Swords of Blood is tipped to become the hottest free-to-play blockchain game of the year. Its native in-game token, SWDTKN, is currently available to buy at presale prices.

Read on to learn about the Swords of Blood ecosystem and how to buy SWDTKN tokens at the best price possible.

What is Swords of Blood Crypto?

Swords of Blood is a newly founded web3 project that is building a free-to-play blockchain game. Unlike the more conventional play-to-earn concept, Swords of Blood can be enjoyed without needing to buy NFTs. The game is a hack-and-slash genre that is set in a virtual world of blood and violence.

Players take the role of mighty warriors to defeat evil forces. Each and every gaming metric is backed by random number generators (RNGs). This ensures that the game is guaranteed to be fair and random. Moreover, while the core focus is on AAA gaming quality, Swords of Blood also has a rewards system.

This enables players to earn rewards in crypto tokens and NFTs. Regarding the former, the in-game rewards currency is SWDTKN. This is also the investment currency that provides exposure to the success of the project. When completing quests, players will also earn in-game NFTs.

This includes a wide range of weapons, defense gear, and character apparel. Each in-game asset will have its own benefits, enabling players to complete more difficult quests. In-game assets can also be traded in the Swoods of Blood marketplace. In addition to completing quests, SWDTKN rewards can also be earned via tournaments, PvP (player-vs-player) battles, and more.

To help fund this innovative and ambitious project, Swords of Blood is currently raising funds from the crypto community. Presale investors are offered the lowest price possible as an incentive to invest early. We discuss the Swords of Blood presale further down, with a step-by-step explanation of how to invest.

How Does Swords of Blood Work?

Swords of Blood is a free-to-play game built on the Polygon blockchain. Set in the World of Ezura, players will need to complete quests to defeat the evil forces. There are plenty of locations to explore in Swords of Blood, including ancient ruins, forests, ice caverns, and many other diverse terrains.

This is a hack-and-slash game at its core, meaning that players need to fight to survive. Some of the evil forces in Swords of Blood include goblins, beasts, demons, and even flying seahorses. Not only is Swords of Blood a fun blockchain game that operates in a PvP environment, but players are incentivized through rewards.

As noted above, all in-game rewards are paid in the native token, SWDTKN. The game will also host tournaments, where huge prizes can be won. This includes in-game NFT game boosters, such as special weapons and magic. However, the developers at Swords of Blood are keen to stress that the primary focus is on gaming quality and long-term player retention.

This means that while rewards can be earned, this is a sub-result of enjoying the game. Nonetheless, as a free-to-play game, Swords of Blood is expected to be a major hit globally. Moreover, even non-gamers are taking an interest in this project from a financial perspective. This is because SWDTKN tokens will be listed on an exchange after the Swords of Blood presale.

What Makes Swords of Blood Unique?

The blockchain-based gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. But this also means that the space has since become over-saturated.

Therefore, this section explores why Swords of Blood stands out in this crowded marketplace.


The first aspect that we like about Swords of Blood is that it is a free-to-play game.

This is in contrast to most other blockchain-based games that offer tokenized rewards. In fact, most games in this space require players to either stake tokens or buy NFTs. In other words, players will need to spend money to access the game.

As a free-to-play alternative, Swords of Blood is likely to appeal to a much broader audience. Not only in the crypto arena but the wider gaming industry.

Long-Term Player Retention 

Play-to-earn games expect to attract players through monetization alone. This isn’t a sustainable, long-term model, which is why many play-to-earn projects fail.

As such, this is why Swords of Blood is primarily focused on gaming quality.

Swords of Blood

The developers aim to keep users playing over a long period of time through enjoyment and ever-increasing challenges. Ultimately, while players can still earn tokenized rewards, gaming satisfaction is the core focus.

Self-Sufficient Economy  

The most successful games – both in the real and blockchain worlds are self-sufficient. In this regard, Swords of Blood is able to generate revenue in a number of ways.

  • For example, while Swords of Blood is a free-to-play game, players do have the option of buying in-game NFTs.
  • This will appeal to players that wish to fast-track their progress.
  • Examples include virtual vanity items and skins, special weapons, and gear. Each and every in-game asset is backed by a tradeable NFT.
  • This means that when buying an in-game asset, the user retains full ownership.

Moreover, as noted earlier, Swords of Blood is building an NFT marketplace for secondary sales. The project will take a small fee from marketplace sales, which helps keep Swords of Blood sustainable in the long term.

The Efficiency of Polygon  

While many blockchain-based games elect to build on the Ethereum blockchain, Swords of Blood has opted for Polygon. This is a smart move considering how much more efficient Polygon transactions are when compared to Ethereum.

For example. while Ethereum smart contracts will often attract a fee of a few dollars, the average Polygon transaction is just $0.018. Similarly, Polygon is a lot more scalable than Ethereum, which provides ideal conditions for the Swords of Blood ecosystem.

Is the Swords of Blood Token Worth Investing In?

The recently launched Swords of Blood presale is expected to reach its hard cap at record speed. But this doesn’t mean that investors should buy SWDTKN tokens without first doing their own homework.

Here’s what to consider before electing to invest in Swords of Blood:

Presale Discount

Crypto presales enable investors to buy into a new project at the very first stage. In the case of Swords of Blood, its presale is offering early investors SWDTKN tokens at a huge discount. In fact, by investing in stage one – an immediate upside can be secured.

For example, stage one of the presale prices at SWDTKN tokens at $0.054 each. Stage two will price the tokens at $0.06. This means that stage one investors are already looking at an upside of 11%.

Furthermore, the price of SWDTKN tokens will continue to increase as each presale stage completes.

Gate.io Labs

The team at Swords of Blood has already secured a partnership with Gate.io Labs. This is a major coup because Gate.io is one of the largest crypto exchanges globally.

Swords of Blood Skins

Gate.io Labs not only provides pre-vetted projects with seed funding, but direct guidance. This includes everything from product optimization and workshops to strategy and marketing.

This partnership also increases the chances of Swords of Blood being listed on Gate.io after the presale concludes.

Multi-Billion Dollar Market

In 2025, it is estimated that the global in-game asset market will be worth over $74 billion. This takes into account in-game purchases alone and does not include the cost of buying the game.

While Swords of Blood is a free-to-play game, it will still generate revenue from NFT sales. As such, the project has every chance of witnessing sizable growth as the market continues to rise.

SWDTKN has Utility 

The most successful blockchain projects have native tokens that offer real-world utility. In this regard, Swords of Blood is no different.

Swords of Blood

For example, players are required to purchase SWDTKN tokens should they wish to level up their virtual items, such as weapons. Moreover, SWDTKN is also required to pass certain levels within the game.

Should players wish to enter a tournament or PvP league, SWDTKN is also required. Another utility for SWDTKN is that the tokens are needed to buy ‘golds’. In turn, golds are required to purchase gear and crafting.

The Team Behind Swords of Blood?

Unlike many blockchain startups, Swords of Blood is not run by an anonymous team. On the contrary, the core team members are public faces that have been KYC’d.

The CEO of the project, James Seaman, is a veteran of the video gaming industry. Seaman has also owned a gaming studio, HitBox Games since mid-2019. The COO of Swords of Blood, Jeremy Brown, has previously worked in collaboration with X-Box and Sony Playstation. In particular, Brown was involved with popular games such as Call of Duty and Tom Clancy.

Swords of Blood is also endorsed by the American musician, John Moyer. The project has also secured an advisory role from Charlie Hu, managing partner of LucidBlue Ventures.

Swords of Blood Roadmap & Future Outlook

Swords of Blood is a brand-new project. Naturally, this means that it still has a lot of roadmap objectives to meet. In Q1-Q2, 2023, the primary focus is crowdfunding the project via the ongoing presale.

Moreover, SWDTKN will be listed on a centralized exchange in Q2 2023. The target market capitalization in this quarter is $10 million.

Swords of Blood Roadmap

Between Q2 and Q3, 2023, Swords of Blood will launch its beta gaming platform to the public. It will also launch its first 8-player tournament and NFT marketplace. Moreover, Swords of Blood will release its special item systems.

Further down the line, the project is aiming to launch virtual reality chat rooms, larger tournaments, and reach a market capitalization of over $450 million.

Swords of Blood Presale Details

The Swords of Blood presale will run for a limited time and enable early backers to secure the best price possible. Investors can buy the native SWDTKN token in exchange for ETH, USDT, USDC, or DAI.

The presale has just launched and is currently in stage one. This means that the lowest price of $0.054 per token is still available. Once stage two kicks in, the price will increase to $0.06.

After the presale finishes, investors will be able to claim their SWDTKN tokens. SWDTKN will then be listed on a centralized exchange. This will enable the general public to buy and sell SWDTKN in the open market.

How to Buy Swords of Blood

In this section, we explain the steps required to buy SWDTKN tokens via the Swords of Blood presale.

Step 1: Download Metamask Wallet

The presale is being hosted by Swords of Blood directly, so investors will first need to obtain a suitable crypto wallet. Metamask is the best option, which is available as a browser extension and mobile app.

Metamask Wallet

After installing Metamask on the preferred device type, choose a password, and write down the backup passphrase.

Step 2: Add Crypto Tokens to Metamask

Before investing in the Swords of Blood presale, investors need to ensure they have sufficient tokens in their Metamask wallet.

As noted above, the presale accepts:

  • ETH
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • DAI

The easiest option is to buy Ethereum from a crypto exchange. Many platforms enable investors to deposit funds with a debit/credit card or e-wallet at a low fee.

After that, transfer the Ethereum tokens to Metamask. The wallet address can be found below ‘Account 1’.

Step 3: Connect Metamask to Swords of Blood Presale

At this stage of the walkthrough, the investor should have crypto in their Metamask wallet. Next, visit the Swords of Blood presale website.

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and select ‘Metamask’.

An alert will then pop up via the Metamask browser extension or app, asking for authorization. Confirm the wallet connection with Swords of Blood.

Step 4: Buy SWDTKN Tokens

Now that Metamask is connected to the Swords of Blood presale, choose the crypto token to pay for the investment. For example, if the Metamask wallet is funded with Ethereum, choose ETH.

Next, type in the number of SWDTKN tokens to buy. Make sure that there is another crypto to cover the presale purchase. If there isn’t, an error message will appeal.

Swords of Blood presale

Another Metamask authorization request will pop up. Confirm the investment and Metamask will transfer the tokens to the Swords of Blood presale.

Step 5: Claim SWDTKN Tokens

The SWDTKN tokens can be claimed after the Swords of Blood presale has finished. The investor will once again need to visit the Swords of Blood presale website and connect their Metamask wallet.

This must be the same Metamask wallet used when investing in the presale. After claiming the tokens, SWDTKN will then be transferred to Metamask.


Swords of Blood is building an innovative blockchain game that is not only free-to-play but enables players to earn rewards. Having had a sneak peek of its hack-and-slash gameplay, this could be the biggest crypto startup of the year.

Plus, Swords of Blood has just launched its presale.

Stage one of the presale is offering early investors the lowest price possible on SWDTKN, its native token. The price will increase after each stage sells – so investors will need to move fast.


What is Swords of Blood crypto?

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