The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming market has grown massively over the past few years, becoming worth billions. The release of MetaBlaze (MBLZ), a new P2E project that could unseat some of the sector leaders, has prompted investors everywhere to search for a MetaBlaze price prediction.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be providing an in-depth MetaBlaze price prediction, discussing what MetaBlaze is used for, and explaining what drives the value of the MBLZ coin. Let’s get started.

MetaBlaze Price Prediction Overview 2022 – 2025

  • End of 2022 – Toward the end of the year, the MetaBlaze presale will have concluded and we could see MBLZ valued at around $0.0004.
  • End of 2023 – Moving on, with some time to mature and build a loyal fanbase, the MBLZ token could head toward $0.0007.
  • End of 2025 – With time to develop the MetaBlaze ecosystem, the price of MBLZ could be around $0.002 as soon as 2025.

MetaBlaze Price History

In order to provide the most accurate MetaBlaze (MBLZ) price prediction possible, it’s crucial we first discuss the token’s price history and take an objective look at why investors are loving the project.

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There is a huge variety of P2E games on the market. Unfortunately, most suffer from the same few blights, poor gameplay, low player immersion, and lackluster storytelling. This leads users to quickly lose interest in a project, quickly causing engagement and user count to deteriorate.

However, MetaBlaze is set to change this narrative through the creation of a highly immersive and rewarding P2E game with the world’s first revolving rewards pool. By taking this approach, MetaBlaze will be able to muster unparalleled engagement from its user base while rewarding users with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB for simply playing the game.

In contrast to the majority of presale projects, MetaBlaze has a doxed founding team, massively boosting the validity of the project. Combined with its Certik smart contract audit, the chance of a rug pull is essentially non-existent.

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Built on the Binance Smart Chain using the BEP20 architecture, MBLZ boasts phenomenal security, extremely low fees, and excellent energy efficiency. With P2E games generating a large number of transactions, these attributes are crucial for a project to build a large user base and enjoy long-term success.

Throughout the MetaBlaze P2E game, the player will progress through an immersive and expansive Metaverse world in which they can enjoy the exquisite world-building and expertly crafted narrative presented by the MetaBlaze team

While the project will initially engage with its audience via a series of miniature NFT-based games created to be as immersive and rewarding as possible, the team will go on to launch the main MetaBlaze game, which will be a triple-A role-playing game created using the brand new Unreal Engine Engine 5.

This concept is incredibly interesting and could help MetaBlaze to become one of the world’s best play-to-earn crypto games. With the MetaBlaze presale already $3,250,000 of the way to its $4,000,000 hard cap, it’s clear that investors share that same sentiment.

metablaze presale

Right now, MetaBlaze is currently in its second presale phase with MBLZ tokens selling for just $0.00015069, with an expected listing price of $0.0002. With the amount of intrinsic value offered by MetaBlaze, this could be the best crypto presale of the year.

While we’ll be continuing to discuss the merits of MetaBlaze throughout this article, joining the MetaBlaze Telegram channel is an excellent way to keep up with the project’s developments. However, to summarize a few key points worth keeping in mind while reading through our MetaBlaze price prediction:

  • MetaBlaze is a highly immersive P2E game created using Unreal Engine 5
  • The project features the world’s first revolving rewards pool
  • MBLZ token is currently $0.00015069 and will list for $0.0002
  • The MetaBlaze presale has already raised $3.3m of its $4m goal

MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2022

Now that we have an understanding of what MetaBlaze is, it’s time we take a look at where the price of the project’s native MBLZ token could head over the coming months. As with any of the best cryptos to watch, MetaBlaze is packed with a utility that could help the MBLZ token to skyrocket once it hits the open market.

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With the gameplay-first approach MetaBlaze is taking, the project has the potential to soar past other successful P2E projects that have performed well despite feating boring and repetitive gameplay. Take Axie Infinity, for example. Despite consisting of tiresome gameplay loops, the project has a market cap of just over $1 billion, even after the market’s downturn.

The MBLZ token boasts a fixed supply of 420,000,000,000 BEP-based tokens.

A sizable 18% will be burned upon the conclusion of the presale and the official release of the MetaBlaze coin – its first listing being on PancakeSwap.

Using the current market cap of Axie Infinity as a rough guideline, we could expect to see the price of MBLZ hit around $0.0004 by the end of 2022 with a possible low just above the listing price at $0.0003. However, it’s important to note that if the wider crypto market begins to pick up before the end of the year, we could see MBLZ explode and climb far higher.

MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2023

Looking further ahead to 2023, the MetaBlaze ecosystem will have had time to mature allowing the project to gather up some steam thanks to the team’s continued marketing efforts. This increased demand will help to boost the price of MBLZ significantly.

While it’s important to understand that the price of MBLZ will be heavily influenced by the sentiment of the wider crypto market, many assets are already beginning to show signs of strength. As such, we’re expecting to see some reasonable growth across the board in 2022. As such, we could see MetaBlaze go absolutely parabolic.

metablaze globin gallary

Toward the end of 2023, it’s likely that there will be significant progress made in the development of the full MetaBlaze game. However, the Blaziverse dApp is likely to be the real star of the show in 2023. Acting as the portal to the MetaBlaze ecosystem, the growth of this dApp is likely to be incredibly fast following its release.

Initially, the Blaziverse dApp will provide users with the ability to view and change their account information, purchase loot-box style Moon Capsules, buy MBLZ tokens without leaving the platform, collect NFTs, and join the MetaMinez lobby to view game instances or register to participate.

With such a wide range of features likely to roll out over 2023, MBLZ could prove to be one of the best new cryptocurrency projects in terms of upward growth. While the market will have a large effect on the token’s value, the project’s vastly increased utility will help to boost the price of MBLZ in a big way.

With the MetaBlaze ecosystem likely to be on a sharp upward trajectory, we could see the token soar to new heights of around $0.0007. However, if the market continues to struggle rather than being conducive to growth, it’s likely that the value of MBLZ will be around the $0.00035 mark.

MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2025

In the MetaBlaze whitepaper, it is revealed that the project will expand to include a wider range of game titles, NFT collections, and real-world events. By 2025, it’s likely that this vision will have been partly realized which could help to bolster the hype surrounding MetaBlaze in a big way.

The primary driving force behind the value of MBLZ token over the next few years will be the project’s flagship MetaBlaze role-playing game (RPG). Touted as a fully immersive, on-chain RPG, the game will allow players to choose an NFT-based character to explore the vast reaches of space with.

metablaze crypto controller
Over the past couple of years, triple-A titles of a similar concept like No Mans’s Sky and Outer Wilds have become worth tens of billions of dollars. However, MetaBlaze will likely be able to captivate both gamers and crypto enthusiasts, meaning the project could capture an even larger audience than these titles.

Even if the main MetaBlaze game hasn’t quite made it through its development cycle, by 2025 the Blaziverse will likely have expanded with a range of Mini NFT games released alongside MetaMinez, increasing both the demand for MBLZ and the number of users within the ecosystem.

With the MetaBlaze ecosystem growing significantly by 2025, we could see the MBLZ token increase in value by roughly a factor of four from its 2023 price, meaning that MBLZ could be firmly within the $0.0014 region. However, if the flagship MetaBlaze RPG is released, we could see the token climb far higher to approximately $0.0020.

Potential Highs & Lows of MetaBlaze

In order to make it simple for investors to understand exactly where the price of MBLZ could head over the coming years, we’ve condensed the key information down into a handy table.

Year Low  High
2022 $0.0003 $0.0004
2023 $0.00035 $0.0007
2025 $0.0014 $0.0020

What is MetaBlaze Used For?

The MetaBlaze ecosystem is packed with use cases. We’ve rounded up a few of the most exciting.

Triple-A P2E Game

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the MetaBlaze ecosystem is the immersive and gameplay-focused MetaBlaze role-playing game. Thanks to its focus on creating the best experience possible, this game has the potential to unseat established players and send MetaBlaze to the forefront of the P2E gaming industry.

Investment Vehicle

As a financial asset, the MBLZ coin will be used by many as an investment vehicle. With the project gearing up to reshape the P2E market, MBLZ could increase in value substantially. We placed at our highest MetaBlaze price prediction at $0.0020. This would mark an increase of over 10x which seems reasonable for one of the best penny cryptos.

NFT Collections

The NFT market is one of the fastest-growing crypto sub-sectors. MetaBlaze will release a host of NFTs used to support its games. Initially, the project will launch the MetaRoyals collection with a max supply of 200, MetaGoblins with a supply of 10,000, and Goblins with a 100,000 supply. Minting takes place October 15th, with 1,000 NFTs acquired in a presale mint. These NFTs are expected to gain utility as the project progresses.

Earn Rewards

As a play-to-earn project, earning rewards will be a core part of the MetaBlaze ecosystem. Starting with the MetaMinez mini NFT game, users will be able to rewards paid in a variety of cryptocurrencies. As the MetaBlaze ecosystem expands, a plethora of earning opportunities will arise, making the project excellent for fans of the P2E model.

What Drives the Price of MetaBlaze?

There is a huge range of factors that drive the price of MBLZ. A few that we’ll be taking a look at include, the project tokenomics, its plans for the future, and the state of the P2E market.

Market Sentiment

One of the main driving forces behind the price of any asset is market sentiment. When things look positive and investors are making money, people are more likely to purchase crypto, forcing prices higher. Conversely, when the market is performing poorly, people will often slow down on investing, meaning it can be more difficult to form a substantial move.

Social Hype

Another key factor that could affect the price of MetaBlaze in a big way is hype. When people are excited about a project, they will likely discuss it with friends/family and share it on social media. All of these actions can drive the popularity of an asset up significantly, in turn, translating to an upward price movement.

P2E Popularity

As a project heavily focused on play-to-earn mechanics, the popularity of the sector will be an important factor in the price of MBLZ. With a number of well-known game houses considering P2E opportunities, we could see the concept become mainstream. This would cause a surge in demand for projects like MetaBlaze as the number of potential players would expand exponentially.


Cryptocurrency and by extension P2E projects are first and foremost a technology. As such, innovating and creating exciting new use cases and utility is a crucial factor when it comes to price. As it stands, MetaBlaze is at the forefront of what’s possible in the world of P2E gaming, meaning we could see some impressive growth for MBLZ as its goals are realized.

Where to Buy MetaBlazemetablaze logo

As we mentioned, the MetaBlaze presale is live right now. So, to ensure our readers don’t get stuck when trying to purchase what could be the best future cryptocurrency, we’ve outlined exactly how to buy MetaBlaze below. It’s worth noting that when purchasing over $2,500 worth of MBLZ during the presale, the investor will receive a free MetaGoblin NFT.

  • Step 1: Create Crypto Wallet – The first thing an investor must do to buy MBLZ is to create a crypto wallet that supports BSC (BEP) assets. MetaMask is a popular wallet that is fit for this purpose.
  • Step 2: Buy BNB, ETH, or BTC – Next, an investor needs to buy Binance coin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. MetaBlaze supports all three so the choice is at the discretion of the investor.
  • Step 3: Register with MetaBlaze – After stocking up on tokens, an investor needs to head to the MetaBlaze website and register by providing a few basic details.
  • Step 4: Complete KYC – In order to comply with regulatory requirements, before an investor can buy MBLZ they first need to complete the KYC process by providing a photo ID (passport, driving license) and a few personal details.
  • Step 5: Add BSC Address – Next up, it’s time to add a BSC address to MetaBlaze. This will be the address the MBLZ tokens are airdropped to so ensure it’s correct.
  • Step 6: Complete Purchase – Lastly, it’s time to buy some MBLZ. Simply select a payment method (BNB, ETH, BTC), decide how many tokens to purchase, and send the payment to the address provided. The number of tokens purchased will appear on the MetaBlaze dashboard. After the presale concludes, the tokens will be distributed.

Is MBLZ the Best Coin to Buy in 2023

With many investors hoping to profit from their investment in the MetaBlaze ecosystem, they might be wondering whether MBLZ is the best coin to buy in 2023.

Throughout our MBLZ price prediction, we’ve explored the merits of the cryptocurrency and discussed how it could grow to dominate the play-to-earn space once its flagship role-playing game is released. With the presale already $3.25 million towards its $4 million goal, it’s clear that investors are interested in the project.

metablaze spaceship

With the MetaBlaze team focusing heavily on innovation and creating the best P2E possible, MBLZ has the potential to grow massively. As the project is focused on engaging traditional gamers as well as fans of the P2E genre, there is a huge potential audience for MetaBlaze that could cause demand to skyrocket in the coming months.

Although the team has understandably opted to divulge major details closer to the game’s release, we do it will be created using the brand new Unreal Engine 5. With many next-gen titles slated to use the same development engine, MetaBlaze could become the most advanced P2E game on the market.

Overall, both the MetaBlaze ecosystem and the price of MBLZ seem primed to explode once the asset hits the open market. While we’ll have to wait and see just how large MetaBlaze grows, it has all the markings of a blue-chip P2E project and as such, MBLZ could end up being the top investment for 2023.

MetaBlaze Price Prediction – Conclusion

During this article, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the MetaBlaze ecosystem, provided a MetaBlaze price prediction, and discussed the project’s merit as an investment.

After thoroughly researching the project, it’s safe to say that few assets can compare to the level of value offered by the MetaBlaze ecosystem. If all goes well for the project, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see MetaBlaze mentioned alongside some of the world’s largest P2E games in the near future. As such, it’s worth checking out the project today to get involved during the presale.


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