Every crypto investor is on the hunt for the next project to explode, however, finding these illusive untapped cryptocurrencies can be a rather difficult task. Luckily, we’ve done the research and created this handy Tamadoge price prediction guide.

Throughout this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the hottest new meme coin Tamadoge and providing detailed estimates of where the $TAMA token could end up from 2022 to 2030. Let’s dive in.

Tamadoge Price Prediction Summary

Below, we’ve included a summary of our Tamadoge price predictions. The detailed reasoning behind each price range can be found slightly further down the page.

  • End of 2022 – Once Tamadoge centralized exchange listings begin, starting with OKX on 27 September at 12 pm BST, we could see the price of TAMA increase to around $0.06.
  • End of 2023 – Later down the line in 2023, Tamadoge will release a plethora of features and push for further exchange listings. This could take TAMA as high as $0.10.
  • End of 2025 – Looking further ahead to 2025, the price of TAMA will be heavily impacted by the number of users the project has. With a healthy user count and consistent token burns, we could see TAMA reach up to $0.40.

Tamadoge Price History

As Tamadoge (TAMA) has sold out its presale having raised $19, there’s little past TAMA price history to analyze until it launches on OKX imminently. However, that’s not to say that nothing interesting happened during the presale.

First, it’s important to note that 50% of the total TAMA supply has been allocated to the presale (1 billion tokens). This provides investors with plenty of opportunities to stock up on tokens. With that said, this presale crypto has already raised over $19 million weeks ahead of schedule. As such, it’s clear that demand is high.

In order to generate the most value for its early supporters, the Tamadoge presale used an incrementally increasing pricing system. Rather than time, price directly correlates to the number of TAMA tokens sold. Every time 100 million tokens are sold the price will increase until TAMA eventually hits $0.03.

With this in mind, investing in TAMA coin before the price was raised, effectively provided the investor with a hefty discount. As the Tamadoge presale attracted a massive amount of investors, it’s likely that the token will pump significantly once it hits the open market on OKX, even more reason to get in early.

Tamadoge Price Prediction 2022

In order to offer the most accurate Tamadoge price prediction possible, we’ll be looking at a range of fundamental factors likely to have a large impact on the price of TAMA in the coming months.

Firstly, with supply and demand driving the value of pretty much every cryptocurrency,  it’s important to take an objective look and buyer sentiment. Judging by the massive amount of demand the presale had experienced it seems likely that investors have faith in Tamadoge.  This is further reinforced when we look at the growth of the Tamadoge Telegram and Twitter accounts, both of which are gaining followers by the thousand.

Tamadoge crypto

As Tamadoge boasts one of the strongest communities in crypto, TAMA is likely to be the next cryptocurrency to explode once it hits the open market and exchange listings begin. Right now, Tamadoge already has a listing confirmed on the centralized exchange(CEX) OKX and with plans for a steady stream of listings, it stands to reason that this list will only grow with time. To get more information about one of the biggest upcoming listings, investors can join the Tamadoge Telegram channel. The channel’s admins never DM subscribers first, so be careful of imposters.

The presale alone took the price of TAMA to $0.03, and it’s likely that another jump will occur once the Metaverse world and play-to-earn (P2E) game get rolled out. The Tamadoge store and NFT pets will be released during Q4 2022. This means that demand for TAMA will jump as players stock up on tokens and the 5% burn rate on in-store revenue will kick in increasing TAMA scarcity.

With the Tamadoge presale having generated a massive amount of hype, it’s likely that the rollout of the P2E game will also cause a surge in interest. As such, it makes sense for Tamadoge to trade at around $0.05 by the end of the year. However, depending on the landscape of the crypto market at the time, a low of $0.03 and a high of $0.06 could also be possible.

Tamadoge Crypto Price Prediction 2023

Moving further ahead to 2023, our Tamadoge price prediction gets even more exciting. With the presale concluded, our Tamadoge prediction for 2023 will be more heavily focused on features getting rolled out

Toward the start of 2023 (Q1 and Q2), the Tamadoge team is expected to begin a large-scale campaign to bring in high-profile Metaverse partnerships. While the exact nature of these partnerships has yet to be announced, it’s likely we could see collaboration between existing Metaverse-centric projects and Tamadoge. This could help introduce Tamadoge is a wider audience, again boosting demand significantly.

Dogecoin killer

In addition to a host of Metaverse partnerships, the first and second quarters of 2023 will see Tamadoge work on driving centralized exchange (CEX) listings. Typically, listings on large exchanges with millions of users are known to boost the price of a cryptocurrency anywhere between 50% to 300% demanding on the size of the platform.

On the topic of exchange listings, Tamadoge uses the ERC-20 standard and features absolutely zero tax on transactions. Furthermore, the team has planned ahead for these listings, with 20% of the total TAMA supply (400 million tokens) being reserved for liquidity. Therefore, the path to these CEX listings is likely to be mostly seamless.

The Tamadoge P2E game will initially be available through a browser, but later in 2023, a mobile app with augmented reality (AR) functionality will also be released. This will help Tamadoge to capture the mobile gaming crowd. With over 2.2 billion people playing mobile games, capturing even a fraction of a percent could cause Tamadoge to become the biggest and best crypto game on the market.

On top of the aforementioned features, Tamadoge will also release a series of purchasable P2E arcade games. By providing users with more choice,  Tamadoge can resonate with a greater number of users.

With all this in mind, if Tamadoge can pull through with a few quality CEX listings, Metaverse partnerships, and expand into the mobile market, highs of $0.10 seem plausible with lows likely to once again hit the $0.05 range.

Update – several Tamadoge games have now been released – read our Super Doge crypto game review.

Tamadoge Coin Price Prediction 2025-30 Prediction

Moving onwards, by 2025, Tamadoge is likely to have cemented itself as one of the best meme coins on the market. Three years will have given the project ample time to establish itself and get all its planned features rolled out.

One of the most exciting aspects of being a long-term Tamadoge investor is the project’s tiny 2 billion TAMA supply and 5% burn rate. With the release of P2E arcade games and the mobile app in 2023, Tamadoge is likely to generate much more revenue from store transactions, increasing the number of tokens burned significantly. Naturally, this will reduce the supply of TAMA, boosting long-term price action.

TAMA secure

As Tamadoge focuses on rewarding users for actually playing the game, rather than simply finding efficient earning strategies, it’s likely to appeal to a wider audience than crypto games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. While Tamadoge has the potential to overtake these projects, they can be used to surmise a baseline of how popular Tamadoge could become

Axie Infinity was released in March 2018 and hit its highest weekly user count in November 2021 (2.7 million players). A three-year window from Tamadoge’s release aligns almost perfectly with 2025.  At its peak, Axie Infinity had a market cap of around $9 billion, today’s figure is around $1.2 billion. A $9 billion market cap would put TAMA at $4.5 but even a $1.2 billion market cap would place TAMA at $0.60 (a 30x compared to the final presale price).

With the aforementioned figures in mind, by 2025 a high of $0.40 seems well within reason for Tamadoge, although if successful in capturing mobile and casual gamers, this figure could be much higher. And to round off our 2025 Tamadoge meme coin price prediction, if the market is unfavorable, lows of around $0.15 are plausible.

TAMA Price Prediction 2030

While it’s harder to provide an accurate estimate for so far into the future, we’ve carefully considered a few factors important to Tamadoge’s long-term success.

Firstly, the team clearly has a vision for the future. Of the project’s 2 billion TAMA supply, 30% (600 million) has been reserved and will progressively unlock over a 10-year period to fund the continued development of Tamadoge.  This is an excellent sign that Tamadoge is likely to continue its current upward trajectory.

We mentioned earlier that Tamadoge features a 5% burn rate on revenue generated from in-game store purchases. Assuming Tamadoge is able to attract a number of users comparative to Axie Infinity, $5 million per work in revenue seems easily achievable. Between 2022 and 2030, this would equate to over $100,000,000 in TAMA being burned.

Furthermore, the growth of virtual/augmented reality and cryptocurrency markets will likely help Tamadoge grow significantly. All in all, while it’s difficult to offer an accurate prediction, based on the growth of the market, the project’s burn rate, and its continued development, we could see Tamadoge trade for between $0.60 to $1.20.

Potential Highs & Lows of Tamadoge

Overall, the future looks extremely bright for Tamadoge. Out of all the meme coins on the market, Tamadoge offers the most in terms of utility. The team has clearly put a lot of effort into planning for the future and it seems likely to pay off.  To ensure our guide is easy to reference, we’ve included an overview of the potential price of TAMA between now and 2030.

Year Lows Highs
2022 $0.03 $0.06
2023 $0.05 $0.10
2025 $0.15 $0.40
2030 $0.60 $1.20

What is Tamadoge Used For?

Tamadoge has a huge range of users and with new features being rolled out each quarter, this list will only continue to grow.


The core offering of Tamadoge is its rewarding P2E game aimed at both crypto fanatics and casual gamers.

The Tamadoge P2E game centers around an immersive virtual world named the Tamaverse. Within this world, players can breed, battle, and train tokenized pets. Each pet can be upgraded using items from the in-game store purchasable with TAMA. As a pet levels up, its owner earns Dogepoints, increasing their leaderboard ranking and share of the rewards pool.

With Tamadoge boasting simply yet rewarding gameplay, the project appeals to a wide audience and provides players with a way to have fun while earning crypto in the process.

Like-Minded Community

Thanks to the project’s bustling social channels and Metaverse elements, Tamadoge provides players with a way to make like-minded friends.

Players can interact with each other through the various Tamadoge social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram), providing a simple way to meet other crypto fans. However, the Tamaverse is perhaps the best way to meet like-minded people. Players can explore the Tamaverse to their heart’s content, interacting with pets and other players.

With crypto being heavily community-centric, Tamadoge provides an excellent platform for investors, gamers, and everyone in-between to interact within a safe space.


One of the main draws to Tamadoge is its Metaverse offerings. The sector is rapidly expanding and fans of crypto are always looking for the best Metaverse coins.

Tamadoge provides users with an expansive, constantly evolving Metaverse world called the Tamaverse. With new Metaverse features planned for the future (augmented reality app + virtual reality support), the Tamaverse is one of the most exciting things to come out of the sector in a while.

As the Metaverse provides players a casual way to interact with people all around the world, it’s great to see Tamadoge leaning into the technology.

What Drives the Price of Tamadoge?

As with every cryptocurrency, there is a multitude of factors that dictate price. However, we’ve rounded up a few of the most important to Tamadoge specifically.

Tokenomics – One of the most important factors the success of any crypto project is its tokenomics. Tamadoge benefits from a small supply of 2 billion tokens, 50% of which is allocated to presale investors, 30% is reserved for the continued development of the project, and the remaining 20% will be used for exchange liquidity.

Features – Naturally, the features a project offers are a large determinate of price. While we’ve covered the core features of Tamadoge, the fact that the team has a clear plan for development is arguably the most important factor. With features rolling out every quarter, there will always be something for fans of Tamadoge to get hyped about.

Number of Users – As is the case with any project, regardless of industry, the number of users is a large driving force for the price of TAMA. The more people participating in the Tamadoge ecosystem the more demand there will be, in turn increasing the price.  

Is Tamadoge the Best Coin to Buy in 2023?

Investors are always looking for new projects to invest in and Tamadoge is gearing up to not only be the best meme coin but to be the flat-out best crypto to buy this year.

Tama splash

With the Tamadoge presale already sold out and raising $19 million, it’s likely that the project is going to make a big splash once it hits the open market. As Tamadoge already has a confirmed listing on the OKX exchange post-presale, the price of TAMA is expected to skyrocket later in the year.

We mentioned in our TAMA price prediction that the token could trade for multiple times its presale price as soon as the end of the year. However, the majority of the project’s features are yet to be released. As such, once we begin seeing the use cases for Tamadoge increasing, it seems likely that the price will follow shortly after.

While play-to-earn games have performed rather well over the past couple of years, they have mostly been created to appeal to crypto enthusiasts. However, Tamadoge appeals to the wider casual and mobile gaming audience. This could be instrumental to the success of Tamadoge and help the project to outshine already established games like Axie Infinity.

All in all, few projects can rival Tamadoge in terms of utility, community, and plans for the future. The team clearly understands what their doing and has a vision for Tamadoge. With the project scheduled for major exchange listings, it’s the perfect time to get in early on what could end up being the year’s top project in terms of growth.  Join the Tamadoge Telegram to stay updated on any developments and listings.


During this guide, we’ve provided estimates as to where the price of TAMA could end up, discussed the factors driving the price of the asset, and explained what Tamadoge actually does.

Throughout our research, it became clear that Tamadoge presents an unmissable opportunity. With the project heading for an OKX exchange listing, there’s still time to lock in a good price before the rollout of features cause demand to skyrocket.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on Bybit, OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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