As memecoins take centre stage in influencing the crypto industry, they have increased in number in number. Many have failed however – the current bear market has made it increasingly difficult to invest in meme tokens without high risk of loss.

Puli (PULI) is a memecoin that has gained some popularity but failed to gain traction after one pump in the PULI price in early 2022. Can the meme effect raise its chances of growing fundamentally strong and rising in price? In this guide we speculate on a possible Puli price prediction in the upcoming years.

Puli Price Prediction

Below is an optimistic Puli price forecast, keeping in mind the recent developments, growth, and situations surrounding the major cryptocurrencies we’re reviewed such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • End of 2022 The market has been bearish this year. In the case of a relief rally, the PULI token may see an increased price and might close 2022 in a price range of around $0.03 – $0.04.
  • End of 2023 Around this time, PULI may have started working on some of the developments in the roadmap and could gain popularity again if the market conditions favor. In that case, the PULI crypto price could reach around $0.05 by the end of 2023.
  • End of 2025 As the bearish sentiment in the market reverses and prices start soaring once again after the Ethereum merge and next Bitcoin halving, we could expect major momentum from the project if it delivers on its use case. The Puli price could pump to around $0.07 by the end of 2025.

Puli Coin Price History

In order to analyze if Puli is really a crypto with potential, it is important to understand the details of the project at hand. Puli was launched in early 2022 while the market was already in a state of panic and fear. However, it saw a massive gain in price before the token started correcting.

Puli PRice History

Put simply, the project is a P2E games platform that intends to host several NFT-based blockchain games for its users. Puli was initially introduced as Puli Inu, a rather common take at becoming a part of the Doge ecosystem, but was later rebranded with the Inu part being taken off.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the project managed to gain a large community in a short span of time, which pumped the prices post-launch. Developed by a group of professionals who have past experience in tech and blockchain, the Puli team had high expectations from the ecosystem from the very start.

According to data on crypto price trackers like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, PULI token was launched at $0.0043, which showed much volatility right after it became available for open trading. The price shot up to $0.037 in a matter of just 3 days, before it came down in price again, to the $0.005 levels again.

This area of consolidation was maintained for a couple of weeks, post which the token started taking off in price. PULI, which was trading at around $0.01 in February, recorded a steady growth before the exponential spike in price, where the token went on to touch its all-time high of around $0.14. From its launch price, PULI had surged massively to more than 3500%.

This, however, like any other memecoin, was followed by a huge crash in price, which bought the token right back to its previous trading levels of $0.01. The token has since seen a gradual decline in prices without bouncing – unlike the best coins to buy in the dip.

Below is a quick summary of the PULI price history:

  • Puli was launched as Puli Inu but was later rebranded to Puli.
  • The project was launched in early 2022 (January) and was quick to create a community.
  • The all-time high of PULI was around $0.14, which was around 3500% more than its fair launch price.
  • The recorded all-time high of PULI was followed by a massive crash of more than 90%.

Puli Price Prediction 2022

Puli Inu was introduced as an attempt to link it with the popular cryptocurrency Shiba Inu. It was natural that the token was to grab attention from the memecoin enthusiasts. The same reason contributed to the exponential spike in prices too.

Puli Price 2022

Puli price chart 2022

However, most of the time, it becomes extremely difficult for a meme token to regain its all-time high that was the result of hype or popularity due to any certain catalyst. In the case of Puli, this might be exactly what happened as the crash following its rise and the stagnancy since suggests.

As the first two quarters of 2022 is already over, there are still clear signs of bearish sentiments and the risk of major financial institutions having a meltdown. Under such scenarios, it might become even more difficult for Puli to get into a good price range. Nevertheless, if there is even a slight change in the memecoin industry’s view of the current scenario, then the token may see a decent uptrend.

At the time of writing, the price of Puli stands at $0.02 which we estimate shall rise to around $0.035 even under the current circumstances.

The token has already crashed massively similar to other meme coins like Elongate and is only left with its core community that believes in the potential of the project. On top of this, the small market cap can help the token increase in price considerably more.

Puli Price Prediction 2023

2023 may be a determining year for Puli. The project is expected to have several developments and announcements regarding the same in its roadmap. As various other offerings and features are introduced to the ecosystem, the project will likely gain more followers than it has currently.

The effect of current bearish sentiments is also expected to wane off as investors and major institutions start investing more in blockchain tech. Such a scenario would give the best altcoins a boost, which is usually followed by a major uptrend from memecoins or tokens with a decent community and small market cap.

The current market cap of Puli is around $1.7 million, which is not a huge amount when compared to its memecoin counterparts. Thus, even a good day of popularity can help Puli make major moves. As time passes and the community grows, a decent growth in price can be expected. One potential estimate for the PULI token in 2023 is $0.04 – $0.05.

However, this price is only achievable under the condition that PULI keeps building its infrastructure. If not, there is a possibility for the project to die out eventually during this crypto winter.

Puli Price Prediction 2025-2030

If Puli manages to grow fundamentally and community-wise at the same time, it may see a good uptrend. While the current offering from the project may not be up to the mark as compared to several other P2E game platforms in the space, Puli can definitely build within these next few years to position itself as a reputable and exciting platform for blockchain gamers.

Puli is also backed by some great financial and gaming companies that we shall talk about further along in the article. With backing from major organizations and a variety of games and NFT collections, it will be possible for Puli to enter the metaverse successfully and provide a smoothly integrated experience for the users.

If such advancements are made in the future, then there is much potential for growth in the token. While there may be major pumps that could explore all-time highs, our prediction for the average price of Puli towards the end of 2025 is $0.07.

Potential Highs and Lows of PULI token

The table mentioned below is a representation of our estimates for PULI in case of a good scenario in the future as well as an adverse one.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2022 $0.035 $0.01
2023 $0.042 $0.023
2025 $0.07 $0.018

What is the PULI token used for?

The utility is one of the most important drivers of growth in a cryptocurrency token. Even more so when it is a memecoin since the ecosystem is generally judged on the basis of its being a success due to hype. Thus, the token needs to have value within the platform for the price to increase. The best meme coins of today have the right utility to back them up – because the devs know that utility will ensure longevity.

Puli Price Prediction Use

PULI is the native token for the Puli project and has a high requirement within the platform. It allows the users to stake tokens for profits and NFTs, as well as use them for P2E gaming and other metaverse activities. The project currently features three games as its chief offerings. All three are based around the consumption and winning of the PULI token which will increase in value as the games grow in popularity.

They have an NFT collection which is also a direct influence on the price of PULI. While the collection has to be bought using Ethereum, the NFTs’ popularity brings in more investors to the Puli ecosystem, thereby increasing the price of the PULI token. The token is expected to have more utility as the project advances, according to the developers.

What Drives the Price of PULI?

The price of PULI is directly proportional to the number of people who are interested in participating in the Puli ecosystem. The three games by Puli have gained a lot of fans and as this number grows, so will the demand for PULI tokens and, therefore, the price.

Puli Project Background & Tokenomics

Puli is developed by professionals in the management and blockchain space like the founder Christopher Johnson, who holds a PhD in management and has previously led several major organizations. In fact, the project built on Binance Smart Chain is supported by the CEO and the founder’s very own organization- Lightspeed Crypto Services LLP.

Furthermore, it has affiliations with major game brands in the space and expects to grow its network very soon. The PULI token contract applies a 10% tax on every buy and sell transaction on decentralized exchanges and has 0% charges for transactions. Of the levied tax, 9% directly goes towards the development and growth of the project.

In terms of liquidity, the developers have themselves mentioned on the website to provide liquidity manually if required. As per the official website, the project has a total supply of 100 million tokens, of which 89 million are currently in circulation.

Availability of PULI Token

Buying the token can be a bit of a challenge for new investors who aren’t familiar with using decentralized exchanges. The best option for them may be to buy the tokens directly off the website and stake them or store them in their wallets.

Alternatively, interested users can buy the PULI token on Pancakeswap, the DAR exchange,, RadioShack etc. Developers aim to bring the token to several other exchanges in the future for the users to easily access and buy into their project. Being listed on Pancakeswap is one good sign as some of the best upcoming cryptos have been listed on that DEX.

Is PULI the Best Crypto to Buy in 2022?

PULI is a high risk investment as it hasn’t flipped its market structure bullish yet and established a new uptrend. Its possible the team can make major announcements and PULI coin makes a recovery.

However, it has been noted historically that projects with no strong fundamentals post-launch struggle to find higher price ranges and are more likely to stay stagnant before dying out. A good choice at the moment to avoid such scenarios is the latest entrant to the original Doge ecosystem, Tamadoge.

Tamadoge crypto potential

Tamadoge has quickly become one of the most popular memecoin projects in the industry due to its strong team and existing fundamentals. Introduced earlier this year, the project is built by a team of highly experienced professionals from the blockchain space. It features a P2E platform system that has learned from the limitations that its contenders have faced.

The project features a Tamadoge NFT from their collection, which users can feed and nurture. After a particular point, these NFTs can be used in games to battle against friends or other random players. Tamadoge has an ambitious roadmap, with a metaverse platform set to be included.

In the future, developers aim to create a move-to-earn feature where users can walk their Tamadoge and earn rewards for the same. Currently, in the presale phase, the contract for the native token of the ecosystem TAMA has been fully audited by SolidProof. The team, too has been verified by Coinsniper to prevent any rug pulls and to maintain security.

This token may be a great fit for those looking to invest seriously into memecoins as it is a culmination of both memecoin status and a fundamentally strong asset.

Puli Price Prediction- Conclusion

The Puli project has been stagnant for the last couple of weeks in terms of price strength. This may be overturned depending on the actions taken by the team. A strong rebound which consists of several major announcements and developments in the ecosystem, may see the price of the PULI token going up.

If quick action is not taken, then it is likely that the token may slowly die out like several others by the time the crypto winter ends.

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