developers also have plans to build real-world gyms kitted out with Web3 features.

The first locations are already being looked at, while the developers – who are doxxed and KYC verified – have also announced its first group of project ambassadors, who will not only help market the project but provide exclusive content.

Former boxing world champion Savannah Marshall, UFC pair Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas and American Ninja Warrior Tremayne Dortch have joined the project.

Currently, Fight Out is available to buy on presale for just $0.02343 per token.

For more information, read the Fight Out whitepaper or join the Telegram group.

3. C+Charge – Upcoming Green Project Incentivizing EV Drivers

C+Charge is another newly launched crypto presale project that has already seen large investment since it launched.

The eco-friendly project wants to push fossil fuel drivers to take up electric vehicles (EVs), incentivizing them with carbon credit rewards, as well as providing an app that makes EV ownership more convenient.

C+Charge is a promising altcoin to buy

Carbon credits are permits that allow the holder to offset their carbon footprint by funding green projects, with one credit equal to one ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

C+Charge will allow EV drivers to earn carbon credits simply for recharging their vehicles and has partnered with Flowcarbon – which attracted $70 million of VC investment in 2022 – to offer Goodness Nature Tokens (GNT), which are 1:1 backed by vetted carbon credit projects.

The C+Charge app will also provide crucial information that is so far lacking for EV drivers, including locations of the nearest charging station, pricing and waiting times.

The app also allows drivers to purchase and store the native CCHG tokens, which are used to pay for recharging.

One crypto whale has been extremely impressed by the project and made a single purchase of $100,000 during the first stage of the presale.

In total, the presale has raised more than $1.2 million since the launch. The current price of CCHG is only $0.016 per token.


By the final stage, CCHG will cost $0.0235.  For more information on the project, read through the whitepaper or join the Telegram group.

4. RobotEra (TARO) – New Metaverse Gaming Token

RobotEraThe next cryptocurrency on our list is RobotEra (TARO), a new metaverse-based ecosystem. On this platform, members have the opportunity to access a metaverse environment as Robot NFTs. 

Notably, there are a maximum of 10,000 NFTs, which can be purchased with TARO, the native cryptocurrency token.

Within the RobotEra world, there are seven different continents where one can explore, build and take part in competitions. 

There are seven types of Robots, each of which exists on a particular continent and boast their own unique skill sets. According to the RobotEra whitepaper, TARO can also be staked to take part in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This gives each member voting and decision-making power on RobotEra. 

Robotera metaverse gaming

Currently, TARO is available to purchase during its first presale round for just $0.020 per token. Since the start of its presale, RobotEra has raised more than $900,000. Interested readers can join the RobotEra Telegram channel to stay updated with the latest developments. 

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

5. Tamadoge – Trending Meme Coin with Long-Term Value in P2E and NFTs

Tamadoge has distinguished itself from meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu by providing long-term utility and rewards.

That comes from its main Tamadoge game, which combines NFT ownership with a play-to-earn ecosystem that enables players to earn TAMA tokens for nurturing their digital pets into adulthood.

Tamadoge to the moon meme coin

This NFT game enables players to feed, exercise and breed their pets. Players who groom their pets the best climb the leaderboard and receive the highest rewards.

But Tamadoge also differs from Dogecoin with its supply, whereas Dogecoin’s supply is over 130 billion coins and keeps increasing, TAMA is a deflationary asset with its supply is capped at 2 billion.

The supply will also decrease over time because 5% of tokens used for transaction fees in pet store purchases will be burnt.

This NFT game had an extremely successful crypto presale, selling out in under two months and a listing on OKX followed that proved to be an even bigger success than the presale.

TAMA surged to $0.194, providing early investors with nearly 20x returns.

TAMA will next be listed on Gate.io – the fifth-largest exchange by volume – and could be listed on Binance soon.

A few developments coming to this platform are P2E Arcade games and an augmented reality app that will make player/pet interaction more realistic.

Tamadoge has also released its 21,100 NFT pets for the main game, with the Ultra Rare Pets becoming the top trending collection on OpenSea after launch.

The Ultra Rare pets have a floor price of 6ETH and will enable players to provide more strength to their digital pets, making battle victory and reward collection easier.

Investors can receive more information about Tamadoge’s exchange listings and other details by subscribing to the Tamadoge Telegram channel.

6. Lucky Block – Popular New Upcoming Binance Coin

Lucky Block is the overall best new upcoming Binance coin listing. At the time of writing, this crypto asset isn’t on Binance. That said, the Lucky Block team is in the process of preparing the application to be listed on the exchange. This Lucky Block project is well-known to many crypto investors.

The reason for this is that in early 2022, LBLOCK, the native token, became the quickest cryptocurrency to ever attain a market valuation of $1 billion. This NFT competition platform is decentralized, fair, and transparent. Moreover, daily and weekly tournaments are held on Lucky Block.

Lucky Block casino Netherlands

Lucky Block has just released a new crypto casino and sportsbook that is among the very best Bitcoin betting sites in the space.

Players can play more than 2,700 games, bet on thousands of pre-game and in-play sporting markets and take advantage of enticing welcome bonuses.

There is no KYC verification needed and new players can get started with just a $1 deposit – with no fees or limits on deposits or withdrawals.

Some players will need a VPN to play, but a range of cryptos can be used, with payouts instant and provably fair – and LBLOCK to be added as a payment method soon.

LBLOCK has pumped more than 70% since the casino went live and the token is also subject to a 1% rolling monthly burn, which drastically cuts supply and increases its value.

7. Battle Infinity – Upcoming Binance New Coin Listing With Fantasy Sports and Metaverse Elements

The second best new coin listing on Binance is set to be Battle Infinity. The Battle Infinity team is in the process of applying for a listing, so watch this space. The native token, IBAT, will have raised more than 16,500 BNB from its presale round once the hard cap is reached, which is over $4.5 million at the time of writing.

The native utility token IBAT serves as the foundation for the Battle Infinity ecosystem. As such, investors who buy Battle Infinity can also unlock a variety of gaming features such as avatar accessories and much more.

This is why fans of the metaverse and P2E will likely be interested in this project. The IBAT Premier League allows players to put together a sports team of real-world athletes in the form of NFTs. The value of the NFTs will be determined by the performance of the athletes in real competitions and tournaments.

The first NFT game to be released will be centered on cricket, which is based on the Indian Premier League. There will also be US-focused fantasy sports games such as basketball, American football, and baseball.

Battle Infinity Upcoming Binance coin

The Battle Infinity team also revealed that it has set its sights on soccer, namely the English Premier League. There is also the Battle Arena, which is the platform’s metaverse and thus allows players to create their own avatar, buy clothes for it, and interact and play with others.

Not only that, but players will be able to purchase plots of land with IBAT tokens, in the form of NFTs. The platform also features IBAT Battle Games, which features numerous NFT P2E titles. Additionally, check out Battle Staking and Market, which allows users to stake their holdings for rewards and buy tokenized assets to use in NFT games.

Meanwhile, Battle Swap is the decentralized exchange element that is integrated within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. This allows investors to buy IBAT and convert their rewards to different currencies. To stay up to date with Battle Infinity, investors can join the project’s Telegram group.

Read More: Learn more about IBAT by downloading the whitepaper on the Battle Infinity website.

8. Render Token (RNDR)- Platform Allowing Content Creators to Tap Into Pool of GPUs

At the time of writing, Render Token can be found in the Binance new coin listing section of the platform, so is already up and running. The native token for the network is called RNDR. This platform’s goal is to find a solution to the high costs associated with computation.

In a nutshell, this platform provides distributed GPU rendering services on the blockchain. The typical price of the most sophisticated GPU can be in excess of $1,000.

The Render Network enables users to share their free GPUs on its decentralized platform. As such, the platform’s business model makes multiple industries more effective. This includes augmented and virtual reality, industrial sectors, media, medical, and gaming.

Render Token upcoming binance coin

This crypto project also hopes it will be crucial to the rapidly expanding metaverse and NFT sectors. Developers of the metaverse who have a high demand for intricate graphics processing can use the Render platform to cut costs.

The RNDR token is used to pay GPU renters who use their free resources. The token is also used to fuel network rendering. RNDR experienced its all-time high of $6.76 in November 2021 and is trading at a huge discount at the time of writing.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

9. Optimism (OP) – Smart Contract Platform With Near Instantaneous Ethereum Transactions

As a layer 2 chain, Optimism operates on Ethereum (layer 1). Although transactions occur on Optimism, the associated data is uploaded to the mainnet for validation. This project uses a technology called Optimistic rollup.

Rollups condense the data of numerous transactions, which can include token swaps, NFT mints, and more. The native token of this crypto project is OP. Meanwhile, the Optimism Collective is a two-tiered governance structure made up of Citizens’ House and Token House.

Optimism upcoming binance coin

The former is described as an experiment in decentralized governance but on a large scale. This grants holders of the OP token participatory rights. At the time of writing, Token House is already operational. Protocol updates, project incentives, and other issues are governed by Token House. The overarching goal is growth.

At the time of writing, this is one of the new Binance listings to invest in for those who are interested in the best crypto airdrops. The team behind the Optimism project has stated that there will be a whole season of airdrops to look forward to for people who invest in OP now. The all-time high of OP tokens was nearly $1.85 in January 2022.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

10. Lido DAO (LDO) – Liquid and Streamlined Staking Protocol for PoS Networks

The Lido DAO community develops liquid staking services and governs the direction of the project. As such, Lido is a liquid staking solution for proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains. It brings together node operator partners that manage the validator infrastructure on the Terra, Solana, and Ethereum blockchains.

The platform enables investors to use staking coins to earn daily payouts. Lido DAO’s token is called LDO. LDO tokens may be used for a variety of purposes, including yield farming, lending, and collateral.

Lido DAO Upcoming binance coin

This is one of the recent Binance listings that has seen a sharp decline in value. Largely because the community voted against a proposed 1% allocation to Dragon Fly Capital. That said, the team behind the cryptocurrency stated that will revisit the proposal and believes it stands a strong chance of recovery.

The streamlined services for PoS networks certainly offer more utility to staking. Moreover, the token could see an increase in interest now it is included in Binance’s new listings.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

11. Nexo (NEXO) – Best New Coin on Binance For High Earning Rates

Nexo is a cryptocurrency lending platform. In essence, it provides retail customers with crypto credit cards and loans. Off the back of Mastercard’s announcement of a collaboration with the project in early 2022, Nexo saw a significant increase in momentum.

The credit card business announced a crypto-backed payments card that gives users the ability to spend money without having to sell their digital assets. This also provides them with 2% cash back on all purchases.

Nexo upcoming binance coin

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, the NEXO token, also offers crypto holders a number of advantages. On tokens kept in both the savings and credit line wallets of their Nexo accounts, holders can earn up to 12% percent annually.

Additionally, holders of NEXO tokens are automatically enrolled in Nexo’s loyalty program. With Nexo Earn, investors can earn yields of up to 50%. Moreover, on purchases or exchanges made through the Nexo platform, investors can claim up to 0.5%.

Nexo was one of the few crypto lending platforms unaffected by the 2022 market downturn, unlike others such as Celsius and Voyager.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

12. Reserve Rights (RSR) – Unique Protocol and Governance Token for Native Stablecoin

Like many of the Binance new coin listings, the Reserve Rights token, called RSR, has a variety of uses. The main goal of the token is to give the network’s stablecoin a way to keep its value linked to the dollar.

In contrast to many other stablecoins that are pegged to US dollars, the Reserve Rights token is backed by a selection of digital currencies. The basket of crypto tokens is then backed by smart contracts.

Reserve Rights upcoming binance coin

Staking and regulating the network, as well as putting forward and voting on configuration modifications, are the two major functions of the RSR ERC-20 token. Moreover, RSR investors have the option to stake an RToken.

Holders of RSR can also choose not to stake any of their tokens. The all-time high of this token was $0.11 in April 2021. According to CoinMarketCap, RSR manages to maintain excellent liquidity most of the time.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

13. MobileCoin (MOB) – Privacy Focussed Crypto Asset and Cell Phone App

MobileCoin was established in 2017 as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The platform itself emphasizes simplicity of usage, transactional anonymity, rapid and anonymous transfers, cheap fees, and minimal impact on the environment.

The native token of this project is MOB. One of the project’s main goals is for MOB to be used as digital cash on cell phones. This can be used by anyone and everyone who wants privacy and decentralization, whilst also being able to complete quick transactions.

MobileCoin upcoming binance token

MobileCoin has established itself as the first carbon-negative cryptocurrency thanks to its Federated Byzantine Agreement network consensus methodology (FBA). This is far more energy-efficient than proof of work and proof of stake for transaction verification.

The project has partnered with sFOX. The goal is for this to improve liquidity and stability for banks, asset managers, and other institutions. The collaboration also enables MobileCoin to manage its corporate treasury, including its own MOB holdings, via the sFOX platform.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

14. Biswap (BSW) – New Binance Listing With NFT Marketplace

Biswap is a decentralized exchange platform for trading Bep 20 tokens. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Superior speed and significantly reduced network transaction costs are promised by this network.

The native token is called BSW. The goal of Biswap is to assume the role of a market-leading DEX platform for crypto token swaps. A blockchain security organization called CertiK that specializes in researching and keeping track of DeFi initiatives and blockchain protocols audits the project.

Biswap upcoming Binance coin

The Biswap platform offers a wide variety of goods and services. This includes an NFT marketplace, staking pool, and launchpad. Farming and staking are also facilitated by Biswap as well as trading competitions, fee rewards, and more.

Any investors looking to buy into this new Binance listing should also keep an eye out for regular competitions by following the project on Twitter.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

15. Measurable Data Token (MDT) – Lined Up to be the Next Binance New Listing Alert

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange ecosystem built on Ethereum that offers purchasers an effective trading platform. Users are also able to monetize and manage their own data.

Users of the decentralized application MyMDT can earn incentives for disclosing anonymous data points. Currently, users may use MyMDT to sell their email receipts to data purchasers and receive payment in MDT, the platform’s native token. For instance, MailTime will analyze, gather, and share anonymously aggregated user inbox information with data purchasers.

Measurable Data upcoming binance coin

MyMDT will evaluate the value of each valid e-receipt data point and register MDT rewards using smart contracts. This happens as soon as a user obtains an eligible e-receipt.

Weekly data incentive claims can be made by those using MyMDT. At the time of writing, MDT is not listed on Binance. However, this token is winning the battle against Thundercore (TT) in the Binance community vote. If it wins, it will be listed on Binance. This will no doubt raise awareness of the project and potentially offer early investors gains later on.

MDT was one of the most trending cryptocurrencies in mid 2022 alongside Battle Infinity (IBAT), Biconomy (BICO) and others. It began trending strongly when Chain announced they would be acquiring Measurable Data Token for $100 million.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 

How Often Does Binance Add New Coins?

It’s difficult to forecast which cryptocurrency Binance will add because the exchange frequently announces the listing just hours or days before trading starts.

  • Of course, many digital currency projects want their tokens listed on Binance. It provides the trading volume and liquidity to allow founders to gradually sell off their tokens.
  • Being accepted by Binance is thought to be a step in the direction of greater widespread acceptance, owing to its huge userbase
  • It is the biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchange globally
  • When a token gets a listing on this platform, investors have some indication that the digital coin has potential, or at least that it should be taken seriously as a project. Typically, when a project announces a Binance listing, its price will pump, and then retrace when the listing goes live.

Investors can check out the ‘Announcements’ section of the platform to stay up to date on new Binance listings. There is also a section on the Binance platform that lists recently added tokens.

Why You Should Invest Before Coins List on Binance

When a crypto token is listed on a large-scale global exchange such as Binance, there is a chance that the project will skyrocket.

This is one reason why many investors choose to search for crypto tokens that are on the verge of being listed to benefit from a pre-sale discount and make gains later.

Lucky Block price

Some great examples of this are Lucky Block and Battle Infinity. Whilst neither are listed on Binance just yet, both projects are due to apply and are proving to be popular among investors already. Lucky Block’s allotted presale tokens sold out 11 days early due to a large amount of enthusiasm for the project.

Those early investors could see some impressive gains once LBLOCK hits Binance. Battle Infinity is also offering early investors a great price to buy its ecosystem’s token IBAT.

How to Invest in New Binance Cryptos

When reviewing the Binance new crypto listings above, we noted that we like new crypto presale project Love Hate Inu as the overall best option to consider.

As such, below, investors can find a simple walkthrough below to guide them through the process of buying LHINU tokens.

Step 1 – Choose a Crypto Wallet and Connect

The first step to buying the best new coins on Binance is to choose a crypto wallet.

The two best choices are MetaMask and Trust Wallet, both of which are available free of charge.

metamask wallet

Many investors opt for MetaMask because it is safe and available on numerous devices, which should suit most.

Once downloaded in the preferred format, the user will be required to complete the installation by confirming everything.

Then head to the Love Hate Inu website and select ‘Connect.’

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

Once connected, investors must hold ETH or USDT in their crypto wallet to convert that to LHINU.

That can be done by buying ETH or USDT from an exchange and transferring it to the crypto wallet.

Beginners may find it easier to buy ETH directly on the Love Hate Inu website.

Investors can buy with a debit or credit card by selecting ‘Buy ETH with Card’ and following the instructions.

Note that an Ethereum transaction (gas) fee will be added to the purchase and to the purchase of Love Hate Inu tokens later.

Step 3 – Buy LHINU Tokens

After there is ETH or USDT in the wallet, select the correct option on the Love Hate Inu website and follow the steps to complete the transaction.

Again, investors should note that an Ethereum gas fee will be applied before the transaction is confirmed.

When prompted select ‘Finish.’

Step 4 – Claim LHINU Token

Finally, LHINU tokens will need to be claimed.

They will be stored on the Love Hate Inu website until after all phases of the presale are complete, and all tokens are sold.  The platform will release claiming information when the time comes.


This guide has reviewed the best new Binance listings, both recently added and upcoming. We recommend Love Hate Inu as the best new crypto project around, as it allows users to earn rewards to participate in online polls and lets their voices be heard. This project aims to revolutionize the vote-to-earn space with its new-age platform app plans to develop Web3-integrated polls and surveys.

Love Hate Inu - Next Big Meme Coin

Our Rating

Love Hate Inu
  • First Web3 Vote to Earn Platform
  • Vote on Current Topics and Earn $LHINU Tokens
  • Secure, Reliable and Anonymous Voting
  • Rug Pull Proof - 90% of Tokens Available in Presale
  • Accumulate Voting Power by Staking $LHINU Tokens
Love Hate Inu


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