Safemoon, with its involvement in decentralized finance, is poised for growth in the years ahead. With ongoing updates like its V2 improvements and other notable features, the coin’s usability, accessibility, and security continue to evolve.

This article explores Safemoon price prediction and analyzes forecasts for the years leading up to 2030.

SafeMoon Price Prediction – Overview

We will provide some quickfire price predictions for SafeMoon crypto in the coming years. As a point of reference, the current value of SafeMoon V2 is $0.000038 per SFM/USD. Keep reading to learn more.

  • 2024– Launching its V2 and the heightened in-network activities can help SafeMoon rise toward the $0.0000000176 region by the end 2024.
  • 2025 – The price of crypto is very hard to predict due to it being such a volatile asset. However, assuming recent trajectories can continue and the adoption of decentralized finance keeps growing, SafeMoon may continue to grow by 2025 to a price around the $0.0000000237 mark.
  • 2030 – Given its ever-increasing community support and development activities within its network, SafeMoon would continue to grow in the coming years and could reach $0.0000000711 by the end of 2030.
🚀 Coin Name SafeMoon
💲 Price $0.0000000
🔆 Coin Symbol SAFEMOON
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🌐 24h Volume$0
🔄 Circulating Supply561,957,438,051,330
💰 Total SupplyN/A

SafeMoon Price History

SafeMoon’s price has increased by over 140,000% since its introduction to the market in early 2021, which highlights the coin’s huge momentum. SafeMoon is an altcoin that is highly receptive to the wider crypto market’s movements. In 2022, the crypto markets followed a fairly bearish trajectory, with the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum substantially below their all-time highs in 2021.

Consequently, SafeMoon has plunged by more than 99% from its ATH level. Since some of the largest meme tokens, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have listed over 90% of their value in 2022, this particular industry has been very volatile due to the overall uncertainty in the large coin cryptocurrencies. The current price of SafeMoon is around $0.000000006787.

Safemoon V2 price chart

We can summarise these movements by looking at a key timeline of the crypto markets:

March 2021: SafeMoon is floated on the crypto exchange and immediately gains traction with investors, soaring thousands of percent by April.

November 2021: The broader crypto markets skyrocket in value, with Bitcoin reaching its all-time high of $69k. Consequently, SafeMoon also pumps up in value, rising to the $0.00001094 level.

In December 2021, SafeMoon released an updated version of its token, SafeMoon V2. This new version came with an updated SafeMoon contract. As part of this update, the SafeMoon team set a deadline for token migration. If investors failed to migrate their tokens to V2 before the deadline, they would be subjected to a 100% tax.

2022: Throughout 2022, the crypto markets have struggled to gain real momentum. This is likely tied to broader investor sentiment, as interest rates and inflation are rising. As such, the SafeMoon price hasn’t performed amazingly in the first few months of this year.

2023: The price action has been relatively flat while the trading volumes were declining.

2024: In January 2024, SafeMoon filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. U.S. regulators accused the company of committing fraud and offering unregistered crypto securities. After the allegations were made, the value of SafeMoon dropped significantly by 70% and reached a new low of $0.0000650.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2024

The SafeMoon crypto price prediction and its future growth will depend on two factors: the reaction of the broader crypto market and how many people recognize the project’s utility. If the latter factor can outweigh the former, then it’s likely that SafeMoon’s price will continue to see a positive upward trend. The broader crypto markets will shape the trajectory of the coin.

Rising interest rates can lead people to shift their investments from riskier assets like stocks and crypto to safer options with higher returns, limiting growth in the crypto market. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top market cap leaders, may struggle to see growth as a result.

You can see more in our guide on Bitcoin price prediction.

SafeMoon is a type of digital token that operates independently. It uses a system called the Binance Smart chain to manage transactions. Two features make SafeMoon unique compared to other digital tokens.

SafeMoon charges a 10% fee when someone sells the token. This fee is then distributed back to investors as a dividend. This is done to encourage investors to hold onto their tokens for a longer period and reduce the token’s volatility, which can be high in other types of digital tokens.

SafeMoon has partnered with another digital token called EverGrow coin (EGC). This partnership allows users to purchase EGC through the SafeMoon wallet, making the wallet more useful for its users.

Investing in SafeMoon offers the potential for higher returns through its innovative staking algorithm. Unlike conventional investments like stocks and bonds, SafeMoon’s staking system allows for increased user earning potential. The recent launch of SafeMoon V2 has sparked widespread interest and made SafeMoon a buzz in the investment world. SafeMoon V2 now processes transactions at a lower cost, with a transaction fee of 2% of the entire transaction.

If more businesses and individuals start using SafeMoon V2, it could increase demand for the token, ultimately resulting in a higher price. Moreover, if the SafeMoon V2 team continues to develop new features and products, it can boost the token’s utility, making it more appealing to potential investors.

As a result, Safemoon could peak at as high as $0.0000000176 by the end of 2024.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2025

Let’s now consider the SafeMoon price prediction for 2025. Considering the price movements in 2025, this utility will become increasingly important. At this stage, if decentralised finance has taken off, then it is likely that Safemoon will have followed a similar trajectory.

At this point, many businesses may have adopted decentralised schemes to process payments. Safemoon’s payment utility is already in place, and businesses could adopt it for this purpose. The business-level utility that SafeMoon offers could place it in a great spot for growth by 2025.

SafeMoon price prediction

In addition, if crypto markets keep climbing at their current pace, the Safemoon price will likely rise regardless of its utility. Considering these factors, SafeMoon seems in a great spot for long-term investment.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2030

Investing in SafeMoon presents the opportunity for potential future profits. Despite being categorized as a meme coin, the asset’s price can experience significant volatility. Its affordability, however, makes it an attractive option. Also, the recent projections for SafeMoon add to its promise as a desirable investment.

The SafeMoon community is a driving force, consistently striving for growth and progress. This was recognized in 2021 when the community received the Crypto-Community of the Year Award at the AIBC Summit in Malta.

Consistent growth and support from its community, as well as the network effects of the platform, could help SafeMoon attract more users in the coming decade. As a result, it could reach $0.0000000711 by the end of 2030.

What is Safemoon Used For?

Buying and selling:

SafeMoon is designed for transactions, and hence its main purpose is to be bought and sold. However, there are a number of ways in which users are dismayed from selling the coin, as mentioned earlier. This aims to reduce the volatility of the coin. The V2 update has added a big utility to each transaction, aiming to build the SafeMoon ecosystem. Each transaction that is made burns 2% of the total token number, adds 3% liquidity, and adds 1% to the SafeMoon growth fund.

Holding crypto:

The SafeMoon crypto wallet allows users to hold their crypto safely and securely. Having a crypto wallet directly engineered for SafeMoon is a great point to consider, especially if you are planning on stocking up on large amounts of the coin. In addition to this, as mentioned, the wallet has started to support EverGreen Coin too, which is great if users want to hold both coins.

Philanthropy project:

SafeMoon has announced a Venture philanthropy project that aims to spread the utility of Safemoon across the world. This is great for two reasons: Firstly, it allows less developed parts of the world to benefit from the benefits of decentralized finance, which can help develop them. Secondly, it pushes SafeMoon’s products to a growing number of people, which may help push up the coin’s price.

What Drives the Price of Safemoon?

SafeMoon is no different from any other cryptocurrency in that the main determinant of the price is how many people are buying and selling the coin. If large numbers of investors choose to exit their market positions, then the price will fall. If large numbers of people buy the coin, then the price goes up.

The determinants of who buys and sells have been explained throughout this article, but can be condensed into 3 main points:

Project utility

If SafeMoon releases a set of updates that people like and think will yield long-term growth, they will buy into the asset, pushing the price up. This was the case with both the EverGreen partnership announcement and the release of the V2 coin.


If the coin has a strong community behind it, then people will likely band together and purchase it. The more popularity the coin gains, the more likely it is to generate interest from potential buyers. This factor is linked closely to the project utility.

Wider market

The wider market is also a key point to consider. At current, the market trajectory seems to be very bearish, with people selling out of their positions. However, as this changes, and investors start generating higher returns again, the price of Safemoon will most likely start to climb.

Where to Buy Safemoon

If you have got to this point in the article, you may be considering adding SafeMoon to your portfolio for some long-term gains. If this is the case, you must first set up a wallet. A good crypto wallet is necessary for buying and selling crypto, as well as storing it. There are many different wallets out there, all of which boast different fees, eases of use, and other unique functions.

Is SafeMoon Coin the Best Crypto to Invest in?

After reviewing the popular cryptocurrency SafeMoon, users may better understand the token’s past performance and key features. It’s often considered a high-risk option – for a potential alternative, we picked the newer crypto project Love Hate Inu. It is a memecoin with a difference. It leverages its community-centric nature to create an Vote to Earn ecosystem where people can earn rewards by just voting.

The project does that by combining memecoin with DAO fundamentals. But like a DAO project where you vote by staking your tokens. Buying Love Hate Inu token will allow you to vote via staking on not only the project’s governance but social causes and other issues.


In conclusion, our SafeMoon price prediction guide delved into the key factors that can impact its market value, while providing an overview of its features. For those looking to add SafeMoon to their portfolio, we recommend setting up a cryptocurrency wallet that’s easy to use, highly secure, and offers multiple trading options.

It’s important to remember that price predictions are frequently incorrect, specifically for an unpredictable asset such as cryptocurrency. Moreover, several long-term crypto price predictions are created utilizing algorithms, which implies that they are subject to change at any moment.

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