Initial Coin Offerings, or ‘ICOs’, are an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, allowing projects to raise capital by selling tokens to early investors. In turn, these ICOs provide scope for investors to generate huge returns if the project ends up listing on a major exchange – although not all ICOs will reach this stage.

This guide discusses ten of the best upcoming ICOs to be aware of, exploring what they are and how each token works, before highlighting several reasons why ICOs can be considered a solid investment opportunity.

Top 16 Upcoming ICOs in 2023

Risk-seeking investors looking to make money with cryptocurrency may naturally be intrigued by ICOs, due to their high returns potential. Listed below are ten upcoming ICOs that look likely to make waves in the coming months – all of which will be reviewed in the following section. 

  1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Upcoming ICO for 2023 to Maximize Profits
  2. FightOut – Move-to-earn Crypto with ICO after $3+ Million Raised
  3. C+Charge (CCHG)Upcoming ICO to Revolutionize the EV Charging Space
  4. RobotEra – Upcoming Metaverse-Gaming ICO, Presale Launched Nov 2022
  5. IMPT – Exciting Carbon Offsetting Project that is Racing Through Presale with ICO on 14 Dec.
  6. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project Pumping after ICO
  7. Battle Infinity – Popular NFT Gaming Platform and Metaverse
  8. O-MEE – New ICO Coin Within the Social Media Niche
  9. Fusotao – Upcoming ICO Looking to Revolutionize DEXs
  10. MetaClash – New ICO Crypto with Exciting P2E Elements
  11. Republic Note – One of the Best Upcoming ICOs in 2023 for Passive Income
  12. Eco – Innovative Fintech App with Numerous Use Cases
  13. Mavia – Best Upcoming ICO Within the ‘Battle-Builder’ Gaming Niche
  14. Social-Service – Social Network Combining Blockchain Technology with P2P Elements
  15. SeaCoast – New ICO Coin with Exciting Rewards Potential
  16. SubQuery – Useful Blockchain Toolkit for dApp Developers

A Closer Look at the Best New ICO Crypto Projects

The upcoming ICO list presented above was derived using in-depth research and analysis, ensuring that each project contains the inherent potential for value increases. Let’s dive in and explore each of these upcoming ICOs in more detail, touching on their use cases and roadmaps:

1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Upcoming ICO for 2023 to Maximize Profits

Meta Masters Guild is a new virtual gaming crypto platform that turns the idea of play-to-earn (P2E) on its head. Instead of encouraging users to play to earn money, Meta Masters Guild is pioneering a play and earn (P&E) model. High-quality games come first, so users are there to play and the earnings are an ancillary benefit.

That’s important because it means that users will be drawn to Meta Masters Guild over the long run, not just in the first days after the platform launches. It also helps the project be more sustainable, since users are there for the gameplay rather than only for profits.

Meta Masters Guild Presale

Meta Masters Guild is distinct from existing P2E projects in that it’s launching multiple games for players to try. It’s launching with 3 games called Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World.

In all of these games, players can own their own virtual assets as NFTs. They also earn Gems, which can be used to purchase additional NFT assets or converted into the project’s native crypto token, MEMAG.

Players can stake MEMAG to Meta Masters Guild to reinvest in the platform and earn rewards. The project’s treasury also benefits from a 5% royalty fee on all NFT sales. Proceeds can be used to develop new games, build partnerships with top gamers, and introduce new features to Meta Masters Guild.

Meta Masters Guild Games

MEMAG is still available on presale, with an ICO to follow immediately afterwards. Meta Masters Guild has raised more than $1.25 million for the project. The presale offered up 35% of the project’s fixed supply of 1 billion MEMAG tokens and is nearly sold out.

At the current presale stage investors can buy MEMAG tokens at a discounted price of 0.013 USDT per 1 MEMAG. The project’s development team plans to list MEMAG at 0.023 USDT during the ICO.

That represents a potential 77% upside for early investors before accounting for any jump in the price of MEMAG tokens if the ICO is as hot as anticipated. Investors have just one week left before the next stage of the presale raises the price of MEMAG, so check out this project today.

Presale Started 11 January
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 MEMAG
Max Investment N/A

2. FightOut – Move-to-earn Crypto with ICO after $3+ Million Raised

FightOut has an upcoming ICO in Q1 2023 for its native token $FGHT. Investors anticipating this ICO should consider buying the token during its presale because only 10% of the capped supply is available for exchange liquidity.

$FGHT is likely to surge during its listings because of the limited supply and the increased demand because of the massive exposure it will receive. Scarcity isn’t the only reason this token stands a high chance of soaring, but it offers rewards to users who are adamant about leading an active lifestyle.

To avoid high prices during $FGHT’s ICO, investors should buy FightOut tokens now, while they’re on presale. FightOut is currently hosting the first stage of the presale and enabling early investors to buy the coin at $0.016.

The coin’s value will remain the same throughout the presale, but investors get bonus coins depending on their investment and vesting period. That puts early investors at an advantage over those who buy $FGHT during its ICO.

The other perk of buying this token before its ICO is that 90% of the 10 billion capped supply is available during its presale. More coins are available at low prices, as opposed to limited coins for potentially higher prices on exchanges.

FightOut rewards users with in-app currency REPS for completing workouts, growing the community and earning badges. Users can buy more REPS with $FGHT tokens or redeem them for FightOut merchandise, NFTs and remote trainer consultations.

The tokens can also be used for membership to FightOut gyms, which are in the pipeline to be located in main cities around the world.

Receive the latest updates about FightOut’s upcoming ICO by joining the Telegram channel. Also check out the whitepaper for more information about the project.

Get in on this presale now to take advantage of this move to earn token before its price likely takes off during the ICO.

Presale Started December 14
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment N/A
Max Investment N/A

3. C+Charge (CCHG) – Upcoming ICO to Revolutionize the EV Charging Space

C+Charge is an industry-leading project looking to expedite the adoption of carbon credits by rewarding EV drivers for charging their vehicles.

C+Charge has already raised nearly 30,000 USDT within days of its stage 1 presale launch. Buyers have the option to buy the $CCHG tokens at a discounted price of 0.013 USDT per token. Traders should consider buying the tokens while the prices are still low.

C+Charge has effectively identified the problems in the EV industry and has created a revolutionary payments app to solve these problems. The EV owners have an opportunity to earn carbon credits by simply using $CCHG for paying the charging fees for their vehicles.

In doing so, EV drivers can offset their carbon footprint by using the $CCHG tokens to make payments for charging their EVs. The vehicle owners can then store the tokens and carbon credits in their crypto wallets.

Besides, the project has also created an app for its users that helps them track their carbon credit balances on a real-time basis. Moreover, EV drivers can track real-time data relating to pricing, waiting times at charging stations, and so on.

C+Charge’s unique app provides a geolocation feature that allows users to locate the nearest charging station. Buyers can read the project’s whitepaper to know more about such features.

$CCHG Tokenomics

C+Charge’s native token $CCHG is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token has a limited supply of 1 billion coins. From the total supply, only 40% of the tokens can be bought through the project’s ongoing presale stages.

The $CCHG tokens are taken out of the ecosystem whenever a user utilizes them to make payments for charging their vehicles. This property makes the token deflationary and helps to uphold its value in the longer run. At the time of writing, crypto enthusiasts can buy CCHG tokens at a relatively discounted price of 0.013 USDT per token. To always stay updated, buyers can join the C+Charge Telegram channel.

Presale Started 16 December
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Binance
Min Purchase None
Max Purchase None

C+Charge - Eco Friendly Crypto with Real World Utility

Our Rating

C+Charge Logo
  • Democratizing Carbon Credits
  • Incentivizing Wider Adoption of EVs
  • Real Life Use Case for Web3 Technology
  • First Platform Allowing EV Owners to Earn Carbon Credits On or Off Chain
C+Charge Logo

4. RobotEra – Upcoming Metaverse-Gaming ICO Which Launched on Presale During Q4 2022

RobotEra RobotEra logois a new metaverse world where players can join a virtual ecosystem by taking the form of Robots. These Robots are minted as NFTs and can be purchased with TARO – the project’s native cryptocurrency which is currently undergoing its ICO. 

In 2022, VC investments have increased in crypto games – increasing by 33% 2022 to reach a projected $12 billion for the year. TARO’s ICO launch is coming at a time when investors are looking to purchase upcoming gaming tokens with high utility.

RobotEra play, mine

Apart from Robot NFTs, the RobotEra ecosystem features virtual land, which can be traded on the in-game marketplace. Players can earn rewards by completing in-game quests, staking TARO tokens to earn interest and even mining tokens within the game. 

In November 2022, the TARO token launched on presale for only $0.020 per token. This upcoming ICO will host three rounds – allocating 90 million tokens each. The ICO hard cap is $6.93 million.  

Other gaming crypto projects such as The Sandbox and Axie Infinity increased in value by over 1000x since their ICO.

Read the RobotEra whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to keep yourself updated on this cryptocurrency ICO. 

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

5. IMPT – Exciting Carbon Offsetting Project that is Racing Through Presale with ICO on 14 Dec

IMPTbest new ico projects - impt is another new cryptocurrency project that started its initial coin offering in Q4 2022. IMPT’s presale raised $20.5 million, and the tokens will be listed on decentralized exchange Uniswap on 14 December 2022. Investors can also buy IMPT on centralized exchange LBank by funding their accounts on 13 December from 10:00 and then trading the coin on 14 December from 10:00.

Unlike many new crypto projects that struggle to build on their initial hype due to having limited real world use cases or utility, IMPT is tackling one of the modern world’s biggest issues – climate change.

It will do that by offering carbon credits which can be either bought or acquired while shopping. The credits can then be used to help fund environmentally friendly projects and organizations, which have been vetted and verified.

impt ieo - uniswap lbanl changelly

Credits can be sold and held or retired to earn unique NFTs and to score points – with IMPT to have a global leaderboard to track the carbon footprint score of individuals and companies.

Amazon, Microsoft, LEGO, and others have already partnered with IMPT, while its doxxed team boasts years of senior experience in numerous commercial and telecoms businesses.

ICOs have continued to offer great value for investors and beat the bear market throughout 2022.

By building a project that offers a real-world use case, IMPT looks set to be one of the best future cryptos and has been rated as the best crypto project of the year by independent sites and

Join the Telegram group to keep up to date with the latest news from the project, while more detailed information can be found in the IMPT whitepaper.

6. Tamadoge – New Meme Coin Project Pumping after ICO

best new ico projects - tamadogeThe best time to get in on Tamadoge is now because TAMA has been pumping after listing on OKX and Uniswap.

After launching in July 2022, Tamadoge increased from $0.01 to $0.03 throughout the presale – a 3x price increase, collecting $19 million and selling out in less than eight weeks.

After launching on OKX, TAMA has continued to pump and is currently trading at just shy of $0.09 – a 300% increase from the list price and near 900% increase on the first phase of the presale.

best new ico projects - Why the Dogecoin Price Struggles While Meme P2E Game Tamadoge is Exploding Higher

The coin will now list on LBank and MEXC on October 5, with a listing application for Binance now submitted. That news, plus an upcoming NFT drop releasing soon, has forecasters expecting the coin to pump in price once again.

One of the main reasons for its early success stems from the use-cases the P2E game offers. The major benefit of this NFT game is that it enables players to receive rewards while they compete for the top rankings on the leaderboard. Players can buy food NFTs and toy NFTs to raise their pets. This crypto game ranks players according to the development of their pets. The highest-ranked players receive the most TAMA, the platform’s native token. The rewards are from a prize pool, which consists of 65% of tokens spent on this platform.

The game’s developers use 30% of the tokens spent to develop the platform and promote it. The remaining 5% are burned forever. That decreases the TAMA token supply, unlike Dogecoin, which is an inflationary token.

To provide investors with peace of mind, Tamadoge’s developers had it audited by Solid Proof and verified by CoinSniper.

Follow the Tamadoge Telegram Channel to stay updated with the latest news surrounding Tamadoge. Telegram admins will never DM you first. Investors can also visit the Tamadoge project’s Discord.

7. Battle Infinity – Popular NFT Game with Upcoming ICO

best new ico projects - Battle Infinity logoWhen it comes to ICOs in 2023, look no further than Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is a forthcoming blockchain-based gaming platform featuring several play-to-earn (P2E) games integrated within a rich virtual world. As such, Battle Infinity looks to combine the growing concept of the metaverse with the potential for monetization through gaming – an approach that hasn’t been seen in the market.

best new ico projects - Battle Infinity review

Battle Infinity has already proved to be one of the best ICOs of the year having sold out its presale in just 24 days and then pumped more than 700% after listing on PancakeSwap. There is huge potential for users to generate rewards denominated in $IBAT – Battle Infinity’s native token – with six elements making up the Battle Infinity ecosystem, each using $IBAT in an exciting way:

  • IBAT Premier League – First-of-its-kind NFT-based fantasy sports game hosted on the blockchain
  • IBAT Battle Swap – Built-in decentralized exchange
  • IBAT Battle Market – NFT marketplace for buying and selling in-game items
  • IBAT Battle Store – Multiplayer game store where users can access numerous NFT-based P2E games
  • IBAT Battle Arena – Rich virtual world where each player has a 3D avatar they can customize and use to interact with others
  • IBAT Battle Stake – Staking platform with several ways to generate a yield

Combining the six features above means Battle Infinity could become one of the best play-to-earn games this year. Since rewards are denominated in $IBAT, a BEP-20 token, users can even swap these tokens for others, providing scope to add a regular income stream.

best new ico projects - IBAT token

Finally, Battle Infinity’s team has also showcased their roadmap, which features even more compelling features. One of the most notable is that users can purchase plots of virtual land within the Battle Infinity platform, which they can then use to advertise via billboards – earning more income in the process. All in all, these features combine to ensure this new project is one to watch in the weeks ahead.

Battle Infinity has since listed on LBank and with more listings in the pipeline, and a current market cap of $40 million, the project looks set for big growth.

Join the Battle Infinity Telegram group to keep up with the latest updates from this exciting new project.

8. O-MEE – New ICO Coin Within the Social Media Niche

o-mee logoAnother of the top upcoming ICOs to watch is O-MEE. O-MEE is a social subscription network and NFT marketplace that allows creators to monetize their artwork effectively. Whether that be digital art, videos, photography, or anything else, O-MEE’s subscription feature will allow creators to receive income for their content through flexible pricing plans.

Like other social networks, O-MEE will enable people to follow others, like content, and engage. This upcoming ICO will focus on the network’s native token, $OME, which has various use cases within the ecosystem. These include buying NFTs, donating to content creators, staking, yield farming, and governance.


As such, O-MEE looks likely to be one of the best ICO cryptos of the year, which is made even more likely due to the project’s huge community backing. O-MEE’s Twitter page already has over 46,000 followers, whilst the project’s Telegram is nearing 70,000 members. Overall, this new ICO coin looks likely to have a prosperous future ahead as we progress through 2023.

9. Fusotao – Upcoming ICO Looking to Revolutionize DEXs

Fusotao logoFusotao is a reliable verification protocol for orderbook-based matching systems, aiming to provide higher scalability to the best DeFi exchanges. Fusotao’s fundamental approach is to ‘execute off-chain, verify on-chain’, which will allow developers to use the protocol when creating decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

In turn, Fusotao will enable these exchanges to have zero-cost GAS and low latency – offering similar performance to the best crypto exchanges. This will be achieved by introducing an orderbook-based system into DEXs, an approach that has not been seen before. Although this is undoubtedly a unique approach, users will still retain complete control over their assets.

Fusotao ICO

$TAO is the native token of the Fusotao protocol, with a total supply of 100 million. Most of these tokens will be allocated for community rewards, which enable network participants to generate income through staking and validation. Overall, thanks to its unique use case, Fusotao looks set to be one of the top new ICOs for 2023.

10. MetaClash – New ICO Crypto with Exciting P2E Elements

MetaClash logoAnother of the best upcoming ICOs to be aware of is MetaClash. As noted in the project’s whitepaper, MetaClash is a blockchain-based game with exciting P2E elements. Within the game, players can design their own avatars (called Digital Avatars of Destruction), which are structured as NFTs. These avatars can be upgraded as players progress through the game, increasing their powers and speeds.

This cool NFT project is built using Unreal Engine to offer various in-world factions for users to join. Players can battle against other players to earn rewards, with scope to upgrade their avatars by finding vehicle parts within MetaClash’s virtual world. Players can also purchase plots of virtual land, where they can mine for material.

MetaClash ICO

MetaClash will employ various tokens to ensure the ecosystem runs smoothly, with $PCORE being the main one. There will be a total of 100 billion $PCORE tokens in existence, with this token able to be used when purchasing land, upgrading avatars, and governance. Thanks to its exciting gameplay elements, MetaClash could become one of the best new ICO coins of the year.

11. Republic Note – One of the Best Upcoming ICOs in 2023 for Passive Income

Republic logoAnother exciting addition to our upcoming ICO list is Republic Note. Republic Note is the upcoming token from Republic – a startup investing platform that aims to be accessible to everyone. At the time of writing, Republic has facilitated over $500 million in investments from over one million people – with much of this growth occurring after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Republic Note token, dubbed ‘R/Note’, will allow holders to receive a share of the profits generated through some aspects of Republic’s business. Due to this, Republic Note could become the best crypto to invest in for passive income investors, as the platform has already attracted attention from many household names. These include Robinhood, Dapper, Klarna, Kraken, and more.

Republic Note ICO

R/Note holders will generate income through liquidity events and dividends – although there will also be scope to benefit from value increases. This is because R/Note’s supply is capped at 800 million tokens, with 30% of them locked until 2023. As such, supply and demand elements are favourable for price increases, making this upcoming ICO an attractive event for crypto investors.

12. Eco – Innovative Fintech App with Numerous Use Cases

Eco logoEco is an upcoming ICO that offers an exciting addition to the fintech space. This project has already received backing from some major players in the crypto scene, including Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase Ventures. There are also over 35,000 followers on Eco’s Twitter page, highlighting the hype around this project.

Put simply, the Eco App offers a way for users to spend, send, save, and make money, all in one location. Offering many of the same services as a traditional bank, the app provides cashback on spending, APY on savings, and reward points when users pay their bills using Eco. Eco Points are accrued wherever a user spends, forming the basis for the new ecosystem the project is creating.

Eco crypto ICO

As noted on many ICO reporting websites, Eco is gearing up to release its own token soon. Although details are scarce on this token, most of these websites have noted that interest in the project is ‘High’ or ‘Very High’. Given that the token type has been stated as ERC-20, this ensures that Eco will be compatible with the vast universe of Ethereum-based projects.

13. Mavia – Best Upcoming ICO Within the ‘Battle-Builder’ Gaming Niche

Mavia logoOne of the best new ICOs for 2023 within the blockchain gaming space is Mavia. Mavia aims to be the world’s first AAA ‘blockchain base builder’ game, allowing users to construct an in-world base and conquer enemy bases. In return for skilled gameplay, users will be rewarded with $RUBY – Mavia’s native token.

Mavia’s gameplay is similar to the legendary Command & Conquer gaming franchise, meaning players can build their own armies and construct strategies to attack other players. $RUBY will be earned by winning battles and defending bases from attacks, with various in-game challenges also providing rewards. Furthermore, players can also upgrade their bases using $RUBY, making it one of the best metaverse coins in terms of in-world utility.

Mavia crypto

Mavia will also feature a built-in NFT marketplace and scope for live battle streaming. Although not scheduled to launch until Q4 2022, Mavia has already begun picking up hype through social media ahead of its token and virtual land sale in the coming weeks.

14. Social-Service – Social Network Combining Blockchain Technology with P2P Elements

Social-Service logoSocial-Service is a soon-to-be-released crypto project that seeks to combine P2P services with blockchain technology. Taking inspiration from leading social networks, Social-Service aims to provide ‘mutually beneficial services’ without financial relationships. The platform also looks to create a community of people, allowing for resource sharing and mutual assistance

The specifics of Social-Service’s platform are unclear; however, the official website mentions that it will be entirely decentralized and available in any country worldwide. According to the project’s roadmap, there will be a ‘Pre-ICO’ this year, with a view to launching the full ICO in 2023. Social-Service also plans to launch a Beta version of their app in the coming months, with the full release coming next year.

Social-Service crypto

The native token of the Social-Service ecosystem is $SSE, which can be purchased through the platform’s website. Over 108,000 tokens have been sold ahead of the ICO, with just a few weeks left until this pre-ICO phase ends. Although details are still emerging regarding this project, this upcoming ICO is worth keeping an eye on throughout the remainder of the year.

15. SeaCoast – New ICO Coin with Exciting Rewards Potential

SeaCoast logoSeaCoast is an upcoming crypto platform that looks to promote the creation, exchange, and consumption of products and services related to the coast and the sea. This platform aims to ‘tokenize the coast’ by rewarding users with in-depth knowledge of specific areas. These include knowledge of coastlines and publishing geo-referenced content to the broader community.

SeaCoast’s unique use cases mean it could potentially be the next crypto to explode, as users will earn $COAST tokens through participation in the network. Users who provide tips on some sea-based regions will receive $COAST tokens, which can then be ‘anchored’ in the SeaCoast fund for additional benefits.

SeaCoast ICO

Users can also earn an exclusive NFT by attending events organized by the SeaCoast community, helping incentivize participation. The second phase of SeaCoast’s ICO is set to go live soon, with investors able to participate from as little as €100 ($102). With the entire SeaCoast ecosystem not scheduled to be complete until 2025, this is an excellent chance for investors to gain exposure to the project at the earliest stage possible.

16. SubQuery – Useful Blockchain Toolkit for dApp Developers

SubQuery logoRounding off our list of the best upcoming ICO projects is SubQuery. SubQuery is a blockchain developer toolkit that is usable within Web 3.0 infrastructure. This toolkit will act as an API between blockchain-based data and each developer’s dApps, removing the need for programmers to use valuable time designing complex backend systems.

SubQuery will essentially act as a ‘decentralized data service’ for dApps and is already deployed on several networks, including Polkadot, Substrate, and Avalanche. Building dApps with the SubQuery toolkit is extremely easy, with a built-in ‘Hero Course’ showing each developer precisely what to do.

SubQuery crypto

Investors can register for the SubQuery ICO, which will involve the sale of $SQT. Tokens can be purchased using USDC and priced at $0.0275 per token. With roughly 9% of the total supply available through this upcoming ICO, this could be an excellent opportunity for investors to obtain coins before the project expands in the coming years.

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best upcoming ICOs in 2023, let’s focus on what these ICOs are and how they can benefit investors. As investors who buy cryptocurrency regularly will know, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are very similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the sense that they allow crypto-based projects to raise capital by issuing tokens and usually result in volatile cryptocurrencies.

The tokens offered through ICO projects will usually have some sort of use case related to the project’s goal. For example, the upcoming ICO from Battle Infinity features $IBAT tokens which are crucial for transacting within the project’s metaverse. However, some ICOs may just offer coins that act as a ‘stake’ in the project – meaning they can be sold in the future for capital gains.

Initial Coin Offering

Since ICOs are still a relatively new phenomenon compared to traditional asset classes, many aspects remain unregulated. As such, investors considering investing in an ICO must ensure they are 100% confident in the project’s legitimacy – as many ICOs have turned out to be scams in the past.

On the other hand, many of the best new cryptocurrency projects began as ICOs and are now thriving. A great example of this is EOS, which raised over $4 billion in funding during its ICO back in 2017. 

How do ICOs Work?

So, how do these ICOs work? Since anyone with the requisite technology and know-how can launch an ICO, they tend to come with various structures. The three main structures are as follows:

  • Pre-set token price + Capped supply
  • Variable token price + Capped supply
  • Pre-set token price + Variable supply

No structure is deemed ‘superior’ to another, although capped supplies tend to be the norm within this area of the market. ICO projects must also attract investors, meaning marketing is crucial to the project’s success. Much of this marketing is completed through social media or by partnering with one of the best ICO marketing agencies.


New ICO crypto projects also tend to feature a whitepaper detailing the project and what it hopes to achieve in the future. The process of actually investing in an ICO is usually relatively easy, requiring investors to register through the project’s website and then purchase tokens using an exchange cryptocurrency (e.g. BNB, ETH). Once tokens are purchased, investors can store them in a crypto wallet until the coin is listed on an exchange, at which point they can be sold. 

How to Find New Upcoming ICOs

Finding upcoming ICOs to watch is easier than ever, thanks to the remarkable growth of the cryptocurrency market over the last few years. Here are just some of the approaches that investors use to uncover ICO projects:

  • Use social media: Social media sites like Reddit and Twitter have become valuable resources for crypto investors, offering real-time information on new projects. In addition, many of the best crypto YouTube channels also discuss upcoming ICOs in an informative and unbiased way.
  • Keep track with an ICO calendar: Much like an NFT calendar, ICO calendars present an overview of upcoming ICO projects, along with the date that they are set to launch and close. The calendar offered by CoinMarketCap is an excellent tool as it clearly shows when each ICO will begin and the funding goal for each project.
  • ICO platforms: Finally, certain websites focus exclusively on ICOs (and IDOs) to provide information on what they are and what investors can expect. In addition, many of these platforms will conduct KYCs or audits on upcoming projects and give them a rating based on the project’s potential.

Are New ICO Coins a Good Investment?

Investing in the best crypto presales and ICOs is an approach taken by many investors – especially those with a high risk tolerance level. However, are ICO coins considered a good investment opportunity? To help answer this question, here are a few factors to bear in mind:

Access to New and Exciting Use Cases

One main reason investors participate in ICOs is to gain access to tokens that provide compelling use cases. Due to the ultra-competitive nature of the crypto market, ICO projects must differentiate themselves by offering utility that no other project has – or improving on the services provided by established projects.

Thus, by investing in ICOs, investors can acquire tokens that may prove disruptive within the crypto market. A prime example of this is the upcoming project from Battle Infinity, which combines six different concepts into one metaverse-based ecosystem.

Potential for Huge Returns

Naturally, investing in ICOs has the potential to provide huge returns if the project goes on to list on CEXs or DEXs. ICO coins tend to be offered at a low price point, both to entice investors to purchase them and make them accessible to many demographics.

EOS price chart

The returns can be enormous if an investor purchases these tokens and the project takes off. A famous example is the ICO conducted by EOS in 2017, which saw quadruple-digit returns generated for early investors in just under one year.

Unique Ways to Generate Passive Income

One of the prevailing trends within the crypto market right now is passive income. Much like the best dividend stocks, many projects will provide regular income streams to investors simply for holding the token.

There are many ways that ICO cryptos could do this, such as through ‘static rewards’ funded by taxation. Income can also be generated through skilled gameplay, which is the case with many P2E games. Finally, many ICO coins also use ‘traditional’ income generation methods, including crypto staking and yield farming. 

New Upcoming ICO Cryptos – Conclusion

In summary, this guide has presented an in-depth overview of ten new ICO coins that will likely shake up the market in the weeks and months ahead. Although investing in ICOs is inherently risky, these projects seem to stand out from the crowd – making them worth keeping an eye on throughout the rest of 2023.

The upcoming ICO project that looks to have the most potential is Meta Masters Guild, which has already attracted a huge amount of early interest since launch because it rewards users for playing several high-quality games. $MEMAG coins are currently on presale and available at 0.013 USDT per coin.

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