Fan tokens have grown in popularity massively in recent years as a way to help bolster engagement between a sports team and its supporters. With the Santos FC fan token jumping in value over the past month, the number of investors looking for a Santos fan token price prediction increased substantially.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the FC Santos fan token, providing a Santos fan token price prediction 2022-2025, discussing what the Santos token is used for, and explaining how to buy

Santos Fan Token Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

In order to make it simple for investors to find a Santos fan token price prediction, we’ve summarized our findings below. More detailed predictions can be found slightly further down the page.

  • End of 2022 –  With the Santos fan token currently in an ascending channel, we could see it hit $23.65 by 2022.
  • End of 2023 – Moving onward, 2023 could see the token hit $35.34 if the market is favorable.
  • End of 2025 – By 2025, the token could soar as high as $41.57. However, with will be depended on whether its circulating supply increases.

Santos Fan Token Price History

Since its late 2021 release, the Santos fan token (SANTOS) has been through a lot of ups and downs. With the value of a fan token commonly driven in a large part by the team’s performance, it can be difficult to work out why an asset’s price has risen or fallen during a certain period. However, in order to help investors to make an informed decision, we’ll be breaking down key factors that influenced the price of the Santos token.

Santos binance

With the popularity of fan tokens increasing exponentially over 24 months, it’s of little surprise that so many sports teams have joined the fray. The Santos FC fan token was created as a collaboration between the club and Binance. This was excellent for the token as it ensured that SANTOS would be available on the world’s largest exchange (Binance) from the get-go, sharply boosting launch demand.

The token was initially available for investors through the Binance Launchpool. This meant that holders of BNB were able to acquire SANTOS tokens for free based on the number of BNB tokens staked. However, after listing at a price of $16.60, the Santos FC token succumbed to strong selling pressure as investors that has stockpiled the token during its Launchpool phase sold off SANTOS en masse.

The launch of the Santos FC fan token came at an unfortunate time. Soon after its December 1st release, the wider crypto market collapsed. This, in combination with strong selling pressure from early investors, led the token to quickly decline in value, dropping to around $3.62 by January 1st. Following this sharp drop, things were rather uneventful for SANTOS.

SANTOS price

The token continued declining slowly before getting a short-lived boost in March 2022 alongside Binance’s other fan token offerings. Despite increasing in value by close to 80% on March 11th, the Santos token slowly declined by around 70% over the following two months.

While this decline was met with an eventual explosion, taking the price of the Santos Token back to approximately $5.60, the momentum quickly fizzled out with the token consolidating at around $3.60 for a month. However, in mid-August, the Santos FC token went parabolic, climbing from $4.80 to $13.50, a 181% gain, in just a matter of days and dementing its place among the best crypto to buy Reddit.

Around a month later, on September 23rd,  the Santos fan token went parabolic, climbing by nearly 50% in a single day. While the price of the token has since dropped sharply, the asset currently remains in an ascending channel which could indicate that a large upward move is on the horizon.

To summarize:

  • November 2021: The Santos FC token becomes available to earn via the Binance Launchpool
  • December 2021: The Santos token officially releases on Binance trading for over $16
  • January 2022: Santos coin drops in value by around 78% within a month of its release
  • March 2022: The Santos coin jumps slightly before declining again
  • August 2022: Alongside other Binance fan tokens, the Santos token explodes by 181% in just days
  • September 2022: The token exploded by 50%, forming an ascending channel

Santos Fan Token Price Prediction 2022

Things are looking great for our 2022 Santos fan token price prediction.  The asset is currently in an ascending channel and seems to be preparing for a strong upward move.  Judging by the asset’s August and September moves, we could have a sharp uptrend toward $23.658 by as early as October 22nd. However, this movement could be delayed if something goes awry in the crypto market.

SANTOS ascending channel

If successful in its move toward $23.658, it’s likely we’ll see a brief decline as SANTOS finds its support. This could be followed by another upward move in late November or early December which would push the token closer to $29.32. However, this final move will be heavily dependent on how both Santos and the crypto market perform over the coming weeks.

The value of a fan token is influenced a great deal by the team’s performance. As such, we’ll have to see where Santos places after the November 13th conclusion of the Brazilian Serie A league. Should Santos FC finish ahead of expectations, we could expect a nice boost to the token’s value. However, if the team struggles in its next few days, the Santos fan token’s decline could be exacerbated.

With these factors in mind, as long as Santos FC keeps on track, we could expect to see a conservative move toward $23.65 with $29.32 possible if the wider crypto market picks up traction. However, if Santos performs poorly in its next few games or the crypto market continues to struggle, we could see the price of the Santos fan token trade for as little as $17.92.

Santos Fan Token Price Prediction 2023

Looking onward toward the end of 2023, the Santos token will have ample time to find its direction for the year. As is often the case with fan tokens, the performance of the Santos club will be important when it comes to the token’s value. A bad season or relegation would hinder the asset’s growth, whereas a strong season would boost the hype surrounding Santos FC and therefore the value of its token.

With that said, for our Santos fan token price prediction 2023, we’ll be assuming that the team can achieve similar results to its 2022 season. This would place it firmly in the middle of the league table and would have the least effect on the value of the token. Instead, its value will be driven by the crypto market as well as the unique rewards Santos offers the holders of its fan tokens.

santos binance partnership-min

With the primary purpose of fan tokens being to increase engagement with fans, it’ll be interesting to see what features are implemented over 2023. Right now, it’s possible for Santos holders to vote on a huge variety of decisions associated with the team, such as selecting a message to be presented to the team during its warmup, choosing a song for the club’s mascot to dance to at the half time, and deciding on social posts.

While the current options for holders are largely similar to the majority of the best fan tokens, the team is expected to unveil some innovative new benefits for holders. While it hasn’t yet been revealed what these benefits will be, they will likely include exclusive memorabilia, meet and greets with the team’s members, and much more.

With Binance themselves stating that it will be possible to ‘Score experiences that money can’t buy with Binance fan tokens’, it seems likely that the exchange is working hard in conjunction with sports teams to dream up exciting new rewards for holders. This could be exactly what’s needed to boost both the demand and price of Santos fan tokens.

With Binance working hard to offer holders exciting rewards in order to boost its fan token ecosystem, we could expect the Santos token to hit new heights in 2022. If the market is strong, we’ll likely see the value of the Santos token increase to approximately $35.34. Conversely, if something goes awry, we could see the token drop to around $20.87 which places the token at a market cap similar to its 2021 high.

Santos Fan Token Price Prediction 2025

Moving further ahead to 2025, it becomes more difficult to accurately determine the value of a relatively new cryptocurrency. Despite this, we’ve analyzed a few key points to try and provide as good of an estimate as possible.

Of course, the primary driving force for the value of the Santos fan token will be the team themselves. If Santos FC gets relegated we’ll likely see the token collapse, whereas if they can earn a title, the token could exceed even the loftiest of expectations by a wide margin. With Santos being one of the all-time highest-scoring teams, the latter seems like a more likely outcome.

While some analysts, like CoinArbitrageBot, expect the Santos token to climb as high as $81.50 by 2025, it’s important to keep in mind that only a fraction of its supply is currently circulating. Right now, approximately 4,550,000 Santos tokens are on the market. However, with the asset having a maximum supply of 30 million tokens, this means that only 15.17% of the total supply is circulating.

As such, it’s crucial to factor this into our estimates. With the Santos token being around a year old, we can conservatively estimate that around 2,225,000 tokens will be added to the market each year. This would mean that by 2025, the circulating supply of SANTOS could be 10.1 million tokens.

This would mean that the Santos token would have to achieve a significantly higher market cap for any change in price. As such, our 2025 Santos fan token price prediction would place the asset closer to $41.57 with a market cap of roughly $419,857,000, close to its fully diluted market cap in 2022.

However, if more tokens end up hitting the market, we could see the token stay closer to our 2022 Santos fan token price prediction of $35.34 (only with a higher market cap).

Potential Highs and Lows of Santos Fan Token

In order to make it simple to see where the price of the Santos coin could head, we’ve condensed our Santos coin price prediction into a simple-to-reference table.

Year Low  High
End of 2022 $17.92 $23.65
End of 2023 $20.87 $35.34
End of 2025 $35.34 $41.57

What is Santos Token Used For

Like any of the best future cryptocurrency projects, the Santos fan token has a multitude of uses. We’ve included a few of the most intriguing.

Vote on Polls

One of the primary uses of the Santos fan token is to allow people to vote on various polls. As each poll only runs for a set amount of time, the ones currently available are always changing. However, typical polls will allow the voter to help decide on various things related to the team such as a shirt design or a motivational message.

Exclusive Access

While it’s possible for anyone to purchase Santos FC memorabilia, holders of the SANTOS token will be able to enjoy unattainable items and events ranging from signed goods to meet and greets. As such, the Santos fan token is a must-have for fans of the sports team and could even provide lucky holders with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Investment Vehicle

One of the main uses for the Santos fan token is as an investment vehicle. With the token shooting up in value by hundreds of percent over 2022 alone, the Santos fan token could end up being one of the year’s best low-supply cryptocurrency investments.

Exposure to Santos FC

As the Santos football club is not a publicly traded company, it’s impossible to purchase stock in the business. However, as the Santos fan token derives a large portion of its value from the club’s performance, it can provide direct exposure to Santos themselves. As such, the fan token can be a great tool for investors that believe the team will perform well.

What Drives the Value of Santos Fan Token

With the Santos fan token being a cryptocurrency based on a football team, there are a large number of factors that play an important role in influencing the asset’s price. Here are some that provide the greatest impact.

The Performance of Santos FC

Potentially the most impactful factor affecting the price of the Santos fan token is the performance of the team. With the demand for the Santos token coming largely from fans of the club, when they are performing well, there will be far more hype surrounding the token. Conversely, if the team performs poorly, people are less likely to support it by purchasing fan tokens, hindering demand and therefore price.

The Crypto Market

The performance of the wider crypto market plays a large part in determining the price of any crypto asset. When the market is growing, people tend to buy more crypto, making substantial positive price movements much easier to achieve. Conversely, if the market is performing below expectations, negative price movements are easier to attain.

Circulating Supply

When it comes to working out what influences the price of an asset, it’s important to consider supply. When supply is low, it takes less to move an asset. Whereas when supply is high, it’s more difficult. As only a hair over 15% of the Santos fan token supply is circulating, the release of additional tokens could cause the token to crash as supply outpaces demand.

Where to Buy Santos Fan Token

In order to purchase the Santos fan token, it’s important to use a trustworthy exchange that’s packed with great features.

Binance – The Buy Santos Fan Tokens with Low Fees

Binance is the world’s largest exchange by trading volume. Being one of the creators of the Santos fan token, it makes sense that the exchange is one of the top platforms to buy it.


In order to make trading/investing as intuitive as possible, Binance offers both a fully-featured and lite platform. While both share similar core features (buy/sell/trade/deposit/withdraw), the lite platform is tailor-made for beginners and lacks the advanced charting tools and order types offered by the full platform.

Fees on that platform are some of the lowest in the industry at a flat 1% for both buy and sell transactions. Furthermore, with Binance offering zero fees on USD deposits, it’s a great platform for maximizing value for money. The only drawback is a flat $15 fee for USD withdrawals.

There are thousands of assets and trading pairs on the Binance exchange, meaning there are ample diversification opportunities. Additionally, with the platform offering up to 50x leverage and a plethora of order types, it’s excellent for traders as well as investors.

binance trade santos

Overall, Binance is an excellent exchange to buy Santos fan tokens. With a huge range of useful tools, low fees, and platforms for both users and advanced traders, Binance is a solid option for investors looking to stock up on Santos tokens.

Is Santos Fan Token the Best Crypto to Buy in 2023?

With investors looking to maximize their returns, it makes sense that a large number of people would wonder whether the Santos fan token is the best crypto to buy right now. However, we’ll be revealing another asset packed with even more potential.

IMPT – Cryptocurrency Presale Focused on Reducing Carbon Emissions

IMPT is a new project that aims to help both people and companies reduce their carbon output via the tokenization of carbon credits equivalent to the offset of one ton of carbon. Since its October 3rd release, IMPT has raised nearly $3 million making it one of the year’s best crypto presales.

While there is an established carbon credit market, it lacks transparency making it difficult to determine whether an organization is actually living up to its carbon removal claims. However, through the use of NFT technology, IMPT has made it simple to track the lifecycle of a credit. Furthermore, IMPT only works with environmental organizations that have been audited by third parties to ensure legitimacy.

impt 2.8 mil

IMPT has created a few different ways that carbon credits can be acquired. The most simple way to buy carbon credits is to purchase them directly on the IMPT platform. However, IMPT has also partnered with thousands of leading brands in order to allow people to earn IMPT tokens simply by shopping. The tokens can then be exchanged for carbon credits.

In order to assist large companies in reducing their emissions, IMPT has created a system that allows a store to link with IMPT and allocate a portion of its margin towards environmental organizations that have partnered with IMPT and been subjected to an audit.

IMPT presale now live

In order to boost engagement with individuals in the voluntary carbon offset market (which is expected to grow 25x by 2025), IMPT will create a social media platform dedicated to helping people show off their contribution to the environment through IMPT points and unique rankings.

Right now the project is currently in the first phase of its presale with tokens being sold for just $0.018. During the second and third phases of the presale, IMPT tokens will increase to $0.023 and then $0.028. Considering that since its October 3rd release, IMPT has raised nearly $3 million, there’s no better time to visit the IMPT presale and read the project’s whitepaper.

Join the IMPT Telegram Group to hear about the latest updates before anyone else. Admins will never message first.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a close look at the price history of the Santos fan token, provided a Santos fan token price prediction, and discussed what affects the asset’s value. However, during our research, we uncovered a cryptocurrency with even more potential.

IMPT is an environmentally-focused cryptocurrency project with the potential to change the world via the tokenization of carbon credits. The project has partnered with a plethora of leading brands which could boost demand for the token massively. With IMPT currently in presale, it could be worth checking out the project today in order to lock in an investment at the best price possible.

IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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IMPT token
  • Carbon Offsetting Crypto & NFT Project
  • Industry Partnerships, Public Team
  • Listed on LBank, Uniswap
  • Upcoming Listings - Bitmart Dec 28, Jan 1st
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