My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain game in which players buy and own virtual lands, collect and build items, and socialize with other players.

Its native token MyNeighborAlice (ALICE), spelled without spaces, jumped by 60,000% within 30 seconds of being listed on Binance in March 2021 – from $0.1 to $60. It corrected to the $3-4 level by mid 2021 and again revisited that support level in Q2 2022, after reaching as high as $28 in late 2021.

Will ALICE go up in 2023? Can it hit $60 again? In this guide, we speculate on some My Neighbor Alice price predictions and review the use case of this popular crypto asset.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction 2022

The price of  My Neighbor Alice is currently trending at around $1 and has been in a downtrend since November 2021 after opening 2022 at $12.50.

End of 2022: The ALICE team is focusing on additional developments for the game. If they are successful and the wider crypto market improves ALICE could retest the $2 level in a best-case scenario.

End of 2023: Once the game has been active for more than a year, we’d expect more game updates and a wider more supportive community to be built around the My Neighbor Alice game and its native coin. If the game is able to lead the blockchain gaming industry, we could see an ALICE price rally to around $10 by the end of 2023.

End of 2025: The metaverse could see mass adoption in the coming years.  Multiple gaming ecosystems may establish partnerships to feature each other’s avatars. My Neighbor Alice can follow suit. The price of ALICE could retest its all-time high of $60 – there’ll be little resistance above $25 as the ALICE price only traded there for a matter of seconds in its Binance listing pump.

My Neighbor Alice Game

Blockchain gaming is an evolving ecosystem with many projects set on introducing more inclusive games in the future. My Neighbor Alice is one of them.

After launching on steam in early January 2021, it quickly gained popularity in the media, with many outlets listing it among the top crypto games to invest in and play. My Neighbor Alice garnered the interest of both the crypto and non-crypto gaming crowd.

The My Neighbor Alice game takes on similar concepts to Farmville and Animal Crossing and allows users to collect in-game NFTs as they own and manage their parcels of land (which are also represented by NFTs) in the My Neighbor Alice universe, or ‘metaverse’.

My Neighbour Alice NFT

On the surface, the game features simple tools that gamers can utilize to buy the parcel on land and build creations within the world of ALICE. But beneath it all, it also features robust DeFi elements for crypto enthusiasts who seek to trade or flip NFTs.

My Neighbor Alice was developed by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive gaming studio known as the pioneer of VR gaming and experimenting with AR technology within the gaming ecosystem. Antler developed My Neighbor Alice on the Chromia platform to implement in-game DeFi features.

Players can build virtual farms and homes in this game and interact with other players through their in-game characters.

My Neighbor Alice

🌸 Coin Name MyNeighborAlice
💲 Price $1.50
🔆 Coin Symbol ALICE
⏳ Price Change 1h0.12%
🌕 Price Change 24h 0.61%
💵 Market Cap$72,096,565
🥇 Rank327
🌐 24h Volume$12,929,906
🔄 Circulating Supply48,068,157
💰 Total Supply100,000,000

My Neighbor Alice Price History

$ALICE is the native ERC-20 token and governance token for the My Neighbor Alice metaverse and game – it’s used to purchase in-game assets, including land real estate, decoration materials and for avatar customization using the in-game NFT marketplace.

Gamers can also purchase in-game plots and sell the NFTs representing them on the marketplace for lucrative returns. By using the game’s DeFi functionalities, players can also yield farm.

ALICE tokens became available for trading ahead of the launch of the Alpha version of the game. In March 2021, the price of ALICE tokens jumped by 600x within 30 seconds of being listed on Binance, from 0.1 to $60, correcting to around $40 a few hours later, then $20 by the daily close.

On day two the ALICE token price closed at $17. The first day of trading wasn’t tracked on Coinmarketcap – there’s a delay between CMC tracking and exchange listing – so isn’t visible on the ALICE price chart below. The day one wick can be seen on Binance.

alice 2211

MyNeighborAlice token price history – via CoinMarketCap

It is not uncommon for altcoins to get pumped to such a high valuation after landing on a crypto trading platform. In ALICE’s case, that was on Binance. As a high-volume crypto trading platform Binance can have a considerable impact on the price of crypto assets.

The My Neighbor Alice price soon corrected, however, and for the next few months, ALICE traded between $4 – 18. A large increase in price happened in August 2021, when it reached $21. It coincided with the:

  • Midsummer with Alice NFT sale on Binance NFT
  • My Neighbor Alice’s first land sale
  • The announcement of Alice’s Mysterious Seed, a new mobile game

The My Neighbor Alice price reached $28 in November 2021 coinciding with the conclusion of the pre-alpha testing of the game. Another factor that contributed to the all time high ALICE price (ignoring the day one wick), was the announcement by team Alice of building their own game launcher. That happened after Steam decided to not support any blockchain game on its platform.

After trading at prices between $18 – $20 in late 2021, the ALICE token price opened 2022 at $12.50. However, it has been all downhill from January amid the wider crypto bear market and the recent chaos following the fall of FTX.

The token is currently trading just above $1.10 as of November 2022 – its lowest price since listing and has not been above $5 since May or $2 since early September.

Trading volume continues to fall and in 2022, the ALICE price has corrected 91%, is 96% since hitting $28.50, and in total more than 98% since the wick touched $60.

ALICE is currently ranked #397 on Coinmarketcap with a live market cap of $33 million, down from $150 million in April.

ALICE has a circulating supply of 30.6 million and a max supply of 100 million (almost 31% of ALICE coins are unlocked and in circulation).

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction 2022

Currently, the My Neighbor Alice token has been in an almost 12-month bear market. Some investors will be wondering if ALICE can go up before 2023, since it’s corrected to such a low price point.

Some will be dollar cost averaging in to ‘buy the dip’ and get a better average entry – however, more pain is expected in the market in the coming weeks.

A bullish case for ALICE would need to see wider market conditions improve. Its social presence is still high and trending thanks to the efforts of the team behind My Neighbor Alice.

alice 1w 2211

ALICE token price chart – via Binance

The developers have continued to increase their activity on Twitter and recently announced a partnership with major fashion brand ELLE, while the game is still attracting regular players despite the struggles of the coin.

Taking these factors into account, plus potential excitement in the market in the lead up to Christmas, it’s possible the ALICE token price could return to the $2 level in a best-case scenario.

However, the token could still dip further, with some analysts predicting a further drop to $0.50.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction 2023

One of the My Neighbor Alice’s major attractions is the project is making crypto gaming accessible to non-crypto gamers as well. By 2023, the game will have been developed more and patched to include more features that could pump the ALICE token price.

Many websites and crypto gurus have said that ALICE is an undervalued coin. They have rallied behind it, and are applauding its inclusive nature to increase the adoption rate.

They’ve also admired the marketing strategies employed by the developers, from using social media to increase traction to creating a user-friendly platform to invite all types of players, even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.

From the My Neighbor Alice roadmap, further land sales will happen in 2023 and alpha seasons will continue. The developers are also planning to introduce in-game partnerships and are gearing up to introduce a beta season.

All these factors could help the price of My Neighbor Alice to start a new bull run, while the wider market is expected to pick up as the next Bitcoin halving cycle approaches.

ALICE could reclaim the $10 level, with the next resistance level at $20.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction 2025 and Beyond

Any ALICE price prediction will also depend on Bitcoin – the whole market moves with BTC and the next halving is expected in the first half of 2024, which could see another bull run.

The last halving led to the Bitcoin price moving to the upside, if history repeats then ALICE will have an easier time also entering price discovery and making new all-time highs.

My Neighbor Alice’s characters were featured in the The Sandbox ecosystem in June 2021 – further collaborations with other metaverses like that could impact the ALICE price.

The upcoming Otherside metaverse game by Yuga Labs is attracting a lot of investor attention.

MyNeighborAlice Price Prediction 2025

The My Neighbor Alice multiplayer game is built on Chromia – a Layer 1 protocol that exists to increase the scalability of the Ethereum Network. The low-gas fees on Chromia could help to bring more players to the ecosystem.

The most optimistic My Neighbor Alice price prediction could be to fill the wick to $60 – many traders do theorize that wicks like that eventually get filled – as they give some indication of sell zones.

There would be little resistance above $25if the ALICE price does break out – the entire trading range from $30 – $60 has only seen minutes of price action – there’s effectively no real price history there.

In the bearish case for ALICE, it could be argued most of the bullish price action cryptos saw in 2021 was due to stimulus checks and people being locked down at home during the pandemic – leading to increased interest in investing, trading and making money with crypto.

Time spent gaming also increased. Now that restrictions are ending especially in the United States, people may spend less time on video games and trading – there are also fears of a recession amid rising inflation.

Potential Highs and Lows of My Neighbor Alice

Gaming crypto coins do still continue to gain the interest of investors. Gaming ecosystems like Decentraland and Sandbox continue to emerge as leaders in the crypto space. It is possible that My Neighbor Alice can follow suit.

As the metaverse gaming sector expands and more blockchain games emerge, there could be an increase in demand for game-based cryptocurrencies. Below is a breakdown of the potential highs and lows of MyNeighborAlice (ALICE):

Year Potential Low Potential High
2022 $0.50 $2
2023 $2 $10
2025 $10 $25

At a $100 ALICE token price, the market cap would be $3 billion – a little more than ApeCoin, the native token of the Otherside metaverse, ranked #32 on Coinmarketcap.

That could be the highest ALICE price estimate, as APE is associated with the most successful NFT collection of all time, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the $5 billion valued company Yuga Labs – it would be hard to exceed what they’ve achieved, but they’ve showed what’s possible for metaverse coins.

What is My Neighbor Alice Used For?

Taking inspiration from games such as FarmVille and Animal Crossing, My Neighbor Alice provides an ecosystem that both regular players and enjoy and blockchain enthusiasts can participate in to collect and trade NFTs.

At the centre of this ecosystem is the $ALICE, the native token of this gaming ecosystem token. It powers the decentralized elements of My Neighbor Alice and is used as a payment method within the network. My Neighbor Alice has an inclusive gaming ecosystem, and with it, the potential to increase the adoption rate of blockchain gaming. It could make $ALICE a valuable token to hold in the future.

As well as an in-game currency, below are some other aspects of its utility:

  • Trading In-Game – Players can buy, sell, and customize virtual real estate and decorations from the in-game marketplace
  • Governance Power – ALICE is a governance token giving the holders to participate in the DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization – to decide the future course of the game. The more ALICE one has, the more weight is given to their voting power
  • Avatars – Player Avatars have several unique traits – they actas a proxy for the players to interact with others in the virtual space. Within the game, these avatars are upgradable with in-game purchases or rewards earned by quests

Neightbor Alice Price prediction

  • NFT Empire Creation – For those who want to invest in real estate within the game universe, My Neighbor Alice allows for flexible NFT empire creation – areas of the game include Lummested, the central town hub that hosts events, Snowflake Island, a land of magic and snow, a medieval island for plants for agriculture and farming, and the sandy coasts of Nature’s Rest
  • Using Tokens as Collateral – My Neighbor Alice also has an NFT lending functionality. Players can lend their NFTs to other players to earn yield. That allows the players to earn passive income
  • Staking Rewards – Players can also stake their tokens within My Neighbor Alice’s ecosystem

What Drives the Price of My Neighbor Alice?

Here’s a list of some potential growth drivers behind the My Neighbor Alice price:

Inclusive Blockchain Gaming

My Neighbor Alice has made way for more inclusive games to emerge in the blockchain space. Its implementation of a simple UI while having a strong underlying DeFi application could increase the adoption rate of the blockchain gaming ecosystem and the ALICE cryptocurrency.


Another factor that is likely to influence ALICE’s price in future is its partnership with the Sandbox. Now that My Neighbor Alice’s game’s characters can be featured in the Sandbox, it is likely that increase in the price of Sandbox’s native token – SAND – would have a knock-on impact on the price of ALICE.

Exchange Listings

My Neighbor Alice experienced a massive 60,000% uptick in price within seconds after listing on Binance. While it corrected a lot since then, it did show the impact of listing on the price. The token’s price rallied a little in February 2022 when it was listed by Coinbase.

Further listings on for example Bitstamp (which listed GODS in April 2022) or eToro which has 27 million users and a portfolio for investing in metaverse crypto projects and the stocks of related companies, could see it pump again.

Land Sales

Gamers and investors alike are interested in the parcels of land that My Neighbor Alice represents with NFTs (similar to Otherdeed for Otherside virtual land plots). A land sale was one of the contributing factors behind the rise of the ALICE price in August 2021.

Social Media Presence

ALICE’s developers have been increasingly active in social media this year. One look at their Twitter feeds will give you a peek into the game’s development and the individual contribution of developers. My Neighbor Alice is continuously engaging its followers in a positive way.

Venture Capital Firms

My Neighbor Alice has raised $2.1 million from prominent VC firms, including Coin98 ventures and Kyros Ventures. As the game develops, more firms will likely invest in the project.

That would further increase the game’s underlying budget, leading to new updates, and more ways for the players to earn yield. As updates introduce more variation, new levels of scarcity will be introduced – possibly raising the floor price of My Neighbor Alice NFTs, and helping the ALICE token valuation to rise.

Market Sentiment

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the prevailing sentiment of the crypto market will directly impact the ALICE price. Altcoins tend to follow Bitcoin’s path, so you can expect ALICE to grow alongside BTC and fall in tandem with it.

They often act as a beta asset to Bitcoin – dropping more than BTC when it drips, and pumping more than BTC when it rises – so you may want to wait for Bitcoin to stabilize before over-investing in low marketcap alts.

Rise of the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Blockchain gaming could over time achieve mass adoption. Research indicates that there has been a 280% rise in investment in blockchain gaming since its introduction.

For instance, venture capital firm Mangrove Capital invested $5 million in DreamTeam, an esports / blockchain platform. The gaming industry is going through a transformation, and games like My Neighbor Alice could lead the way if they continue to be a hit with players and their gameplay keeps up with the times.


Gamers can be fickle, and games can fall out of favor if they’re replaced with the next big thing – for example Axie Infinity was a hit in 2021, going on a 1660x bull run, but doesn’t attract the same hype in 2023. It also fell victim to hackers, although Binance eventually recovered the funds and compensated victims of the hacking.

The Axie Infinity (AXS) token’s bull run shows what’s possible – it launched on Binance at the same price ALICE did, $0.1, and hit $166, and even today being 87% lower in price has a $1.3 billion market cap – 13 times the market cap of ALICE.

If the market cap of ALICE now were at parity with that of AXS today, it would mean a $40 ALICE token price.

My Neighbor Alice Video Analysis

Is My Neighbor Alice the Best Coin to Buy in 2023?

My Neighbor Alice is a fantastic platform that enables players to collect and build items while owning virtual land, but the 2022 bear market has made it extremely difficult for investors to make gains on established projects.

One way that smart investors have been able to beat the bear market is to find the best crypto presale projects and invest early.

dash 2 trade features

That is because projects typically offer tokens at below-market-value prices and before the wider market invests – My Neighbor Alice is a perfect example of this model of investing after is price grew 60,000% from its presale price.

Our top presale project is Dash 2 Trade, a new crypto intelligence and analytics platform that aims to help traders and investors maximize profits on their holdings.

The native token, D2T, is currently in stage 3 of its presale with tokens on sale for $0.0513.

The tokens will grant access to the Dash 2 Trade platform – via a subscription model – which offers a range of tools, metrics and insights to help its users.

They include trading signals, professional-grade trading measures, automated trading APIs and a back-tester to test strategies in live market conditions.

Dash 2 Trade is also developing a bespoke scoring system to rate new crypto presale projects as well as sending out alerts on new listings.

The project is from the same doxxed and KYC-verified team behind Learn2Trade, a beginners’ forex and crypto trading platform that has 70,000 users.

A total of 700 million (70%) of the 1 billion supply of D2T will be on sale during the presale, with the price to rise to $0.0662 in the final stage – a rise of 29% from the current price.

For more information on Dash 2 Trade, read through the whitepaper or join the Telegram group.


Our long-term My Neighbor Alice price prediction is bullish – blockchain games are increasingly popular and not going away anytime soon.

They can easily capture a large slice of the worldwide video gaming market which has been valued in the hundreds of billions – Yahoo Finance predicts it will cross $300 billion by 2026.

‘My Neighbor Alice price prediction 2030’ is a commonly searched keyword term – suggesting ALICE investors also have a long term outlook. ALICE could be a good investment, betting on play to earn games and NFT games to see mass adoption in the years to come.

An alternative to ALICE is Dash 2 Trade, a new crypto analytics platform that is currently in its presale stage.

Dash 2 Trade - New Listing

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