As one of the top crypto exchange platforms, new Coinbase listings often catch the eye of seasoned crypto enthusiasts. As meme and utility coins get their chance to become new listings on Coinbase, we have our selected list of cryptocurrencies. However, with so many listings, choosing where to invest your money is not always easy.

To help simplify that process, the crypto team at Business2Community picked 13 of the upcoming cryptos on Coinbase and delved into why they might be worth your investment.

New Listings on Coinbase — 14 Contenders

We’ve included a mix of new and upcoming coins on Coinbase to provide investors with a comprehensive list.

  1. PlayDoge — Merging Doge and fun gameplay for $PLAY rewards
  2. WienerAI — Get hot new meme tokens for only $0.000717 before the project’s launch
  3. Sealana — Promising meme coin with a SOL ‘Send to Wallet’ presale
  4. Base Dawgz — A supply of 1.69 billion and plans to launch on both CEX and DEX
  5. Mega Dice — Earn unique awards, including over $2.2 million worth of airdrop over three seasons
  6. 99Bitcoins Leading the way in revolutionary rewards with the innovative learn-to-earn approach
  7. Sponge V2 — A new Sponge coin Upgrade with high staking rewards and the potential to become a new Coinbase listing
  8. eTukTuk — An innovative P2E mobile game that aims to improve the transportation system in developing nations
  9. Pepe Unchained — Invest in $PEPU presale and watch your profits grow once it’s listed
  10. KAI — New meme token with AI tech and 15% supporting liquidity, boosting KAI’s exchange presence
  11. Shiba Shootout — Meme coin that will be listed on Coinbase after it generates 10,000+ unique token holders
  12. SpacePay — Offers low-cost payments, launching on top exchanges post-presale
  13. FightNight — A meme coin tribute to the legendary boxers with an expected ROI of over 10-20x
  14. COINDEXER — Revolutionary decentralized exchange that merges the trading features of CEX with the security of DEX

What New Coins Are Coming to Coinbase?

Stay updated on Coinbase listed coins as well as upcoming listings to make informed investment decisions. We’ve done the research and reviewed the 13 best new Coinbase listings. Each project has strong fundamentals and will likely explode following a confirmed listing.

1. PlayDoge — BEP-20 Meme Coin That Managed to Raise Over $210k in a Few Hours

  • A combination of two popular trends – Doge memes and P2E games
  • Runs on the Binance Smart Chain, which could help it get listed on tier 1 CEXs
  • Raised over $210K in just a few hours

PlayDoge has great potential to become the newest crypto on Coinbase due to its unique design and multiple use cases. The $PLAY token has a Tamagotchi-inspired design that includes a fun and playful 2D Doge. This virtual pet will be the main character of PlayDoge’s 8-bit mini-games, through which investors will be able to earn $PLAY tokens. 

This modernized Tamagotchi concept enabled this project to raise over $210K in just a few hours. Moreover, according to its roadmap, the $PLAY token should be listed on both DEXs and CEXs once its presale ends.

The $PLAY token currently costs $0.00507. However, due to its community-focused approach that enables players to interact with each other and collaborate, its value could increase significantly in the future. 

2. WienerAI — New ERC-20 Meme Token, Combining AI and Blockchain

  • New meme coin with groundbreaking AI technology
  • 20% of the $69 billion token supply allocated for community rewards
  • Earn massive staking rewards of over 5700% daily during the presale

WienerAI is a combination of AI and blockchain in the form of a cybernetic AI wiener dog. It is built on Ethereum, using the chain’s broad reach and strong security. Additionally, WAI is a cutting-edge AI platform easily upgraded and scaled due to its modular architecture.

The token’s total supply is 69 billion dollars, of which 30% is reserved for presale, as per WienerAI’s whitepaper.

During the presale, early buyers of $WAI are eligible for staking rewards with a high APY. This means those who stake will receive a $WAI reward.WienerAI’s presale has been a success, raising over $235k in just a few days. This presale has several stages, all lasting two days. In each stage, the price gradually increases.

Phase 3 of WienerAI’s roadmap shows that the token will be listed on all global exchange platforms, and we’re optimistic about its listing on Coinbase, too.

3. Sealana – Solana-Based Meme Coin That Could Raise $15M During Its Presale Due to Its Single-Tiered Setup

  • Animal-themed meme coins seem the least affected by market turbulations
  • Launched just before the bullish summer crypto coin frenzy
  • A “Send to Wallet” project without too much fuss

Sealana is a new meme coin that runs on Solana. What makes this coin stand out from the competition is its design. On that note, the $SEAL token features a chubby seal that looks like Jenkins, the Gamer Guy. This South Park reference helped this coin raise nearly $300k in less than a week.

This project uses a single-tiered presale setup, which makes it more accessible to the crypto community. In other words, its presale will not be divided into stages. Instead, early investors will be able to buy $SEAL tokens at a fixed price — 6,900 $SEAL tokens for 1 SOL. Once the presale ends, all purchased tokens will be sent via airdrops.

We also believe that Sealana will get listed on Coinbase shortly after finishing its presale due to the hype that’s being created around Solana-based coins. For example, its Solana meme peer, Slothana, managed to raise over $15M during its presale. Because of this, in less than two months, the $SLOTH token got listed on DEXs. 

You can find out more about Sealana by visiting its X (Twitter)  account and Telegram channel.

4. Base Dawgz – Latest Base Network’s Coin With Excellent Staking Rewards

  • Project offers multi-chain functionality
  • It uses advanced technology
  • Big rewards allocated to those who engage with the project online

If you want to know what’s new on Coinbase, check out Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ). The project captures the essence of the Shiba Inu cultural phenomenon and the adventure of base-jumping. 

Base Dawgz’s uniqueness is particularly evident in one feature: its multi-chain functionality. Specifically, the token is available for trading, storing, and claiming on Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana. This means it has the potential for significant community expansion. 

Base Dawgz uses advanced technology and shows solid tokenomics and a meticulously planned roadmap. The project ensures robust security as its smart contracts undergo rigorous audits. 

Its current price is $0.00502, and it increases by 5% every five days. What’s also interesting is that you can receive staking awards, as 20% of the total token supply is allocated for the presale. 

With the Be Social for Airdrop option, users can earn real tokens, which makes this project even more attractive.

5. Mega Dice – A GameFi Token Whose Value Could Range Between $0.06 and $0.17 Once It Gets Listed on Coinbase

  • Join the $2,250,000+ USD airdrop for casino players with $DICE
  • $DICE holders can enjoy 25% revenue share for referring new users to the platform
  • Combines two hot metas: Solana coins and Gamefi

Next on our Coinbase crypto list is $DICE a native token of Mega Dice Casino with many use cases. Investors can use it to conduct trades on the platform, play casino games, and earn staking rewards. This token also serves as the main currency for rewards, airdrops, promotions, cashbacks, and loot boxes.

During the presale phase, investors can purchase $DICE at a discounted price of $0.075. Once listed on crypto exchanges, its value will increase significantly.

Almost all of the newest coins on Coinbase experience a significant jump in price, and we expect the same to happen to the $DICE token. Why? Because its developers use different strategies to stimulate its value increase, such as strategic buybacks and regular token burns. Moreover, the $DICE token has a fixed supply of 420 million, which could further increase its demand once it gets listed on Coinbase.

We also believe that its trading price on Coinbase could range between $0.06 and $0.17.

6. 99Bitcoins — A Platform That Uses a Learn-to-Earn Model Whose Native Token Is Scheduled to Be Listed on Cexs During Q4 2024

  • Rewards users for learning about crypto
  • Offers staking rewards exceeding 44,000% and multi-chain functionality via Ethereum and BSC
  • Access advanced trading courses and VIP community groups with $99BTC token

99Bitcoins is a well-known platform that focuses on providing educational resources on cryptocurrencies. This platform recently launched its $99BTC token presale, which will take place in several stages. During each new stage, the price of the $99BTC token will go up. At the time of writing, its price stands at $0.00109 per token.

We think the $99BTC token could soon be on the Coinbase list because of its innovative rewards model. 99Bitcoins uses a Learn-To-Earn model through which investors can claim rewards by participating in different crypto quizzes. They’ll also be able to stake their tokens at a rate of 4,143 $99BTC per ETH block. Staking rewards will be distributed over two years, while their current APY is 16,854%.

$99BTC has a maximum supply of 99 billion tokens, of which 10.50% will be allocated towards the presale. Its developers are also planning to airdrop $99,999 worth of $99BTC to early investors.

7. Sponge V2 — A New Sponge Coin Upgrade With High Staking Rewards and the Potential to Become a New Crypto on Coinbase

  • Price surged 10x in the last month
  • Over 13k current holders
  • Meme coin trending with P2E utility and lucrative staking rewards

Sponge V2 is a major upgrade to the original Sponge token, a meme coin that saw exceptional growth in 2023. This new version introduces a ‘Stake-to-Bridge’ mechanism for a smooth transition from Sponge V1 to V2.

Through this mechanism, users can stake their Sponge V1 tokens, which become permanently locked, to receive an equivalent amount of Sponge V2 tokens. This process simplifies the transition between versions and incentivizes long-term holding.

The platform also plans to integrate a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming environment, which will add more utility and interactive dimensions to the $SPONGE ecosystem.  Introducing a P2E game is a strategic move to increase the token’s utility. It allows players to use their V2 tokens in an engaging gaming environment, potentially earning more tokens.

Sponge V2 sets its total token supply at a massive 150 billion. Much of this is set aside for staking rewards and supporting the P2E gaming ecosystem. 

The platform plans to be one of Coinbase’s upcoming listings, as well as targeting major exchanges such as Binance coin listings and OKX, following a trend set by successful meme coins. 

Interested users can enter the Sponge V2 Telegram channel for the latest updates.

8. eTukTuk — Play Crazy Taxi Style P2E game on your mobile devices, earn $TUK tokens, and support green transportation

  • Nearing the $3.5M milestone
  • P2E mobile game set in Sri Lanka
  • Potential for massive growth upon getting listed on Coinbase

eTukTuk, an eco-friendly crypto project that will soon get listed on Coinbase, is poised to tackle two major global challenges — climate change and financial inequality.

This new platform in the automotive sector utilizes the Binance Smart Chain and aims to reduce carbon emissions and decrease financial exclusion in developing nations.

At the heart of eTukTuk’s approach is its P2E game, which will be available for Android and iOS devices. This Crazy Taxi-style game will enable investors to earn $TUK tokens by driving through the streets of Sri Lanka and picking up passengers. In addition to that, players will be able to use their tokens to customize their vehicles and unlock new cities.

This project raised almost $3.5M during its presale. The current price of the $TUK token is $0.0325. However, once its presale ends, this token will be listed on DEXs and CEXs. This will further increase its value, especially since only 6% of its total token supply will be reserved for early investors.

Interested users can join the eTukTuk Telegram group to stay updated with the platform’s progress.

9. KAI — New Meme Token With AI Tech and 15% Supporting Liquidity, Boosting KAI’s Exchange Presence

  • Secure ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Rewarding presale staking strategy
  • Cutting-edge AI technology

KAI Cat is a newcomer in the world of cat-themed meme coins that are slowly rising in a space dominated by dog-based tokens. What makes this project a potential candidate for getting listed on Coinbase is its community-driven approach. On that note, $KAI holders will be able to use their tokens to participate in community battles and challenges. In fact, 25% of its total token supply will be allocated towards community rewards. This approach will boost its user base and visibility, which will increase its chances of getting listed on Coinbase.

In addition, its developers will allocate 15% of the total token supply to liquidity to boost KAI’s value once it gets listed on crypto exchanges. This AI-powered meme coin uses the ERC-20 token standard. This means that investors will be able to stake it for annual returns, which currently stand at 58,820%.

Due to its stake-to-earn mechanism and community rewards, this token could get listed on Coinbase soon after it concludes its presale. Early investors will be able to buy 20% of its total token supply during the presale. At the time of writing, the price of the $KAI token is $0.0041215.

10. Shiba Shootout — Dog-Based Meme Coin That Offers a Massive APY of 158466%

  • Lucrative staking rewards program with a massive APY
  • It’s a governance token with the community at the centre
  • Raised over $100,000 in just a few days

If you’re looking for sustainable meme coins that could be listed on Coinbase this year, look no further than Shiba Shootout. This meme coin is reminiscent of “the Dogecoin killer,” SHIB, which experienced a 46,000,000% price boost during the bull run in 2021.

Can $SHIBASHOOT repeat this success? It’s hard to say since this project launched its presale on April 9, 2024. However, Shiba Shootout’s developers hope that during their 3-phased roadmap, they’ll manage to attract 10,000+ holders. This would help them get a spot on CEXs, like Coinbase.

With that in mind, Shiba Shootout managed to raise $4,000 in just one day. If this upward trend continues, the $SHIBASHOOT token could be listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap sooner than expected. This would increase its chances of getting listed on Coinbase as well.

This project offers lucrative staking rewards to early investors, with an annual percentage yield currently of 158,466%. All staking rewards will be distributed over two years at a rate of 125.5 $SHIBASHOOT tokens per ETH block.

1 $SHIBASHOOT token is currently worth $0.019.

11. SpacePay — Multi-Utility Token That Managed to Raise $750,000 From Private Investors

  • Raised $750,000 from private investors
  • Will get listed on CEXs once its presale ends
  • Will launch on 4.5 million devices by the end of 2024

SpacePay is a software that aims to solve issues related to centralized systems, such as lack of accessibility and data breaches. On that note, this decentralized software is designed to work on all terminals. I.e., it’s built into card machines. It’s also compatible with over 325 crypto wallets and all Android POS terminals.

SpacePay’s idea is to provide a cost-effective solution for both merchants and customers. The former will have to pay 0.5% fees per transaction, while the latter will be able to use SpacePay for zero fees.

Its native token, $SPY, is both a utility and governance token. Investors will be able to use it to vote and access private features and loyalty airdrops. Once its presale ends, this token will be directly listed on Coinbase and other notable CEXs. The $SPY token managed to raise $750K from private investors. Its total supply stands at 34 billion, of which 20% will go towards the presale, while its current value is $0.00147.

12. FightNight — A New Meme Coin That Aims to Reach 100,000 Token Holders and 1 Million Active Users

  • The first smart meme that promotes celebrities
  • Based on the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul match
  • Its ROI could vary between 10x and 20x 

$FNIO is a smart meme coin that promotes celebrities via blockchain and Web 3 games. On that note, FightNight is a Web 3 game inspired by the upcoming boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. Its storyline includes Mike Tyson who has to fight against Jake and his minions, Pepe, Doge, and Shib, in a pixelated world.  

This project will begin its presale on June 3, 2024. The starting price of the $FNIO token will be set to $0.0009. This token has a total supply of 200 billion, of which 96 billion will be allocated toward the presale. In addition to that, its developers will donate a portion of the tokens to various charities, such as the Project Mission Green initiative and the Opioid Awareness Foundation.

Once FightNight’s Web 3 game and AI video platform come out, this token will get listed on major CEXs, such as Coinbase. This will enable it to reach 1 million active users and 100,000 token holders.

13. COINDEXER — A Hybrid Crypto Exchange Whose Native Token Could Get Listed on Coinbase During Q3 2024

  • Crypto exchange that combines the security features of DEXs and trading features of CEXs
  • 50% of its token supply will be allocated towards the presale
  • Staking rewards come with an APY of 3087%

When it comes to Coinbase upcoming listings, COINDEXER has a high chance of being listed on this popular crypto exchange in the third quarter of 2024. Why? First of all, COINDEXER is a crypto exchange that combines the security features of decentralized exchanges and the trading features of centralized exchanges. 

The goal of this platform is to improve the limitations of decentralized exchanges through strict risk management tools.  

Secondly, COINDEXER aims to set new standards for decentralized trading through its native token, $COINDEX. This token runs on the ETH network, although it’s designed to be interoperable with other blockchains and dApps. Its total supply amounts to 5 billion, of which 50% will be allocated towards the presale.

Early investors will also be able to stake their tokens at a rate of 142.69 $COINDEX per ETH block. At the time of writing, the annual rewards rate stands at 3087%.

This project is currently in the presale phase. This means that early investors will be able to buy $COINDEX tokens at a discounted price of $0.00156 (at the time of writing).

How to Find New Coinbase Listings

Here’s how to find new listings on Coinbase promptly:

You can find all new token listings on its Twitter account, @CoinbaseAssets. This account provides details about new listings and follow-up announcements once trading begins.

If you’re not particularly active on Twitter, there are other ways to go about it. Services like email, text, Telegram, and Discord notifications for new listings.

How Do New Crypto Projects Get Listed on Coinbase?

Coinbase new listing policies require new crypto projects aiming to be listed on Coinbase first to submit an application form. Coinbase reviews each application individually and does not disclose specific listing requirements, such as minimum trade volume. Notably, Coinbase tends to avoid listing tokens from competing exchange ecosystems. As a result, popular tokens like BNB (Binance), OKB (OKX), CRO (, BUSD (Binance), and KCS (KuCoin) are not available on Coinbase.

For approved cryptocurrencies, Coinbase follows a four-stage listing process:

  • Transfer
  • Post
  • Limit
  • Full Trading

How Often Does Coinbase Add New Coins?

Unfortunately, for budding investors trying to search the Coinbase new listings page, the next projects to be listed are closely guarded secrets. As it has become a strategy to stock up on a specific cryptocurrency prior to a listing in order to capitalize on the demand created, most exchanges only announce new listings on the same day they’re scheduled to take place.

However, people hunting for upcoming coins on Coinbase still have options. The most effective strategy for finding Coinbase upcoming coins is to listen to the community.

While newly listed coins on Coinbase are announced fairly frequently, there’s no set schedule for listings. After a project applies to be listed on the exchange, it undergoes a strict vetting process, and if successful, the project can then be listed (although a listing is not guaranteed).

While the exchange has picked up the pace at which it lists new cryptocurrency projects, it still boasts some of the industry’s strictest requirements.

Overall, while there is no fixed schedule for new Coinbase listings, the exchange does announce new projects fairly frequently, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on its blog for a listing announcement.

Why You Should Invest Before Coins List on Coinbase

While it can be tempting to wait for new coins to be added to Coinbase, it’s often more efficient to invest before a listing is announced. This is because by the time Coinbase gives an update, demand and, therefore, price will have already increased substantially.

Although it’s undeniable that investing in a project before it comes to Coinbase is the best way to profit, it does come with increased risk. However, there are a few ways that risk can be minimized.

Firstly, look for projects that are rumored to be upcoming Coinbase listings. Then, narrow the results down by searching for cryptos that have been performing well, have a clear roadmap, have been audited, boast a strong community, and provide utility.


With so many cryptocurrencies on the market (and even more new ones popping up), it’s never easy to decide where to put your money. As one of the largest exchanges, Coinbase constantly adds new listings. If you’re looking to invest but don’t know where, Coinbase new listings alert, along with our recommended list, can help narrow your search down. 

According to our analysis, Dogeverse has the potential to become a new crypto on Coinbase, given the early traction it has received from investors.


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